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A Vision of the Past… (Game 45 – 46, White Howlers game 1 – 2)

As we prepared to head for Lily and the Birthday Massacre pack, Crafty suggested that we rest in the Sept for clarity. Eli and the pack decided to heed his advice and rest in the Sept. However, I could not. I was too pent up from the death of my family. I walked the bawn instead.

As the pack dreamed in the Sept, they were given a vision of the past. They saw the White Howlers before their fall. It was 25 BC, before the first assault of the Drowned King. They watched as the Riders of the Storm pack who followed Caern Rattler as their totem. They belonged to the Sept of the Spinning Waters.

The pack comprised of Warsong, a Galliard who was the alpha, the Theurge River Speaks, the Ahrouns Left Paw and Crusher-of-the-Wyrm, the Ragabash Iron Wall, and the prophetic Theurge Sees-the-Beyond, ran the bawn for their early days.

The Riders of the Storm pack were contacted by their Master of the Rite and asked us to retrieve a new pup. We needed to find Morg and bring the pup back here. We must speak with the Cornavii tribe. They have clashed with the Orcadi tribe who have sided with the Roman’s. Now the Orcadi tribe are basically farmer slaves.

The pack made its journey immediately. It was short and the Cornavii tribe was enamored with them. Madi was the leader of the tribe and wanted to know what they wanted. They told him they were looking for Morg. He fed them and told them to speak with Carr, mother of Morg. Her brother is Finn, a Garou.

As the pack ate, a boy came in and said there was a body nearby. Madi went to check it out. After he returned, the pack traveled with him to the body. Instead of one body, there were actually four bodies there including horses that had been mutilated. It was definitely a Garou killing. There was likely three or four Garou there at the time of the killing. It was not normal for the Garou to kill the horse. There were strange scents in the area, but the pack could not track them.

The pack took care of the bodies in accordance to their totem’s ban. Madi tells the pack that they were prophesized to be here. He will assist them if he can. There was an evil nearby that the pack would have to look into. Madi told them that the “warriors of the Lion come and seek but do find what they are looking for. Doom to those in their way. Everything is white as it once was.”

The pack shifted to Lupus and began to track the scent. Sees-the-Beyond picked up the strongest scent and lead the pack to four men at a campfire. However, a man had snuck up on the pack and announced his presence. He was Cassius Truth Thruster and the rest of the men were his pack. They were Siminol Shatterheart, Atticus Broken Throne, Justin Shield of Gaia, and Philo Smile Splitter.

They offered the pack a drink and told the pack that they were Silver Fangs. They were wronged by one of ours. They have the bodies nearby as a show of good faith that it was self-defense. Cassius took Warsong to the bodies. It was an adult male and a boy of roughly 11 years old. There was a pile of weapons nearby.

He tells them that they meant no disrespect but even though Sees-the-Beyond could not understand his language, she could tell that he was not being entirely true. He seems to be making it up as he goes along. The pack is named Claw of the Falcon pack and they are waited for their troops to arrive from Rome.

The pack disposes of the bodies properly. Warsong told Cassius that the deaths do not look as he described them. However, Cassius only counters that he is trying to avoid bloodshed between the tribes. He told them that the fight happened to the north. Cassius offered to let the pack stay the night and they agreed, however they alternated watch during the night.

The next morning, Cassius and his pack headed southwest towards the caerns and the Riders of the Storm made their way north. There they found large rocks near the shore and signs of a battle. As they went to investigate, the rocks seem to come alive and become mud golems. The pack defended themselves and used their speed to their advantage. A lengthy battle ensured, but the pack triumphed.

Searching the area, the pack found five scrolls with ritualistic symbols written on it. There is some Latin, but nothing concrete. Nearby there is a boat with empty crates. As the pack searched the area, they spotted an eagle circling nearby. Crusher-of-the-Wyrm charged to its direction and we followed.

