Deceased Characters

Walter Foss

Foss Walter Foss was the local survivalist for the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. The White Lionís Pride pack never knew very much outside of that. They knew he had a family who had escaped shortly after his betrayal, but the pack never met them. They also never did find out what drove him to betray the Sept. Was it Caitlynís rejection of his advances, the pack constantly bossing him around, or was it something long before their arrival?

Lesson Learned: The pack quickly learns they must not only care for their kinfolk and treat them with respect, but the ultimate fate for one who turns against them: the Skin Dancers. The pack has since taken great consideration now whenever having to deal with their kinfolk.

"Smoke Paw"

Smoke Paw Smoke Paw was a member of the Irish Destroyers pack who met the White Lionís Pride pack and told them the story of the Skinner after they told him of the circumstances of Noahís death. He was later killed, skinned, and left hanging outside of the lodge by one of the Vulture Walkers pack.

Unfortunately, his fate was much crueler than anticipated. After his death, he was forced to become a Bane and the White Lion's Pride encountered him in the afterlife.

Lesson(s) Learned: The pack learns the origins and death of Samuel Haight. They also realize the Vulture Walkers pack is closer than they realized and the safety of all of them is at stake. Even the best Garou can be corrupted after death.

The Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk and Garou of the Pier

The White Lionís Pride pack initially encountered the kinfolk after leaving the amusement park on the pier. After a near fight, the pack regrouped and took out the kinfolk. They were unprepared and a little outmatched by the Garou pack which followed. Although they defeated them, the White Lionís Pride suffered grievous injuries in the process.

Lesson(s) Learned: Wherever there are Black Spiral Dancer kinfolk, you can bet there will be some Garou counterparts around. Never turn your back on a Black Spiral Dancer. Never split the pack before a fight.

Samson a.k.a. Samuel Haight

Samson Samuel Haight was Kinfolk of the Children of Gaia. Robbed of what he claimed was his rightful power, the ability to be a Garou, he was abused as a youth. Eventually, he managed to discover a ritual to become Garou during one of his hunting trips. From here, things spiraled out of control. First, he found the Conquistadorís Sword and began to steal powers from his fallen foes. When this wasnít enough, he took a branch of the World Tree and slaughtered the Mages there to become one himself.

Realizing enemies from all sides were closing in; he retreated to Mexico City where he believed he found the location of an Antediluvian, a godlike vampire. Unfortunately, this would not happen as the ancient vampire awakened from his slumber while Haight fought the combined forces of vampires, Garou, and Mages. Ultimately, the staff he created from the World Tree cracked and obliterated him. The ancient vampire had escaped and everyone believed this would be the last they seen of Samuel Haight. Or so they thought.

Whether by his own design or by intrepid individuals after his death, a piece of Samuel Haight was retained in the form of skin, which was made into a fetish. The spirit Tick gave this piece to ďSamson.Ē Where Samson learned the ritual is unclear, but he managed to use the piece of skin to create his Skin Dancer pelt. This gave him Samuel Haightís powers and memories.

When the White Lionís Pride pack stumbled across the Vulture Walkers pack one day, they set into motion a chain of events leading up to the rebirth of Samuel Haight. After the pack killed half of the Vulture Walkers, Samson became desperate and began drawing more heavily on the fetish. While the White Lionís Pride pack learned the Rite of Cleansing to help Minotaur, the fetish consumed Samson completely and utterly.

Reborn as Samuel Haight, he began working on an ambush to stop the White Lionís Pride pack. However, Samuel met his end in the most unlikely form: a twelve-year-old Garou named Jonathon Riley. Jonathon, following the advice of Tick managed to get close enough to pull the fetish off and take it for himself. While Samuel was reborn into Samsonís body completely, Jonathon was still able to command banes and fae until the rest of his pack arrived and fought Samuel to the death. The fetish was destroyed and the world let a collective sigh of relief. Samuel Haight was finally dead. Or so they hope.

Lesson(s) Learned: Desperation can lead to disaster. Power corrupts. Tickís bid for tribe totem of the Skin Dancers nearly undid everything she worked towards. The most unlikely individuals can undo the most powerful foes. Working together, the White Lionís Pride pack can take on very powerful threats. Even death could not stop Samuel Haightís hatred of the Garou.

Solomon Submergen, The Drowned King

DK Solomon Submergen is a powerful Wyrm creature from almost before time began. He destroyed the White Lion's Pride pack in 2009, but they were pulled into the Dark Umbra back to their ancestors. These ancestors, starting in 37 B.C., created a ritual to bind themselves to the Drowned King and battle him relentlessly. The Drowned King tried to evade them, but could not as he coursed through time.

