Henry Conwell Redwoods State Park

park1 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park lies just a few miles from the city of Santa Cruz, California. This park features 15 miles of hiking and riding trails through a variety of forested areas including redwoods, mixed evergreens, riparian, ponderosa pine, as well as rare ancient marine deposits called Santa Cruz sandhills. The Zayante Indians once lived in the area, where they found a land with plentiful natural resources. Henry Cowell Redwoods is home to a centuries old Redwood Grove that features a self-guided nature path. It also boasts other old-growth woods such as Douglas fir, mandrone, oak and a stunning stand of Ponderosa pines. The park has a picnic area above the San Lorenzo River. Angler’s fish for steelhead and salmon during the winter (catch and release). The park has a nature center and bookstore.

park2 The main park area contains the large, old-growth redwoods, while the northern area (Fall Creek) has about 20 miles of hiking trails. The tallest tree in the park is about 285 feet tall, and about 16 feet wide. The oldest trees in the park are about 1400 to 1800 years old. San Lorenzo River runs right through the middle of the park. The park is 4,623-acres and full of life including bear, mountain lions, deer, and small 700lb elk.

The Lodge

lodge Located within a short distance of the cabin and the Sept itself, the lodge serves as a staging point for the Sept of the Sleeping Lion’s moot parties. It’s also the home for Clifford McDorn. The lodge is busiest in the spring and summer months.

The Sept of the Sleeping Lion

The Sleeping Lion Sept is located in the center of the park. Although it only rests 1.7 mile off the highway, it is in the area farthest from the parks trails and the only threat from park visitors comes from those on river trips from May 25 through October 15 and fishermen from Oct 20 through December 10.


During these times the visitors are only allowed on the river for fishing and canoeing from 6am to 8pm and not allowed under park rules to exit boats due to wildlife concerns.

The Sept resides in a small clearing just off the river and is hidden completely except during moots when extra vigilance is needed to insure privacy. Not far from the park is a Bigfoot Museum and research center, which was established in 1974. Local Garou jokingly report this as the delirium at work and although the park encourages these rumors of Bigfoots roaming the park they never allow researching into the park. This is mainly due to increase visitation from enthusiasts throughout the summer months.

sept2sept3 The stream falling off the main path is too small for boating and the tree line easily hides most Sept activities. Usually for precautions when activities are going to be performed, the Theurge will ask local spirits for aid in watching the main river for intruders so gatherings are not interrupted. This seems like a hassle, but in truth, this actually helps bond the local Garou with the surrounding spirits.

The main fire pit is in the center of the clearing on the left side of the picture. It is well put together and not seen unless in this particular area. The Sept Altar is portable as it is a Lion's pelt as seen below on the right.

The Garou discovered it not long after discovering the Caern in a wooden box buried just within the tree line. It is stretched out just off from the fire pit and is used to pay tribute to Lion, the Sept Totem.

Although the Sept is small and few to guard it, it has been well cared for since discovered six months ago. It is a Rank 2 Sept but its importance is only known to Lion and those who swear allegiance to him. The other Sept’s nearest to this one over look its importance and only see a weak Caern.

sept4sept5 The last thing of importance to the Sept is the cabin. When the Sept was taken in, there was a ranger cabin just fifty feet from the Caern area. John cleaned it up and used what funds they had to fix it up a bit. Although there is no power, it gives them a place to sleep and is close to the Caern. The Rangers at the park know of the cabin but never go there because it was used so rarely and with no power, and the shape it was in, was nothing more than an emergency spot to stay only. Of course, nothing seems to go wrong in this part of the park.

The cabin itself now has been expanded over the years to incorporate new Garou. It has a new back porch area used for parties now. In addition, three other cabins have been built in the area to accomodate the Sept's growing Garou population.

The Forge


The Forge is a new addition to the Sept. Built for the obvious purpose of crafting weaponry and other needs, it has already come in use as the White Lion's Pride pack crafted a klaive worthy of a leader.

White Lion

white lion

Caern Type: Memory

Rank: 2

Population: 26 Garou, 18 Kinfolk

Benefits of Caern:

1. Meditating in the heart of the caern grants visions of past events.
2. +1 dot in Past lives/Ancestors
3. -1 difficulty to impress Elders (Totem benefit)

Lion was the tribe totem of the White Howlers. When the tribe fell, Lion was disgraced and the other tribes looked down upon a spirit supporting such a tribe. Packs today with Lion are far and few between, but those who do are still respectful of their choice.

White Lion was a totem chosen by a camp of White Howlers calling themselves The Pride. This camp has been long forgotten since the fall of the White Howlers as has the White Lion, but now with the Sept of the Sleeping Lion, White Lion has returned. From his return, the Triat of spirits loyal to Lion have reunited. These are White Lion, Roedeer, and Elk.

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