Royal Ascot

Royal Royal Ascot is the grandfather of the Summer Court and apparent leader of the Fae in the southern California area. He helped Adela remember her true nature and repaid the pack with a lavish hotel stay. The pack is also encouraged to call upon the Fae for help in the future owing to the bond the Fianna have with them. His true appearance is virtually identical to what most people see, save for pointed ears.

Washington Barkley

Washington Washington Barkley is a massive man who serves as an assistant to Royal Ascot. In spite of his ferocious appearance, hes actually very kind and generous, at least to the pack that is. His true appearance is that of a stereotypical ogre for those that can see past the glamor.

Adela Marcella

Adela Adela Marcella is a woman who was seemingly taken from this realm to the realm of the Fae for almost 14 years. While she was gone, a duplicate took her place and continued to live her life. The pack found her wandering the backyard of the next-door neighbor, unable to enter her own house.

Through a series of lucky events, the pack was able to find Royal Ascot who helped her remember her true nature as a Fae. Her true form is that of a Dryad of legend save with sharp claws. After being saved, she repaid her debt to the pack by indirectly giving Agnis the staff known as Drona.


Zanatos Zanatos was an Unseelie Fae who trespassed on the bawn of the Sept looking for the "power source" for assistance from the Seelie Court. This power source was the paper bird Royal Ascot had given to Eli. Eli brushed him off, not wanting to give up the paper bird nor get involved with the Unseelie affairs. He appears to have power over nature itself as the light he conjured in the Sept nearly turned William to wood.


Mabe The former guardian of the Sept of the Sleeping Lion, Mabe is the Queen of the Unseelie Fae. She was imprisoned by Crafty's family centuries ago. When Sam Hain took place, the gauntlet was thin enough for her to exert will and get herself free by tricking the Ahroun. She took over the body of a young girl shortly afterwards. She then killed the Ahroun afterwards. The pack met with her and wanted her to return to being the Sept guardian without the box. She politely declined since Killer of Dogs refused to do so earlier, but did not bear any ill will towards the pack or even Crafty.

Ultimately, Mabe wanted to change the world and spread glamour everywhere. This would have revealed every supernatural to mortals. The White Lion's Pride pack was forced to trap her in her box again after attempting to talk to her failed.


The Mind Mage

Mind Mage The Mind Mage is a sorcerer who appeared to the pack as a faceless man in Caitlyn's Chimare. He had been observing her dreams for some time, but had not manipulated them in any way. He offered to return Caitlyn's memories and block the nightmares if he could study the Chimare. Caitlyn agreed and he turned into tentacles, enveloping her, fixing her mind, and offering a kind word before waking her up.

Kenith Kincaid

Kenith Kenith Kincaid is a lawyer belonging to the influencial Kincaid family law firm in California. He helped Caitlyn repel a creepy man in the lobby who was intent on having sex with Caitlyn. He appeared smitten with Caitlyn and they briefly shared a conversation in the elevator before going their separate ways.

Later, Caitlyn went on a date with Kenith while the rest of the pack had their dates. They shared a romantic night together and he gave her his personal phone number and pager number afterwards.

During the four years of her death, Kenith managed to adopt and care for Caitlyn's child. The pack knows he is a mage and suspect he is the Mind Mage who helped Caitlyn overcome her nightmares.

Curtis White

Curtis Curtis White is a Mage belonging to Kenith's coven. The pack managed to convince him that they wanted the same thing: to stop Robert before he started a war between the two groups. Curtis also explained how Mages are created and what Robert's plans were for Ryan Whelan. They gave their contact number to him and told him to stay in touch.

Max Baker

Max Max Baker is the leader of the Cabal of Mages. He negotiated with the White Lion's Pride pack to stop Robert from taking aggressive actions against Garou Caerns. He also brought the pack back to life from being chained to the Drowned King. He didn't do this of free will but as to repay a debt to someone and to stop the temporal paradox the pack was stuck in. When asked who he owed the debt to, he merely winked at Caitlyn, a subtle nod to either the Mind Mage or Kenith.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Stephen Thompson was one of the two Mages that came to the White Lion's Pride pack about helping Ryan Whelan. He proposed that they deal with the Bane Mummy Tutu, who had been tormenting the Mage's base of operations for seven decades.

Susan Strange

Susan Susan Strange is one of the two Mages that came to the White Lion's Pride pack about helping Ryan Whelan. She was very beligerent and angry at the pack and didn't think they needed to bother with asking them for help.


Great Tooth

Great Tooth Great Tooth is a Rokea who the pack met briefly after combating a corrupted water elemental. Great Tooth and his school had already damaged the water elemental before the White Lion's Pride pack helped defeat it. He spoke with the pack briefly thanks to a fetish translator. His attitude was neutral and he was near the shores for next three days waiting to retrieve a "dirtwalker" as he called it. The dirtwalker was a Rokea who spent more time on land than in sea and it was obvious Great Tooth beared no love towards their kind.



Massacre Clearly insane and quite brazen, Massacre is a vampire who asked the White Lion's Pride pack for aid in removing Gretchen and Mordecai from her domain. In order to get compliance from the pack, she implanted a command into Lindsey that would kill both her and her child if they failed to adhere to her terms. These terms were to never sell their land and stay out of Hunter Hill Winery. If the pack agrees to deal with the trespassers, she will aid them in the future in whatever manner she is capable of. She is a creature of the Wyrm, but has assisted the pack several times, thus classifying her in a gray area.

Benny Stahl

Benny Benny Stahl is a vampire who assisted Tomas in leaving before the authorities could get a hold of him. He is of the same type as Slater, but not bane-possessed. He is the only other vampire in Santa Cruz besides Massacre. He told the White Lion's Pride pack that he and Massacre occasionally check up on their kinfolk and have made sure not to feed from them.


Fatmoa Belalle

Fatmoa Fatmoa Belalle was a Mummy that the White Lion's Pride pack had tracked down through Caitlyn's ancestor Jamie Andraste. He explained to the pack about the difficulty in killing a Bane Mummy and how Mummies worked. He also told them that the Silent Striders had been attempting to kill Bane Mummies as well. He agreed to assist them however he could in their mission but did not think that they would be successful.

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