Finally, arriving four years after their first battle, the White Lion's Pride returned to their newly revived and aged bodies to battle him again. This time, with more experience and the backing of their ancestors, they made short work of him. While the Drowned King cannot be truly killed, it will be a long time before he returns.

Lesson(s) Learned: To some enemies, even time is meaningless to them. Ancestors are not always as you would expect them to be. Death is not the end for a Garou.

Kyle "Brings It" O'Riley

kyle Kyle O'Riley was a 28-year-old Fianna Ahroun, who took to his position in guarding the Sept to heart, feeling this was what he was born to do. He earned immediate enmity towards William after he mouthed off shortly after arriving at the Sept. Only the intervention of his brother, Ryan, prevent Kyle from beating William to death.

Kyle fell into Harano after the White Lion's Pride pack apparently died. This was the last straw after the loss of his own pack. In spite of the urging from his brother, he eventually starved himself. He was found in the bawn a year after that dead, sitting against a tree.

Lesson(s) Learned: A Garou can be his own worst enemy. There are fates worse than death in battle. One most always be vigilant to monitor their fellow Garou. Coming out of Harano is near impossible without sufficient motivation.


Jerrick Jerrick was a member of the Vulture Walkers pack. He bore many personality quirks similar to Samuel Haight and did not believe the Garou would ever change their ways. He advocated to his pack that they take a spirit the Sept of the Sleeping Lion was letting them use and find more Garou. He had hoped to make an army of these Garou and crush the Nation. He attempted to challenge Anthony for leadership, but Chloe intervened and killed him for fear of undoing all the pack had worked for.

Lesson(s) Learned: Madness can consume you and everyone else around you. Sometimes, terrible sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Loyality to the pack may be tested. You find honor in the most unexpected places and people.


Slater Slater was a vampire who was possessed by a bane. This gave him the ability to create pseudo-vampires just by feeding from people and killing them. This was not how vampires are created typically, according to Massacre. He planned to create many more after going to a roller derby event in Santa Cruz. Thankfully, he was killed by Caitlyn with some assistance from Gretchen before things got out of hand.

Lesson(s) Learned: Banes can apparently possess nearly anything. Even Black Spiral Dancers have some sense of keeping the Veil. Vampires are normally created in a very specific, but unknown way. The pack must keep the Veil even in situations that don't involve the Garou.

The Ahroun

Ahroun Arguably the greatest cause of problems in the Septs in recent memory, the Ahroun bore a hatred of the Fianna and the Sept of the Sleeping Lion. He was connected to almost every event that had transpired recently from the destruction of the Sept of the Stone Sea, deaths of Garou including Jonathon, the alienation of the Sept of the Raging Storm, and the foothold the Spirals managed to gain in the area. In the end, he met his death from the Sept of the Sleeping Lion's former guardian Mabe, who viewed him as a very nasty, evil creature.

Lesson(s) Learned: Just one determined person can devastate an entire area. The Ahroun is a reflection of Rage Heart if he would have not gotten his anger in check. Sometimes the Wyrm doesn't have to be involved for someone to turn against the Garou. The Sept of the Three Waters is linked to more corruption and misdeeds than any other Sept. The Sept of the Three Waters is knowingly sheltering criminals against the Garou Nation.

Lex Baritune

Lex Lex Baritune was a drone for the Weaver. He ran Ferry Halim, a flash game company which acted as a front for his cloning operations. The White Lion's Pride pack ran into him five years earlier and decided to ignore his operations in exchange for saving Tina Carter.

This was a mistake as Lex found several hairs from the pack and managed to clone Crafty, replacing him for nearly two years.

With Lex dictating what the Sept would do, he prevented the other Septs from uniting, and delayed an attack on him from the Sept of the Silver Fury who had long been investigating him. Ultimately, the White Lion's Pride pack discovered this and killed Lex for his actions.

Lesson(s) Learned: The Weaver can be as deceptive as the Wyrm. Clones made by the Weaver cannot shift and have limited memories of the original. Crafty's clone severely disrupted Sept relations in the area. Combating the Weaver is as important as combating the Wyrm. Lex managed to figure out a way to subdue Garou.

Luke "Rage Heart" Deboi

Luke Rage Heart was the Black Spiral obsessed Ahroun for the White Lion's Pride pack. His Rage was so great that it nearly consumed him and he was forced to run away when he nearly killed his own pack. He then made his way to the Sept of the Raging Storm where they did not allow him to join, but did help him master his Rage.

