Miguel O'Hare's Origins

Miguel O'Hare grew up in one of the worst barrios of Mexico City. His father left after he was born, leaving him to be raised by his mother and maternal grandmother.

Only 13 years old, Miguel has been in trouble with the law several times for minor things like vandalism, petty theft, pickpocketing, and shoplifting. Whenever he has managed to steal some money without being caught, he has given most of the money to his mother. While she claims she does not approve of his behavior, she has never refused the money he has given her.

Miguel has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Due to being small for his age, he is often mistaken for a younger child.

Miguel first changed during a Day of the Dead parade. It would have been worse, but members of local Sept were able to pull him from the crowd before he was able to harm anyone, and the other people who saw him just thought he was part of the festivities.

Miguel's Ancestry

Maximus Titus Restario - 31 B.C.

Maximus Maximus was taken in by the Farrah family and is considered like a little brother to Delilah. He offered to go with her as a showing of good faith to meet her soon to be husband Dekebalos. He has tried to council his “sister” on her increasing visions but has failed to calm her.

Maximus, in contrast to Miguel, appeared to have a problem with his mouth, often being told to be quiet lest he get in trouble.

Alec - 169 A.D.

Alec Alec was Miguel's ancestor in Scotland. He was friends with Malcolm. He grew up near Elizabeth's place and married her sister Blair. This somewhat implies Miguel has White Howler blood in him.

Cormack - 1231 A.D.

Cormack Cormack was a Ahroun for the Bear Claw pack. He lost his life in an ambush from Black Spiral Dancers.

Dominic Batson - 1937 A.D.

Dominic Dominic Batson was Miguel's great grandfather who attempted to save the Bunyip. He was an expert driver.

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