Jonathon's Book of Banes


Scrag Strengths: Scrags are relentless and vicious fighters. They have the ability to incite frenzy in Garou. They appear to attack in great numbers to overwhelm their enemies.

Weakness: Scrags don't appear to be very intelligent. They are not terribly strong.


scryer Strengths: Scryers can maintain contact with another bane. They are spies for bigger banes. They have the ability to summon other banes.

Weakness: Scryers are very weak. They lack any ability to fight.


Phantasmi Strengths: Very tough. Can command other lower banes.

Weakness: They appear to need to use materials around their general area to materialize. It's possible without materials they cannot materialize.


Thinbone Strengths: Can drive a human to consume virtually anything until they die from exhaustion as the Thinbone takes all the nourishment.

Weakness: Cannot fully possess a human, instead remaining attached to them. Not very strong.

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