Returning back to his home Sept, he once again took his place with his pack. However, the pack was getting ready to venture deeper into the Umbra and would need a third Theurge. Realizing he would be of no assistance where they were going, he offered himself up to Short Paw's Rite to resurrect Jonathon O'Riley.

Lesson(s) Learned: Rage can be a terrible curse. Sometimes a sacrifice for the pack must be made. There are ways to resurrect the dead not known to the Garou.

Ariel Huntington

ariel A kinfolk troubled with visions of the future, she was brought into the Sept after Caitlyn convinced her they could help her with her unique ability. Over the years, she gained a hold of her abilities and became a valued member of the Sept. She studied psychology and used her talents to help others that suffered mentally like she had.

On April 16, 2015, she was found murdered by Morgan Fathom. He had been supernaturally compelled to do it by Robert Kincaid's Cabal. Ariel was believed to be the only one who could stop their plans to destroy the Sept due to her foresight. She was buried next to the other fallen of the Sept.

Lesson (s) Learned: The Mages were a threat largely ignored by the Garou for too long. You cannot save everyone in the Sept. Seeing into the future has a price.

James Dickie and Tom Lance

James Tom

James Dickie and Tom Lance were Mages who belonged to Kenith's Cabal. It was initially thought that they were behind the spell on Morgan and his family and the Avatar binding on Ryan Whelan. This proved to be wrong as they were actually trying to prevent the Avatar binding and undo the damage that Robert was causing. The pack killed them before they found out from Curtis White about the truth of things. The pack was truly sorry that they had gone on false information and killed the two men. They then worked an agreement with Curtis after telling him the truth about what they were in hopes that Curtis could dissuade Robert's Cabal from further action.

Lesson (s) Learned: One must not be hasty to kill without all the evidence. Robert's Spheres allow him to stay one step ahead of the pack. Not all Mages wish to do the Garou harm.


Mordecai Big brother to Eli, Mordecai had been leading his pack in the extermination of Eli's lineage. After discovering he would have to kill his brother, he began leaving clues to assist Eli and his pack. He no longer had any intention of killing Eli. He continued with his goals for bettering the Nation in his mind. He was mentally compelled to take Lindsey hostage by the Mages. However, he shielded her from rape attempts by his pack due to knowing she was Eli's mate. They then turned on him, beat him, and left him in Gaian territory to be caught. He was then judged by Bjorn and sentenced to death.

Lesson (s) Learned: Mordecai loved his brother right up until his death. Getting involved with Mages has consequences such as Mordecai's insanity. A pack will turn on an alpha who they view as weak. You may be forced to judge against someone your pack cares about.

The Pride Slayers

The Pride Slayers are a group of Ronin Garou that hunt other Garou on contract. They originally intended to wipe out all of the lineage of White Lion's Pride pack. They stopped this after discovering that Mordecai, leader of the pack, was brother to Eli. In the end, they turned on Mordecai and allied with a large group of vampires, taking Lindsey hostage. The White Lion's Pride pack managed to prevent a trap thanks to Mordecai, in a final act of love, warning them and destroy them all.

Lesson (s) Learned: Being Ronin puts you at greater risk for corruption from the Wyrm. An alpha must maintain control of their pack. Sometimes you must kill instead of negotiate.









John Rosie

John Caitlyn's biological father was a fidgety, aloof, but very friendly Fianna kinfolk. He transferred from Chicago to Santa Cruz after meeting his biological daughter for the first time. He cared for his grandson, Ryan, while the pack worked to remove the boy's avatar. During the time they were away, the Birthday Massacre pack managed to get into his house through what was believed to be Jonathon's friendly face. He was raped repeatedly and left for dead. He died of dehydration and trauma after nearly three days.

Lesson (s) Learned: Sometimes the worst happens when you drop your guard. A turned packmate is the most dangerous enemy a Sept can have. Kinfolk are the easiest targets of the Black Spiral Dancers.

Ryan Whelan

Ryan The light of Caitlyn's life, Ryan Whelan was her only son. After a long, exhaustive journey, she was finally able to partially secure Ryan. He had been implanted with a corrupted avatar during this period unknown to Caitlyn or even his legal guardian and adopted father Kenith Kincaid. This was done by Kenith's father Robert. During the pack's quest to remove the avatar John's place, where Ryan was staying, was attacked by Spirals. They drove him towards the Sept of the Silver Fury where the avatar activated. The power was too great and killed him in the process.

Lesson (s) Learned: Grief can be just as powerful as anger to a Garou. The Black Spirals know no boundaries in their depravity. The area is now weakened further to growing Spiral threat. Caitlyn will never be the same.

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