Gina Blessing

Gina Gina Blessing is the closest in age to the pack. She is in a relationship with Bjorn.

After the "death" of the pack, she was given a scholarship to SCU by Kenith Kincaid's lawfirm to which she is nearly finished with schooling. She is also currently cut off from her parents after the Irish Destroyers joined the Sept. However, she still manages to talk with her mother on occasion.

Lindsey Carol

LindsayLindsey Carol serves as the metaphorical “big sister” to the pack. Lindsey is the oldest of the female kinfolk currently in the Sept. She is in a relationship with Eli.

After the pack died fighting the Drowned King, she got extremely wasted and had a dream telling her of the pack's return. She took this opportunity to clean herself up and return to school. She completed college and is now a nurse. She is also gave birth to Eli's child.

Lily Fathom

Lily Lily Fathom is the daughter of Eli Yoder and Lindsey Carol. Taking the surname of her grandfather, Lily was born when the pack was away on an important mission. She is a kinfolk with a high chance of bring a Garou in the future.

Clifford McDorn

Clifford McDornClifford McDorn serves as the proprietor of the lodge. He is affable to the pack and allows them to hold minor moots, which are something more akin to parties keeping in line with the Fianna way of things, provided they clean up after themselves. He also requests the pack keep him updated on their comings and goings in the lodge in order to avoid interaction with the tourists who stay there during the warmer seasons. He has heard the pack’s request for jobs at the lodge, but hasn’t decided anything thus far. He is also welcoming to any excess meat from fresh kills the pack makes.

Thanks to the recent addition of Daniel Morris who assisted Nicolaus Bishop in obtaining a good job, Cliff's duties have been greatly alleviated.

Magnus Nordholm

Magnus The giant of an older brother to Bjorn is a journeyman steelworker. In spite of his appearance, Magnus is actually very warm, caring, and thoughtful. He wants to be a big brother to Bjorn, but is denied by the Philodox. He is nervous about how the Fianna will view him.

He is mated to Caitlyn and is still desperately trying to be a big brother to Bjorn.

Lizbeth Nordholm

Lizbeth Bjorn's sisters name is Lizbeth Nordholm, she goes by Lizzie to most people, and is an IT consultant. She is very smart and is good looking. At first she is standoffish but when she warms up to people she is like a different person. Lizzie is a serious worker and has good reputation in her career field. Lizzie took care of Bjorn when he was little and missed him when he left for California. Lizzie is looking forward to being around her brother and getting away from the Get of Fenris she has dealt with.

Maria O'Hare

Maria Somewhat doting, but well-meaning, Maria is Miguel's mother. She doesn't approve of his habits of theft to get by, but at the same time she has never rejected Miguel's help. However, she has tried her best to keep Miguel away from his uncle, Tomas, in order to prevent him from falling into his life of crime. Wrong Moon has been attempting to woo her, much to the dissent of the pack.

James Sever

James Originally the kinfolk Caitlyn left her child with in Chicago, he has since became a drunk after the death of his wife. In spite of the loss of Ryan, it was obvious he still cared for the child and was bitter about the Sept of the Second City's neglect of the CPS removal. He has now been brought to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion as a peace offering by Daniel Morris.

Stanley Locke

Stanley Stanley Locke is a 25-year old kinfolk. His mother was raped and killed by an unknown assailant. He ask the Sept his father, a Garou, belonged to if they would look into it and avenge her. They blew him off, stating it was just a random event and nothing worth their time. He left home with $300 and looked for a way to get revenge on them.

Nicolaus Bishop

Nick Once a wealthy kinfolk to a Glass Walker Sept, Nick was always a hard worker and strong supporter of the Nation. However, one day he was told to give up his job to a Garou, stripped of his name and money, and cast into the streets. He tried to reconcile this and work with them, but they wanted nothing to do with him afterwards. He took what little more he had and swore to make the Garou pay. The pack and Ariel agree that he will be the hardest to sway because of the damage done to him. This is proving to be sadly true as he is not adapting well to the lifestyle of the Fianna. However, recent work with Daniel Morris may be helping this some.

Scott Grimm

Scott Scott Grimm fathered a Garou, Larissa, and was happy to have a Garou child. Although she was taken away to learn, he managed to get regular visits later down the road. When the visits stopped, Scott learned she had been killed at the age of 17. His wife killed herself shortly thereafter and the Sept refused to speak with him about Larissa's death. He turned his back on the Nation and looked for a way to get revenge. His life eerily parallels Monica's in many ways. As such, pairing him with her has turned him around greatly. Further healing from Caitlyn helped reinforce his belief in "good" Garou.

