Non-Sept Garou

Sept of the Three Waters Members


Stands-With-Claw Stands-With-Claw is the Silver Fang Sept leader for the Sept of the Three Waters. She has almost singlehandedly prevented the other Septs from coming down on the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. It was obvious during the pack's first meeting with her that she's frustrated with them and is running out of patience and leverage to prevent disaster. The pack will have to do something for her in order to pay back the debt of her previous actions and bringing Star Screamer to help Caitlyn.

She received Wyvern's Sting from Bjorn as amends for their past differences. This helped open up options for the Sept of the Sleeping Lion to do challenges in the event the Sept lacked proper members to take care of it.

Star Screamer

Star Screamer Star Screamer is an Uktena Theurge who gave the pack the information on how to save Caitlyn from her dreams which have formed their own realm. He also clued the pack into the issues that are going on in the area which included how the other Septs feel about us, what Stands-With-Claw has done, and where Rage Heart is.


Prestige Prestige is the highest-ranking Shadow Lord in the Three Waters Sept. He is arrogant and little more than vain, but still commands great respect amongst most Garou. He met with the White Lion’s Pride pack when they returned a Grand Klaive to him, which they took from Samuel Haight’s body. Prestige told them its name is Thunderous Howl and then inquisitively asked them about their fetishes in any obvious test to see how experienced the pack was. He repaid the debt by offering up the location and name of an unclaimed kinfolk the pack would have six days to claim before his Sept or another one jumped on it.

There is now suspicion on him as the traitor working with the Black Spiral Dancers. He is also known to have directed the Gaia's Wraith pack to destroy the Sept of the Stone Sea.

Lightning Claws

lightning claws Lightning Claws is a Get of Fenris who brutally beat Shannon Johnson for trying to resist his demands. He attempted to reclaim her at Gina’s house but the pack stood in the way. Lightning Claws antagonized Eli to the point he issued a challenge for the girl. Unfortunately, the challenge never took place as No-Hands-Catches-Fish interrupted and told the pack to drop the issue. Later, though, he was found doing the same thing sort of thing during Bjorn's Artho challenge.


no hands catches fish No-Hands-Catches-Fish is a Bone Gnawer for the Sept of the Three Waters. It is obvious he is the Master of the Challenge for the Sept as Gina’s parents went to him explicitly to help Shannon from being hurt anymore. He told the White Lion’s Pride pack to drop the challenge to Lightning Claws, at least for a couple of weeks, while he tries to smooth things over. In the end, the treatment of Shannon was nothing more than a ploy for Prestige to gain more power, and the situation was taken care of without a challenge.

He recently oversaw Bjorn's Artho challenge with Stands-With-Claw.


Ga Ga Baroot Ga-Ga-Baroot is a very bigoted Lupus Uktena. Wrong Moon had to come with a song, poem, or story and present him with a gift to pass his Adren challenge. He managed to successfully do this and the Lupus seemed pleased with the gift.

LeeAnn "Sweet Tongue" Bolinger

Sweet Tongue LeeAnn is a Shadow Lord Garou that Bjorn had to judge during his Artho Challenge. She had been offering a local vampire several sacrifices in order to get to the leader of the vampires in Santa Cruz. Questions-the-Way stopped this transaction. LeeAnn was chastised and told what she did was wrong.

Dave "Questions-the-Ways" Enigma

QtW Questions-the-Ways is a Bone Gnawer who stopped Sweet Tongue from giving a vampire human sacrifices. He was ultimately vindicated by Bjorn during his Artho challenge.

Kinsey "Happy Feet" Morrison

Happy Feet Kinsey Morrison is Garou who attempted to stop Lightning Claws from raping his own kinfolk. Although Kinsey's heart was in the right place, Bjorn ultimately decided that she was wrong because Lightning Claws warned her before they engaged in a fight over the issue. She should have issued a proper challenge. She was saddened, but accepted the judgement.

Calvin "Black Patch" Hynes

Black Patch Black Patch is the Garou who brought Mordecai in for his trial. He also executed him.

Arne "Trophy Hunter" Cook

arne Arne Cook is a Rank 3 Silver Fang Ahroun of the Wolf’s Fury Pack. He came to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion to discuss, or more accurately coerce, with Crafty the failings of the Sept. He told the others to leave when it looked as though nothing would be resolved with the confrontation.

