The Landfill

landfill Located roughly in the land between the Sept of the Three Waters and the Sept of the Sleeping Lion, the landfill was the location the White Lionís Pride pack found the body of Noah Harliss. Itís also the area where they met Smoke Paw who told them the story of the Skinner. Eli first picked up on the scent of formaldehyde, which in turn led to the location of the Vulture Walkers.

The Labyrinth

labyrinth The Labyrinth is the realm of Minotaur. While navigating the maze is customary to engage Minotaur in any fashion, what it had become was not. Corrupted by the Wyrm, the maze contained many traps and lures for unsuspecting individuals. After Minotaur was cleansed by the White Lionís Pride pack, however, he told them he would begin cleansing his realm. This means what the pack saw may be different if they have to visit again.

Sacred Peace Cemetery

Cemetery Sacred Peace Cemetery is located just a brief walk from the funeral home where the Vulture Walkers base of operations was. This is where Samuel Haight would stage his ambush on the White Lionís Pride pack by drawing banes and fae to fight for him. In a fittingly ironic punishment, this would be the place of his rebirth and second death when the pack defeated him after he tried to escape.

Pin Gallery

pin gallery Pin Gallery is a location near Santa Cruz, which elders from various Septs gather to discuss matters of importance. It is a neutral location and thus is not subject to petty feuds or violence. The White Lionís Pride pack visited the gallery when they returned Thunderous Howl to Prestige.

Capitola Mall

capitola mall Capitola Mall was the shopping center Caitlyn and Gina went to before heading to the beach party. It is one of the only indoor malls in Santa Cruz.


wolfhome Wolfhome is both a heaven and a hell for Garou. It exists as a realm where men are the enemy and spirits are unaware of their true existence. Many Garou go here to get in touch with their wolf nature and quite a few never return, never finding the way out and becoming lost to their wolf nature. The pack successfully completed a journey to this realm and came out richer from it.

The Rules of Wolfhome

wolfhome rules

The Legendary Realm

entrance The Legendary realm is where all great legends reside. All manner of tales are true here and very dangerous as death is very real. Every journey to the realm is different and any Garou must complete the legends in order to leave. The pack completed the tale of Finn MacCumhall during their quest to find a powerful fetish from the Talen bottle.

The Rules of The Legendary Realm

Legendary Realm rules

Kaiser Permanente Arena

KP Arena Kaiser Permanente Arena is Brian Cripes place of business and the location of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls playing arena. It is where the pack worked part time once to earn a little money.

The Stinking Rose

Stinking Rose The Stinking Rose is a high end eatery owned by Royal Ascot. It is an obvious hangout for the Fae. The pack was invited to return any time they wished and has such several times.

Worstell Hotel

Worstell Hotel The Worstell Hotel is the hotel that Royal Ascot put the pack up in for the weekend. The pack held a party for the kinfolk so Ariel could get to know everyone.

Waldorf School

Waldorf The Waldorf school is where Lisa Cunningham works and her husband runs. She helped the pack for helping her in the woods and has paid them back by helping them get into school without too much incident.

The pack abandoned the idea of completing school after learning of the greater need for their Garou side as opposed to their human side.

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