Sees-the-Beyond follows Crusher-of-the-Wyrm over a hill to see a druid standing near columns of stones reminiscent of Stonehenge. Sees-the-Beyond took the lead and headed down to meet the druid. He was apprehensive but she managed to put him at ease. He is Isic the Druid.

After Sees-the-Beyond explained who they were and what they were doing, he asked her and the rest of the pack to come immediately. Following him, the pack is lead into the center of the columns. Here Isic chants and sprinkles powder on the fire pit in the center. Upon lighting the fire, a great bright light comes from it. The smoke from the fire forms a lion.

The lion speaks through Isic and tells the pack that he is White Lion, brother to Khan. In the past, he saved a Fianna pack known as the Lion’s Paw. Many years ago the White Howlers and Fianna worked together to complete great quests. The humans survived the Ice Age thanks to White Lion. Once the ice melted, the tribes split and went their separate ways. White Lion then told the pack that the Finn’s Bite pack needed the Riders of the Storm and they would have to head west to the Orcadi tribe and speak with Jetti.

With that, the smoke dissipated. River Speaks summoned a jaggling to send a message to their Sept about what they were undertaking at the moment. Warsong sent the pack out to find the proper materials to take one of the nearby boats.

After taking the boat as far west as the pack could go, they arrived at Orcadi. They met with Chief Keany. He told the pack that there was a pack nearby led by McFay of the Finnian tribe along with his packmates, Rends-the-Beast and Brosh Hunts-with-Skills. They worked with White Lion and may be the pack the Riders of the Storm need to speak with.

Heading outside of the village, the pack made their way to McFay. He told the Riders of the Storm that they would want to work with them to protect the Arcadia Gateway. In Arcadia, trolls were revolting against the people there. Wyrm creatures were also attempting to disrupt the gateway there.

As McFay was from the camp of the White Lion, once there cause was put into place, they must continue until it is complete. The Riders of the Storm agreed to join the camp. They were mystically marked with three claw marks in the place of their choice.

The pack would enter the Arcadia Gateway while McFay and his pack would defend the gateway from Wyrm creatures. The pack would have to find Lysander to learn more of what to do. Heading into the Umbra, the Riders of the Storm entered the stone doorway into the realm of the Fae.

They found themselves heading down a stone path. Turning around, there was no exit. They would have to complete the mission to return. The forest was rather pleasant and they could see a castle down the path. Getting close to the castle, they arrived at a town situated outside of the castle. It appeared tha the town was completely empty.

The pack slowly traveled through the village until they came across a small female. Sees-the-Beyond attempted to communicate with her. She nudged a rock to the Theurge who nudged it back. Nothing went on until Sees-the-Beyond mentioned Lysander. The small female wanted to know why we wanted him. She asked they were from Finn’s Bite. Warsong tells her no, but also informs her that the Riders of the Storm were sent to assist the problem.

She told the pack to follow her. Along the way, the pack asked her questions about the situation. Apparently, the trolls simply left the village and started attacking anyone who got near them. There are actually 25,000 people in the town, but they are in hiding either physically or through glamour until the troll revolt stops. She told the pack that her name was Nancy.

Heading into the castle and to the throne room, the pack was brought before King Lysander. They all bowed respectfully and the king offered them food. Warsong accepted and heard the king out about the problems with the trolls.

Lysander believed that the trolls were hiding in the Neutral Zone, a place between the Seelie and Unseelie kingdoms. He was going to have the pack meet with his Sword, or bodyguard. In the meantime, the pack asked about the trolls with questions ranging from height, danger, and whether or not they were allowed to kill them. The king said that most of the trolls were about 12 feet tall, some shorter and a few taller. They were all dangerous, but the pack was not to kill them unless they had no alternative.

Shanara the Sword arrives and escorts the pack with her. As the pack walked with her, she told them about the various types of trolls and the tactics that they use. She asked the pack whether they accepted any gifts and the pack answered that they accepted the king’s food. She told them that they were effectively his slaves until he felt they had repaid their debt to him. This was not known to the White Howlers who had little contact with the Fae.