Bruce "Gilhelm Strong Fist"

Bruce Bruce Gilhelm is a Rank 3 Get of Fenris Ahroun of the Wolf’s Fury Pack. He was the most antagonistic towards Kyle, prodding as hard as he could to fight with him.

Hansen "McDoogle Bathes-in-Blood"

Hansen Hansen McDoogle is a Rank 3 Fianna Ahroun of the Gaia's Wraith Pack.

Ben Hiemler "Wields-the-Hammer"

Ben Ben Hiemler is a Rank 3 Get of Fenris Ahroun of the Gaia's Wraith Pack.

Seth "Leaps-First"

Seth Seth is a member of the Gaia's Wraith Pack.

Tamera "Visions-In-Blood"

Tamera Tamera is a member of the Gaia's Wraith Pack.

Jamie "Bloodlust" Lunden

Jamie Jamie Lunden is a member of the Gaia's Wraith Pack.

Sept of the Raging Storm Members

Tale Catcher

Tale Catcher Tale Catcher is an Uktena Theurge who asked the White Lion's Pride pack to assist her stepsister Serenity. She wasn't able to do this with official support from the Sept, but assured the pack she would be most grateful to them.

Other Kinfolk

Shannon Johnson

shannon Shannon Johnson is a kinfolk of the Sept of the Three Waters. She is “owned” by Lightning Claws. She had been badly beaten by him and retreated to Gina’s house for safety. Eli attempted to challenge Lightning Claws for her, but was stopped by No-Hands-Catches-Fish. She was returned to Lightning Claws while No-Hands sorted things out.

Ultimately, Lightning Claws agreed to treat her better and the situation was merely a ploy for Prestige to gain more followers.

Morgan Fathom

Morgan Father to Eli, Morgan Fathom is a kinfolk turned Garou hunter. He is extremely dangerous not in a physical manner, but for his connections. He was able to call off the hit by the Dead Man's Hand with just a simple phone call, even though he wasn't connected to it in any way. He has given up his hunting lifestyle now and is purchasing real estate in the San Francisco area through Kenith Kincaid. He claims its just for a place to settle down, but considering he is purchasing the area that Alyssa's Hive is in, the pack assumes there's something more to it.

He recently killed Ariel Huntington under mind control from the Mages of San Francisco. He was trying to obtain the same magicial protection on him for Lily.

Tomas "the Tooth" Segundo

Tomas Miguel's uncle that he has always looked up to, Tomas Segundo or the Tooth as he prefers, leads a less than legal lifestyle. After getting in too deep with drugs and nearly risking the Sept, Tomas was put into rehab by Miguel. However, he escaped and began raving at the top of the bell tower in Santa Cruz. The White Lion's Pride pack managed to get into the tower as the police surrounded it. Agnis spoke with him before he appeared to commit suicide. However, in reality, he was whisked away by Benny Stahl who exiled him under Massacre's orders to help the Sept.

Other Garou


scar Scar is a Metis Garou who has remained in Wolfhome for six years. When the pack first met him, it seemed as though he was antagonizing them. However, it turned out he was trying to help the pack understand the nature of the realm. He helped the pack learn the rules of the realm and be able to leave the realm or return of their own free will. He chose to stay in Wolfhome because here he can be treated like a king instead of a lowly Metis.

Stained Coat

Stained Coat Stained Coat is a Skin Dancer who had changed his ways. He was one of the original Skin Dancers under Samuel Haight. After having a change of heart, Stained Coat has worked towards negotiating with Kinfolk on the edge of wanting the Rite of the Sacred Rebirth. He typically gives them tests, which are designed to persuade them to either reitegrate with the Garou or leave the Nation entirely. Although his intentions are noble, he has on occasion used fairly dark methods including going ahead with the Rite and sometime killing those who are very likely to fall to the Wyrm if given the Rite.

He offered the Sept of the Sleeping Lion five non-Fianna Kinfolk after hearing about the integration of the Skin Dancers. He hopes they will change their mind after being with the Sept for five months.

Hot Eye

Hot Eye Hot Eye is the Gatekeeper for the Sept of the Western Eye. He called upon the Sept of the Sleeping Lion for a favor. Hot Eye needed someone to learn a secret Rite in order to keep a sleeping bane secured. In exchange, the Sept of the Sleeping Lion would be linked with the Sept of the Western Eye. The Sept of the Western Eye itself is linked with over 30 other Septs including the Sept of the Tri-Spiral, the Fianna homeland Sept. In the end, Caitlyn was able to learn the ritual and all who came to see Hot Eye were sworn to secrecy never to speak of it.