Cindy Lawson

Cindy Cindy Lawson is a Black Fury kinfolk who fell in love with a musician named Jimmy Coon. She was smitted with him and thought he was the one. However, the Sept she was from disagreed with this. They came to her apartment one night, killed Jimmy in front of her, and left her to clean up the mess. They said he wasn't right for her without any other explaination. She left afterwards upon finding out there was a way to become Garou. She is easy to talk to, but Ariel feels she will never be able to interact with Black Fury Garou. She has begun a relationship with Scourge-of-the-Woods.

Kirsten Fitzpatrick

Kirsten Kirsten Fitzpatrick is a beautiful kinfolk afflicted with being barren. Lacking the ability to bear children, her value was completely diminished in the eyes of her Sept. Because of this, she became lustful, coming on to anyone who would show her any affection. This was apparently immediately when she came onto Eli. Things would have come to a head when William was forced by the pack to show her affection, diverting her away from Eli.

Sept Members

The Elders

The Elders of the Sept are the highest ranking Garou in the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. They serve as advisors and leaders to the Sept, but do not belong to any pack. They are comprised of three Fianna and a Glass Walker. Daniel Morris is the most recent member of the group.

Jonathon "Crafty" Keptner

crafty The 39-year-old Fianna Ragabash is the leader of the Sept, and loves to craft things. He had always intended to be a carpenter when he was a child, but Gaia had other plans for him. When he found himself to be a Garou, he revelled in it, and after proving himself, he used his skills as a woodworker and smith as a hobby. Ironically, this is not how Jon got his Garou name: it came from his ability to think of plans to outwit others in times of trouble. Now, not only has he become a Sept leader by default, he is valuable in creating and managing the new Sept life for the other Garou.

Jon was called to duty by his pack leader when they were given the task to find out who had killed kinfolk from his current Sept, Sept of the Western Eye. During their hunt of the killers, they discovered it lead them to Santa Cruz where they were attacked by an aggressive pack of Black Spirals. Jon was the only survivor, but he was not the only Garou in the area.

With Ryan and Kyle, he began requesting aide form nearby Septs to locate the pups White Lion was wishing to grow into the true leaders of this new Caern. The White Lions Pride Pack was what was gathered from those pups. Things seemed to go well until July of 2010 when the pack was in the process of gaining a name for themselves. On a mission to stop a horrible Wyrm creature referred to as the Drowned King they disappeared, along with the monster. Although hope was lost he made a promise to the pack and he continues on.

Ryan "Drinks-With-Spirits" O'Reily

ryan Just like Crafty, Ryan, a 35-year-old Fianna Theurge, and his brother were asked by their pack leader to investigate the disappearances of several Fianna cubs and kinfolk. The Sept they came from was the Sept of the Tri-Spiral in Ireland which is the home Sept of all Fianna. This investigation led the pack to the states were they found themselves in California, pursuing a black Spiral pack that were involved in the problems.

When they thought they were close to getting some answers, the Black Spiral pack ambushed them. All of them died except for Ryan and his brother. Stumbling away to safety they went into the Umbra and it is where Lion led them to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. Lion has only spoken to Ryan one other time which was when he and his brother rescued John.

With the growth of the Sept, Drinks with Spirits enjoyed his new position in helping guide and train the White Lion’s Pack until their disappearance in 2009. Not only did he lose his students but he lost his brother to Harano one year later when they finally stopped looking for the lost pack. Again, keeping his word he has devoted his life to the new Sept to make his brother proud.

Mackie "Talespinner" McGreggor

Mackie Mackie McGreggor is a powerful Fianna Galliard who visited the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. He delivered a large casket of Scottish whiskey for the Sept as a gift. After arriving, he told the White Lion’s Pride pack the story of the Silver Crown, the alliance the Fianna made with the Get as a result, and the ultimate outcome of the battle.

The pack asked him several questions, but the biggest emphasis he put on the pack was to always respect and love their kinfolk. He also put heavy emphasis on keeping the Sept Fianna pure as outsiders would ultimately try to meddle with the Sept and cause problems. Finally, he told the pack the three creeds of Fianna: Bravery, Hospitality, and Generosity.

Mackie officially joined the Sept on July 3, 2010 after he told the pack his grandson was looking to kill him as he was a violation of the Litany because of his age. While a bit forgetful and bigoted, Mackie ultimately has knowledge and advice the Sept of the Sleeping Lion needs. He was granted entrance in to the Sept and given the title of "Keeper of the Land" which entails maintaining the foliage in the Sept.

Daniel "Wyrmbreaker" Morris

Daniel Daniel is a Homid Glass Walker Philodox elder who was the former leader of the Sept of the Second City. In his arrogance, however, he rejected help from the White Lion's Pride pack and his Sept fell. Only he escaped and brought with him a peace offering, James Sever, in the hopes of joining the Sept of the Sleeping Lion.