Shanara had proposed a one-on-one duel with a chosen champion of the trolls to dispute the issue, but the king rejected this idea saying that her job was to protect him. Shanara led the pack to a gathering of various Fae. As the Fae and pack prepared for battle, Sees-the-Beyond painted a picture of the future with her fetish paintbrush.

As Sees-the-Beyond painted, the rest of the pack met with the colorful individuals of the gathering. Some included a dwarf named Casp who wondered why the Fianna weren’t assisting them, a pooka named Paul who wanted to trade for a magic egg, and another Fae named Cappel who didn’t think the group could win.

As Sees-the-Beyond finished her painting, it was twelve Garou dancing around a Lion’s pelt. Warsong made a stirring speech and rallied the troops by pointing out that this painting signified victory for them. With the Fae fired up, they waited for the trolls.

When the trolls did arrive, only ¾ of the predicted number came. Still, the fight was brutal and the Fae started strong, but began to lose ground quickly. As the pack charged in, each member, even Sees-the-Beyond who was the physically weakest, managed to slay a troll. Iron Wall managed to sneak behind the commander of the trolls and slay him from behind, showing the cunning tactics of the White Howlers. This forced the trolls to retreat, not expecting to encounter this kind of resistance.

As the trolls retreated, Warsong told Shanara to take the rest of the Fae back and consider the fight a victory. The pack then tracked the trolls back to their lair, a massive craggy hill. The pack debated what to do next, as they had Iron Wall sneak into the lair and learn what he could. As he did, he discovered a massive troll, at least a couple hundred feet high, resting deep within the cave. Near the troll was a small box with a ring inside. The ring was determined to be evil and not of this place. Most of the script on it was indecipherable, but there are some things that resembled the script the pack had seen on the Silver Fang gear

Heading outside, Iron Wall presented the ring to Warsong who then decided that someone would have to wear it and test its abilities. Crusher-of-the-Wyrm volunteered and put on the ring. No immediate effects took place so he wandered into the cave. When confronted by two trolls, he told them to put their fingers on their nose. When they complied, he had them take him to the master of the cave. There, he told the troll to give up his rebellion and return to where they belonged. The massive troll, without a word, turned around and walked away, taking most of the cavern with him mystically.

With the mission complete, the pack returned to the entrance to Arcadia. There, they met McFay. Six years had passed in that time. The pack showed him the ring and all agreed that the Silver Fangs must never get their hands on it. They destroyed and left the realm, heading back to their home. With that, the vision ended.

The Binding of Mabe and an Old Enemy of Daniel’s Returns… (Game 42)

Returning from the Wasteland to the Sept, Jonathon went to study at the Sept while Bjorn did his chiminage with Shebia in Wolfhome. Because of the issue of William’s family and his family’s company, Eli wanted to take care of the situation. William’s finances would always be useful to the Sept and without his controlling interest, his company might take back the Sept which was now owned by Scott LLC.

Getting ahold of William’s family lawyer, Eli convinced William to speak with Stu Smith. Eli was told by Stu that William must speak with Max Dechon, the next highest majority shareholder next to William’s family.

In the meantime, we went to Crafty and asked about Ossian. He told us a story of his ancestor:

“I inherited the box from my great Grandfather before he passed. He was a storyteller of great reknown and was happy to tell me the story of Mabe and the box. Long ago a Fae wandering into a Fianna Sept and met a young Fianna by the name of Finn. Finn was so struck by her kindness and beauty that he fell in love with her. It so happens that another loved her too, a wizard of great power that was feared throughout the land. When he found out about the werewolf and Fae union and banished her back to her homeworld in Arcadia. Finn and his pack attempted to hunt down his true love to no avail until one day while on a quest, the pack found two Fae guarding a young boy, who looked very similar to Finn. He over took the guards and brought the boy back to the Sept where it was confirmed that he was Garou with Fae Blood.