Crazy Eye

Crazy Eye Crazy Eye is a former Sept of the Stone Sea member. She is a Metis who survived the attack and was taken to safety by Crafty. She is the only known Metis to become pregnant from her Metis lover. Crafty requested the White Lion's Pride pack take her to the Sept of the Stars and they succeeded in this task.

Jim Lee "Ashen Dreams"

Jim Lee Jim Lee is the Stargazer who came to offer potential protection to Crazy Eye as a favor owed to Crafty. He took Crazy Eye along with the pack to the Aetherial Realm. He also showed to the pack the methods to get into the realm.

Bright Vision

Bright Vision Bright Vision is a Stargazer for the Sept of the Stars. She instructed the White Lion's Pride pack on how to leave the Aetherial Realm. She also took care of their needs while they quested.


altair Altair is the leader of the Sept of the Stars. He is more spirit than flesh due to his prolonged exposure to the Aetherial Realm.


LFC Learns-From-Crows is a Wendigo Theurge who was passing through and wanted to use the Sept of the Sleeping Lion's caern power. In exchange, he taught Caitlyn and Agnis about Epiphs, pocket realms that are created around specific emotions or items.

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter Silent Hunter is a Theurge who had been to Malfeas once and has since near-obsessively studied it. He offered to instruct the pack in any knowledge he had on the realm provided they do not call him friend for he expects their death from the trip.


Saqui Saqui is a Wendigo who traveled with Rage Heart. He so bonded with Rage Heart that he was willingly kicked from his Sept. He visited the Sept of the Sleeping Lion to pay his respects to Rage Heart after he sacrificed himself for Jonathon's rebirth.


Ossian Ossian is the half fae/half Garou Fianna that has lived for over a thousand years due to the consumption of vampire blood. He assisted the White Lion's Pride pack in devising a ritual to bind Mabe once again. In exchange, the pack was required to give him six days of shelter from anyone at a time of his choosing.

The Fang and Claw Pack

A pack of Skin Dancers the White Lion's Pride pack met recently. They were looking for the pack to inquire about sanctuary after hearing of what the Sept did for the Vulture Walkers pack. They mentioned the schism in the ranks of Skin Dancers, with a few wanting to join the Nation. Ultimately, due to the amount of taint on their Theurge and lack of true commitment, the Sept of the Sleeping Lion offered them sanctuary nearby, but refused to let them join until they were cleansed and went all in with joining the Nation.

Lenny Jones

Lenny Lenny Jones is a Philodox Skin Dancer who leads the Fang and Claw pack. He did a good job leading his pack and keeping them in line. However, the White Lion's Pride pack did gather he was a survivor and would go to whatever side gave the best chance of his survival.

David Krevitz

David David Kravitz is a Ragabash Skin Dancer who acts as Beta for the Fang and Claw pack.

Lloyd Rogers

Lloyd Lloyd Rogers is a Ahroun Skin Dancer for the Fang and Claw pack. He is a very loyal, archetypal Ahroun who explicitly follows orders.

Michael Evans

Michael Michael Evans is a Ahroun Skin Dancer for the Fang and Claw pack. It was evident to the White Lion's Pride pack that Michael wanted to takeover Lloyd's position of top Ahroun for the pack.

Josh Masterson

Josh Josh Masterson is a Theurge Skin Dancer for the Fang and Claw pack. The White Lion's Pride pack could tell he was far more tainted than the others. This was a result of dealing too much with banes and he lied about giving them up for sanctuary.

The Remnants of the Sept of the Angry Earth


Blitz The former leader of the Sept of the Angry Earth, Blitz told the Sept of the Sleeping Lion about the turmoil in his Sept. There is reason to believe the Sept of the Sleeping Lion is somehow connected to the problem. This was proven false, but too late as the Red Talon side of the Sept was assaulted and the caern destroyed. He, along with the remaining members of the Sept, have taken sanctuary at the Sept of the Three Waters.


Venom Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.


Firestarter Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.

Five Count

Five Count Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.


Creeps Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.

Spirit Seeker

Spirit Seeker Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.


Snake Former member of the Sept of the Angry Earth.

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