Eli Yoder's Origins

Eli's Ancestry

Marcus Mycole Rufus - 31 B.C.

Marcus A Ahroun chaffing at the constant battle for leadership of his pack with Cassius, Marcus struggles to deal with only being leader in times of war. He has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Cassius, who is arguably the true leader of the pack. When not dealing with the pack he is a soldier for the Roman Army. Lately, he had been having strange dreams he cannot explain. However, he keeps these a secret in order to not appear weak to the pack.

Malcolm - 169 A.D.

Malcolm Malcolm is a Fianna who lead his pack in ancient Scotland. He was a blacksmith who married Elizabeth and bore a child with him. He asked his pack members to protect Elizabeth.

Malcolm "Drops-The-Hammer" - 1231 A.D.

Malcolm Malcolm is a Ahroun for the Bear Claw pack. He wields his personal Ironhammer, "Crushes-the-Get".

Aiden O'Brien - 1937 A.D.

Aiden Aiden was Eli's great grandfather who attempted to help the Bunyip. He spoke the Aboriginal language of the Bunyips and translated for the group.

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