This boy grew into a great warrior and was named Ossian. He had many adventures but the one of note was the capturing of Mabe, Queen of the Fae. It was told to my great Grandfather that because he was half fae he was able to move freely between Arcadia and Earth as we would travel into the Umbra. Ossin made a pact with the current King of the Unseelie to banish her from both realms for 1000 years. It was well known that she could not be killed so banishment was the only option but Ossian knew of another way, which was binding her to an object using Rites he had learned from his Garou side and his own Fae magic. By using a little trickery he talked Mabe into the box and chiminage was that she would be freed after 1000 years or completed duties.

Ossian as to not be tempted by Mabe’s power gave the box to a child of one of his packmates, which was my great great, great, great, great ( you get the point) grandfather.

Now my great grandfather told me to use the box before the 1000 years were up and when I found the Caern here I thought it prudent, for one hundred years the Caern would have an incredibly powerful guardian, but I underestimated her trickery. As her time to be freed grew closer her powers increased and she was able to use her own free will to get herself freed with simple manipulation, and that is how my story of the box ends.”

With his story concluded, I asked if he wanted to be present when I summon Ossian. Crafty was interested and so was Mackie. I started the ritual as completed it as normal, but nothing happened for the first time in my role as ritemaster. Mackie then suggested doing the Rite of the Questing Stone out of morbid curiosity. Agnis did the rite and strangely, it worked. We all questioned how he could be alive after over 1,000 years of time had passed.

Still, not wasting time, Eli got us a park van and we made the trip where the stone pointed. The trip was long and took over a day. We headed north and found ourselves in Seattle, Washington. The city smelled far worse than San Francisco and was an assault on our senses.

Heading into downtown, we found the stone pointing downward. With only one possible solution, we headed down into the sewers to find him. It didn’t take long and we ran into Ossian. He warned us to stay away, but we still got closer. It was obvious he was a bit frightened or cautious of us. Eli told him what had happened with Mabe and that we were trying to prevent her from spreading glamour all over the world. Agnis told him that we had the option of talking Mabe down, but Ossian immediately shot that idea down. Mabe would never be talked down.

With only one other moral option, we would have to bind her. In order for Ossian to agree to such a thing, he required that in the future he would demand six days of sanctuary at a time of his choosing. Eli agreed to it and Ossian took off a piece of a braided cord and wrapped around Eli’s wrist as they shook. The cord became a tattoo on Eli’s wrist, a form of magic we could not determine but guessed it was Fae. It was likely to bind and force Eli to honor his agreement.

Ossian told us that the ritual to bind Mabe is actually very simple and similar to the Rite of Binding. We would need to create fae markings in a circle in order to create the binding area. The markings can be concealed and any size, but he didn’t recommend making it too large. There are four sets of markings with three in each set totaling 12.

A box would have to be carved with care much like we would with a fetish. Ossian’s blood would have to be placed in the box. After taking care of this, we would have to set the terms with a maximum of 1,000 years as its limit. There must be a task that she can fulfill and the magic would weaken over time.

He warned us that if she leaves the ritual before it completes, it will fail. He fooled her once by telling her that he was going to show her Gaian rites. He doesn’t believe she will be fooled again. He gave us the blood and he left us cautiously.

As we drove back to the Sept, William went to take care of his family affair. William went to his mansion in the Sept and met Max there. The press was swarming around his property. There, Max was waiting with a smoke and drink as he started speak with William.

He tried to be sympathetic to William saying that is was tragic for his father’s passing, but business would have to go on. He basically insulted William and told him that he wasn’t worthy or capable of running the company. The board would accept him taking over the company and then offering his resignation. In return, he would receive a generous package worth nearly $622 million after liquidating his father’s property and stock. He would have access to the family lawyer and any other needs.