Daniel explained his position that although the Fianna and Glass Walkers had their differences, he could bring a lot to the Sept. He also promised that he would never hold another Sept leader position after his failure in Chicago. He was officially inducted into the Sept on December 16th, 2014.

The Irish Destroyers

The Irish Destroyers were the first pack the White Lion's Pride pack met outside the Sept. They were, up until their splintering, were Fianna and a single Red Talon. After the White Lion's Pride died at the hands of the Drowned King, the Irish Destroyers agreed to help keep the Sept going. They left the Sept of the Three Waters and splintered into two packs, the original Irish Destroyers and Lion's Vengeance.

Gruffy "Slays-the-Wyrm"

Gruffy is the leader for the Irish Destroyers. He is also the uncle of Lindsey Carol. He sent Lindsey to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion.

He abandoned the Sept of the Three Waters to join the Sleeping Lion Sept just after the death of Kyle ”Brings it” O’Riley. This has made things worse with the Three Waters Sept but all at the Sleeping Lion Sept agreed it was the best move to keep the Sept alive.

He is the current Master of Challenge. He also does ritual tattoos for any Garou who want them.

Tania "One-Boon"

One-Boon pushed her pack into joining the Sleeping Lion to show that the Fianna are of one and nothing could stop them from achieving their goal. She and Gruffy have been searching for compatible garou to join the Sept as well to increase their packs and keep balance at the Sept.

She is the current Den Mother.

Leein "Sees-the-Light"

Sees-the-Light spends her time under the tutelage of Drinks with Spirits trying to learn as much as she can from him. She tires of the stories of Walks with Spirits and his brother Brings it O’Riley, but she understands what a loss he has went through and keeps an eye out for signs of Harano from him just in case.


Spot Spot is a Bone Gnawer for the Sept of the Stone Sea. She worked as a spy of sorts for the Sept until its destruction. Afterwards, she hid and protected Sheeba from the other Septs. She has been nearly universally accepted into the Sept and has joined the Irish Destroyers pack.

Lion's Vengeance Pack

Lion's Vengeance is a splinter pack off of the Irish Destroyers. The pack is comprised of a Fianna, a Red Talon, and two wolf kinfolk. Led by Scourge of the Woods, this pack concerns itself mostly with bawn patrol and defense of the Sept.


Scourge-of-the-Woods agreed to join the Sept but asked to form a new pack called Lion's Vengeance to cover Bawn patrol and protect the Sept. It was agreed but soon learned he intends earning enough rank to take the Warder position with Red Tongue by his side. He earned the position of Warder on December 16th, 2014 to unanimous approval.

"Red Tongue"

Red Tongue
Although he is a non-Fianna member of the Sept, Red Tongue has earned his place. He has bonded with Rusty and Rivet and has taken over Kyle's spot patrolling the Bawn with the Kinfolk so the rest of his pack can do other business he is unsuited for. On December 16th, 2014, he officially took on the positions of Master of Howl and Caller of the Wyld, a position once held by Jonathon before his death.

Rusty and Rivet

rusty and rivet Rusty and Rivet are two kinfolk wolves who had escaped a wolf preserve north of the Sept. Kyle, who was winded and unable to keep up with them, initially attempting to chase them off. Kyle found the pack, who had just returned from Wolfhome, to help take care of the situation.

The pack managed to catch up to and communicate with the two kinfolk wolves. Jonathon managed to remove their collars and befriend them. Afterwards, there was discussion amongst the Sept elders as to what to do with them, but ultimately, the decision fell to the pack. Although it would be difficult, the pack decided to keep them as wolf kinfolk are rare and extremely valuable to any Sept.

The Vulture Walkers Pack

The Vulture Walkers are an exercise in patience and redemption. Driven to hatred from mistreatment, these kinfolk became Garou through the profane Rite of Sacred Rebirth. After they assisted the White Lion's Pride pack, they drifted away for some time.

However, based on Caitlyn's promise, they returned to be cleansed. Unfortunately, the pack had not yet returned from death and they found themselves at the Sept of the Stone Sea. It was here they were cleansed and given seven quests to prove their worth to the Sept. They completed four of them, but before they could finish, one of the nearby Septs destroyed the Sept of the Stone Sea.

They completed two more of the quests and Lion accepted them provided they passed the White Lion's Pride pack's test. They ultimately passed a test of questioning and were formally accepted into the Sept on July 26, 2014. They willingly subjected themselves to the Rite of Renunciation on August 13, 2014, becoming full-fledged Fianna.

Chloe "Savage Heart" Andreas

Savage Heart Savage Heart, as she prefers to have abandoned her birth name, was born Chloe Andreas, the daughter of a Black Fury. She was the one to speak with the White Lion’s Pride pack into making an agreement for her pack’s safety. She is also likely to be the Skin Dancer most readily able to accept the ways of the Garou Nation as she keeps romanticized views on being a werewolf. She also sees the potential danger and corruption of Minotaur.

