The Hive

hiveThe larger source of all the problems in Santa Cruz, the hive has persisted this long due to its inability to be found. Indeed, even other more experienced Septs have failed to find this large gathering of Black Spiral Dancers. The White Lionís Pride pack took out a Black Spiral Dancer pack in which they were clearly outmatched, but even this is only a minor nuisance to the hive. Until it is found and destroyed, the Spirals will continue to wreak havoc and spread the Wyrm wherever they appear.

Gretchen "Wyrm's Bile"

Gretchen The leader of the Hive near the Septs is shrouded in some ambiguity. Although she is a Spiral and the natural enemy of the pack, she seems to have genuine concerns for them. She wants us to be together as ancestor spirits and seems sad that Jonathon died. She is of the same lineage of the pack. Her ancestor was Sister Worm in the Dark Ages, who was slain by Caitlyn's ancestor Alexander Mac Fionn.

She has been revealed as the real enemy behind everything from the creation of the Sept, to being hunted by Mordecai, and other deeds.

Dead Man's Hand

DMH Dead Man's Hand are an elite special forces team who work for the Wyrm. It is unknown who hired them, but they set a trap at the lodge to capture the White Lion's Pride pack. Two of the members were killed, but the other four escaped and will no doubt return to wreak havoc. They are normal humans who are immune to the Delirium. It was revealed that they were hired behind Morgan Fathom's back by Gretchen because he was taking too long to complete his contract. Morgan made one phone call and managed to call the entire job off before any of the pack were captured or killed.

Alyssa "Bitch of the Wyrm"

Alyssa A Black Spiral Dancer with the curious flaw of complete honesty, Alyssa contacted the White Lion's Pride pack to tell them of a traitor in the Sept of the Three Waters. While the pack is revolted at dealing with her and certainly hopes to kill her in the future, the information she gave was distressing. She herself leads a hive in San Francisco, but has a heated rivalry with Gretchen. She has also taken an interest in Wrong Moon and seeks to make him her pet.

""The Girls"

Little is known about this group of beautiful Spirals, but it is assumed they are Alyssa's pack.

Heat Seeker

Heat Seeker



"Licks the Wounds"


Many Voices






The Birthday Massacre Pack

The Birthday Massace pack is a group of Black Spiral Dancers the White Lion's Pride pack met when they were in Battleground on the Talen Bottle quest. Nothing much is known about them, but it is certain that they belong to Alyssa's Hive and remember the pack from the fight that ensued in the realm. They then kidnapped and murdered kinfolk under Prescott Solomon's orders. They are currently holding Lily Fathom hostage.

Brody the Cancer

Brody The leader of the Battleground pack. He exerts complete control over his pack.

Slavis "Speaks with Claws"

Slavis Slavis is a member of the Battleground pack that assaulted Gina. He is almost robotic with no real emotions. He followed Brody's order without question.

Travis "Violates What Walks"

Travis Travis is a member of the Battleground pack. He whispered in Gina's ear that he would rape her to death before Brody backed him off.

Colin "Defiler of Dead"

Colin Colin is a member of the Battleground pack.

Robert Kincaid

Robert Robert Kincaid is the machiavellian Spirit Mage who seeks to destroy the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. He is father to Kenith Kincaid and Step-Grandfather to Ryan. However, Robert is not above using his family to his own ends. He implanted a corrupted Avatar into Ryan that would consume the Sept of the Sleeping Lion's caern and then destroy the boy. The power drawn from it would then go to Robert. Robert is attempting to stop the Bane Mummy Tutu, but also seeks to rule his coven. Even with the truce with Max Baker, he still remains a potential threat.

Prescott "Poison Tongue" Solomon

Prescott Prescott Solomon is by far the most dangerous enemy the Sept currently has. His skills with manipulation allowed him to destroy the Sept of the Silver Fury, kill two kinfolk, capture and torture Caitlyn, take over the SAD department of the FBI, and corrupt Jonathon Riley without ever lifting a finger or revealing himself. Outside of revenge against Daniel Morris, there is no discernable motives for his attack.

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