The conversation was short. He had eight days to respond. Max then took his leave and William spoke with his lawyer, Stu Smith, about the issue. Stu recommended he wait ten days before giving a response in order to make Max sweat a bit. William agreed to sell out the entire fortune save the two houses, his current mansion and the one in New York for the Sept to have somewhere to stay on the east coast. He also mentioned that he would create a team of his choosing to assist him. William wanted Nicolaus to be part of his team in order to help out the downtrodden kinfolk.

Returning to the Sept, I asked Crafty if he would be willing to create the box for Mabe. He happily agreed and we prepared for what came next. Agnis, during this time, asked Quetzal privately if being deceptive or violent towards Mabe to stop her broke his ban. Q told her that due to enormity of the issue and potential for great suffering that using somewhat dishonorable tactics was acceptable in this situation.

After Agnis informed us that we could use just about any method to stop her, we went about looking for any advantages we could use. Miguel managed to channel Cormack, his Dark Age ancestor, and learn that the fae hate cold iron, basically pure iron. Eli continued with the idea of bargaining, but still wanted to have a forcible option. We decided to work on shackles for her. I assisted Eli as we took a few days to create nearly perfect shackles.

Eli tried to ask Ryan for any assistance he could offer, but Ryan told him that it is a challenge and therefore he could not assist him. Still, with all the information and planning we had, we decided that we were ready for the binding.

Taking Q’s moon bridge to San Francisco, we located a safe spot in the Golden Gate Park. Agnis and I went about carving the symbols discreetly while Eli spoke with Royal about any possible weaknesses in Mabe. Royal didn’t have much to offer and the mention of cold iron was not well received. It would physically hurt her, but would not be the way to go to inhibit her powers. With no other assistance from him, Eli returned to our trap.

It was time to invite Mabe out to the area. William volunteered and Eli reluctantly agreed to let him give the invitation. William arrived at the location Royal told us about. It was a lovely building, at least from what he could see.

Heading into the building, William managed to get by security, seeing Royal there in the lobby. He was shown to her room by security. Mabe was happy to see William when he arrived. He told her that we missed her and we wanted to invite her to a meeting where the pack had information she might want to know. She agreed to go as long as William ate an apple. Hesitant, but not willing to back out, William ate the apple. Upon eating it, he was show a world of glamour and power that Mabe would rule. She wanted all of us to be with her.

Although the vision ended, he was still being affected by the glamour. As he took the elevator up to her room, he could see an ogre cranking the elevator to make it go up and down. Heading into the lobby he could see Royal in his true appearance in the process. Glamour was flowing freely here due to Mabe’s presence.

Outside of the building, they called a carriage with a Red Cap Fae as a driver and headed to the park. At the park, we could see that William was being affected by her magic, but it didn’t deter us from our mission. Mabe was sad to see the world in the state that it was. Eli wanted her to stop with her goal as it could hurt and kill many people on both sides of the fence. Mabe told Eli that she would be willing to stop right now if she had a king. She wanted to marry Eli.

Eli obviously didn’t want to do this, but I quickly interjected to go ahead and do it. We would do the “Garou marriage ritual” and it would be taken care of. She wanted to have a proper Fae wedding, but we agreed to do that after she did our ritual. However, she required a witness. William grabbed the Red Cap and brought him to the ritual.

Agnis and I began doing the Rite, dancing around the area as John attempted to make up a speech on the spot. Mabe quickly caught on to the situation and tried to prevent us with illusions. She made Eli believe that he was a cockroach. John grabbed Mabe as she tried to slink away while slapping Eli. He felt it, but could not shake his vision. He finally managed to shake it as we watched on.

Mabe then tried to afflict me with a vision of a battlefield and enemies attacking me. I knew from watching Eli that this was a trick. I took the sword I was holding and managed to stab myself until I fell unconscious as I wouldn’t risk accidently attacking my friends.

John was affected next. He let go of Mabe which Eli then grabbed her. He saw a hostage situation with a man who had babies taped to him and was holding a woman hostage. He tried to disarm and beat him. In reality, he was beating the Red Cap.