Monica "Remembers the Departed" Perez

Monica Monica represents the most tragic of the Skin Dancers. She initially supported the Garou Nation with all of her heart, even accepting an arranged marriage. She bore a daughter who grew up and became a Garou. After her daughter’s First Change, she got heavily involved with the idea of supporting the Nation in any way she could. When her daughter was later killed, she snapped. Nearly getting herself killed yelling at the Garou who sent her daughter to die, she packed up, left her husband, and never looked back. She hates the “Glory” notions of the Garou Nation and the overall direction its taking.

Anthony "Pasthealer" Caldwell

Anthony Anthony Caldwell acted as the beta for the Vulture Walkers pack. He could with effort, have been the leader of the pack, but he viewed Samson worthy of that position. Anthony views merit and past deeds as being more important than lineage owing to his coming from a Silver Fang family. He is the recruiter for the pack and he’s quite good at it. He doesn’t hate the Garou Nation as much as see it as antiquated and crumbling from within. Of all the Vulture Walkers, he is the most likely to be receptive to any extreme changes in the Garou Nation’s way of life.

After the death of Samuel Haight, Anthony has taken the position of alpha for the pack.

The Hand of the Fionn

The Hand of the Fionn is the formation of Boswyrm and Ghost-of-the-Fionn. Since the two existed as sort of outsiders in a manner of speaking, they opted to create their own pack. Since then, they have become very valuable to the Sept by finding a Moon Stone and undertaking missions with Ryan.

Jason "Boswyrm" Kennedy

During one of the Vulture Walker's tests to join the Sept, they came across Jason just after his First Change. Their mission was a test of loyalty and not a hunt for a Garou, so the discovery was a shock. Still, they brought him back and it was apparent he was intended to be a Black Spiral Dancer from the bane the Vulture Walkers had to destroy to get to him. Brought back and cleansed, he was formally inducted into the Sept after completing his Rite of Passage and joining the Fianna tribe.

Sheeba "Ghost-of-the-Fionn"

A Metis born from two unknown Garou from the Sept of the Three Waters, she has been protected by Spot and taken in by the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. Aside from the stigma of having a Metis in the Sept, it is possible she was the indirect cause of the destruction of the Sept of the Stone Sea due to her nature being a crime to many. She, along with newly found Garou Jason Kennedy, did their Rite of Passage to become Cliath and Fianna as of August 2014's moot. She and Jason spend most of their time together, but have not entered into or formed any pack.

Sarah "Short Paw" Linder

Short Paw Sarah Linder is a Nuwisha who Eli rescued from his brother Mordecai. She had been taken in by a local Sept as Bone Gnawer. Sarah helped the White Lion's Pride by utilizing a powerful, unique Rite that allowed her to resurrect Walks-With-Spirits at the cost of Rage Heart's life. She has since became a full time member of the Sept and joined with the Hand of the Fionn.

The Truth Hunters Pack

The Truth Hunters pack were a pack of Garou who had been told by their pack totem to come to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. Their pack totem was Roedeer, an Asian version of Deer. It was a very popular totem with the White Howlers at one time.

Andy "Claws of Truth"

Andy Andy is a Children of Gaia for the Truth Hunters pack.

William "Prey Crusher"

William William is a Fianna for the Truth Hunters pack.

Isaiah "Tree Splitter"

Isaiah Isaiah is a Fianna for the Truth Hunters pack.

Merrick "Hunts With Grace"

Merrick Merrick is a Silver Fang for the Truth Hunters pack. He is the leader of the pack.



Scratch After losing Mabe as a Sept guardian, the Sept of the Sleeping Lion was required to get a new one. Ultimately, Ryan decided to call in his favours owed from the White Lion's Pride pack for all of the Rites taught to Agnis and Caitlyn and have them recruit a new totem. Wyvern was chosen due to the need for a war totem and their utter dedication to protecting a Sept. With considerable effort, Caitlyn called forth an Incarna of Wyvern named Scratch. Agnis then negotiated with him for his services. His requirements were simple: always defend the Sept and die for it if you must.

Lisa Carter

Lisa Lisa is Gina’s best friend who is completely normal. She lives in a very affluent house (although her's pales in comparison to William’s home) and frequents the beach parties. These parties are where much of the teenagers in Santa Cruz go to hang out and have clean fun.

Lisa is terrified of most of the pack, save for Caitlyn who she seems oddly very comfortable with, due to the inner Rage of the Garou. Still, she tries to be polite and cordial regardless of this fear.

Her father is Tom Carter and works as a software developer for a video game company. Her mother passed away about a year ago in a car accident. Unbeknown to Lisa, her mother was cloned and is now her best friend and "cousin".

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