Tick Tick is a spirit of Cunning, known for giving Samson the Remembering Remnant fetish in order for him to use Samuel Haightís powers to cleanse the Skin Dancers. Her intentions were to subvert the Skin Dancers to take her on as a tribe totem. To this end, she was going to use Samson as her sword and take Minotaurís position regardless of how it would be done.

However, Tick apparently did not foresee Samsonís desperation after he lost half his pack to the White Lionís Pride, and did nothing to stop his transformation into Samuel Haight. Instead, she merely changed her plans to include the White Lionís Pride pack and have them stop Minotaur from being corrupted. She convinced Jonathon to take her on as a personal totem to watch over the pack.

However, she was once again thwarted when after cleansing Minotaur, the White Lionís Pride pack decided not to kill Minotaur and let him continue guiding the tribe. While most of the pack believed she was not evil or corrupted, they certainly considered her manipulative and chose to let the Skin Dancers decide their own fate.


wolverine Wolverine was the initial pack totem for the White Lionís Pride pack. Strongly chosen due to the large amount of Ahrouns in the pack, Wolverineís ban on a lack of mercy for foes clashed with some of the pack members. Ultimately, after Lukeís murder of Walter Foss, Wolverine chose to abandon them as punishment for the breaking of the Veil.


Minotaur Minotaur is the tribe totem for the Skin Dancers. He agreed to be tribe totem after the Skinner was destroyed the first time. He embodies the man who becomes the beast, a perfect representation of the desire for Kinfolk to become Garou. He is known for his hatred and drive for revenge against Pegasus.

Ultimately, the minimal numbers of Skin Dancers made him weaker in comparison to the other tribes, and he lusted for more power. How he came under the grip of the Wyrm is still unclear, but the result was the White Lionís Pride pack finding him in the final stages of being corrupted. He was cleansed by Jonathon and Caitlyn and broken free of the mind-altering grip of the Malfeasí tendrils.

Minotaur refused to let go of the tribe and it will be up to him to cleanse his realm, the Labyrinth. However, the choice of if he remains tribe totem will be up to the Skin Dancers themselves, as the White Lionís Pride pack refused to fall sway to Tickís advice.


Cat Cat is a spirit John and Caitlyn met in the umbra while searching for a tutor for the gifts they wished to learn. Cat riddled Caitlyn for the ability to learn Sense Wyrm, which she completed successfully. Cat then requested of John a fish a week for one month and to request Mouse leave the Sept if asks for anything in return when we need him again.


Shebia Shebia is a wolf spirit who helped the pack learn the gifts Pack Tactics and Sense Wyrm. She requested they go to Wolfhome and learn of the ways of a wolf. They had to learn this in order to better understand their wolf nature. Quetzal tried to use his position of respect to barter that this task was too large for such a simple gift, but Shebia would not budge. She said it was her chiminage and that the pack would have to accept it.


Finneus Finneus is a raccoon spirit the pack met after returning from Wolfhome. He is a spirit of Cunning and offered to train the pack in the gift Open Seal. William and Bjorn accepted and were required to place a shiny object near the cabin once a day, but not before whispering a weakness of a packmate, including those attempting to learn the gift. It is obvious other spirits have some sense of disdain for him as both Shebia and Quetzal shook their heads at him.


Sokhta Sokhta is incarna spirit of the celestial Luna. She was the first spirit the White Lion's Pride visited on their quest to secure a safe place for Crazy Eye. Sokhta was pleased with the pack's answer on what they wanted for the pregnant Metis and her child. She also told them that they would forever change the way the world of the spirits and material work. Her realm contained weapons and pathstones along with flowers made of moonsilver, a powerful material that does not hinder Garou like regular silver but is still very deadly to attack with.


Shantar Incarna of the celestial Neptune, she was the second spirit the White Lion's Pride visited on their journey. Her world was made entirely of water. She appeared to be very Weaver oriented and offered the pack Weaver items to assist them on their quest. The pack politely declined and chose not to earn her favor for the quest.


Eshtarra Incarna of Gaia herself, Eshtarra agreed to support taking Crazy Eye into the Sept of the Stars. Like the other Incarna, she was cryptic about some of her statements to the White Lion's Pride pack. She told the pack that healing the rift between the White Howlers and the Fianna may heal the Triat. Later, the pack met Roedeer, the third of totems loyal to Lion. The pack was confused about whether her statement applied to the remaining loyal totems of Lion or the entire Triat of the Weaver, Wyld, and Wyrm. Either way, she said things were already in motion.

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