William Scott's Origins

"Miller, Miller," Detective O'Connell said, "quit puking and get over here. I want pictures, lots of pictures. Tag any and everything that might be evidence. I want the bastard who did this."

The body, according to her driver's license, was Lilly Hammond. She was possibly the daughter of investment banker John Hammond. Her school ID made her a Radcliffe Prep School student. Money always made an investigation more interesting. Her body being mutilated made it even more so.

William "Will" Scott is the youngest son of Jerome "Jerry" Scott the founder and CEO of Scott LLC. Scott owns the Scott hotel chains as well as countless other investments. With a net worth of over 750 million dollars, there is little they can't afford. Will is a 17 year old boy who loves books, history, and music. He is quite obsessed with his family’s ties to Scotland and Ireland.

Being quite wealthy, he has gone only to the best schools. However, he has been expelled from most of them for fighting, disrespecting and disagreeing with staff. He fit in only his books and his recent (and only) girlfriend Lilly Hammond. Several months ago, he was reported missing. Not only missing he is the prime suspect in the murder of Lilly Hammond. Her body was found mutilated and his car destroyed on what for a lack of a better term, lover's lane. Truth be known, he went through his first change while getting frisky with his girlfriend. Yes, he is still a virgin but has had his first taste of flesh.

Williams's Ancestry

Neo Anthony Celigro - 31 B.C.

Neo Once a free man, Neo was captured and forced into slavery. From there, he was forced into the gladiator pits. He triumphed, however, and won his freedom, at the cost of his manhood. Still, he maintains a front of jovial prankster as any Ragabash would.

Ronald McElray - 169 A.D.

Ronald Said to be a ladies man, Ronald McElray was William's ancestor from Scotland. Most people just considered him a liar and a thief. It was said that the Bruce family wanted him dead.

Kevin "Broken Arrow" - 1231 A.D.

Kevin The lone Ragabash for the Bear Claw pack, Kevin has already shown his troublemaking tenedencies by urinating on one of the Garou's feet of the Sept the pack is visiting. He claims to be an expert shot with his bow, Never Miss.

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