Miguel got affected next with a vision of a mental hospital. He had apparently been hallucinating that he was a werewolf. Miguel went with the vision and left the hospital. In reality, Miguel was leaving the circle.

Agnis got affected next, only this time, she saw a blonde-haired girl sitting a white room with her. She told Agnis to think of love and happiness. She told Agnis that the glamour could make the world better and all she has to do is want it. Agnis resisted and told the girl that she had work to do. The girl told her that she was sorry that she felt this way and would kill her later for this.

As she said that, green light emanated off of my body along with Miguel’s, Agnis’, and John’s. I came to and immediately got up and continued the ritual. Mabe was angry and blamed William for this.

Suddenly, William found himself in an illusion. He was standing next to the moon as it smoked a cigarette. It asked him to tell it a story. William quickly made up an epic tale of the how Mabe was trying to change the world and of a deadly serpent, one that he had seen in the vision, and how our pack had to stop it.

The moon was impressed and as he completed the tale, sparks began to fly from us. Mabe’s body fell to the ground and her smoke form came from it. She started to speak of how she would get free, but she was sucked into the box before she could finish.

With the ritual done, we had passed our challenge. With only returning to the Sept and being recognized for this left, we went home. We laid down and rested for the night when Eli awoke in the middle of the night. A note was near him:


Shouldn’t be gone long. I found a spirit that knows some secrets and I found a guy that knows it personally. His name is Prescott Solomon, a Glasswalker. Saw him around Williams place looking for Daniel and told me about the Spirit. I told Q to cut me off for a while because I didn’t want him getting involved in negotiations. Prescott said the spirit wouldn’t like it much and I’ll need any edge I can get. Can you guys tell Daniel I’m with his friend and he’ll come back for him when we finish up.


PS. Sorry again about the Bane thing

Feel like a heel for almost getting

us killed over a dumb mistake.


I tried to warn Eli about how dangerous Prescott was, having seen the Sept’s vision of it, and how we needed to speak with Daniel about this. Eli blew me off and even insinuated that Daniel was in on it as well. He told me to speak with Daniel while he went to Crafty.

Crafty had nothing. He wanted to know what we were going to do. Eli wanted to go after Jonathon. I spoke with Daniel in the meantime, finally letting him in on the fact that I knew what had happened to him in Malfeas. He told me that if Jonathon was with him, then he was already dead and that Prescott would lead us into hell itself. All was doomed. For the first time, I genuinely didn’t know what to do next…

Making Baneskins and the Mabe Problem… (Game 41)

After returning from dispatching the Pride Slayers, we took a day of well needed rest. As night fell, the moot began. After taking care of the opening ceremonies, Crafty started right in with business. He announced that the Mage threat was very real. While we have negotiated a shaky truce, any more aggressive actions will be met with a declaration of war. Crafty told us that the Hand of Fionn have been noticing an increase in bane activity in the city.

Ryan then asked for the bone and he told us that while White Lion is waiting for the White Lion’s Pride pack to do their mega quest, he has taken in Roedeer and Elk. Silent Hunter has been dividing up smaller quests for the rest of the Sept.

Mackie then took the bone. Because of Ariel’s death and her importance to the Sept, kinfolk are now going to be allowed positions within the Sept. Daniel then took the bone and told us as a Sept to not get wrapped up in the politics of the area. We as a Sept will not be joining their union, but will remain neutral much like the Sept of the Raging Storm has.

Gruffy then took the bone and told us that the Irish Destroyers have been keeping up relations with the Sept of the Three Waters. We can now ask for guidance and assistance, but we will owe them something in return.

Scourge-of-the-Woods then took the bone. There have been more tourists in the area lately thanks to summer approaching. We must always remain vigilant and be cautious of them. Also, there have been reports of two packs of wild wolves running around in California and they are legally protected. We must be careful not to draw attention to ourselves.

Pasthealer then took the bone. The Vulture Walkers are doing really well. There have been some sightings of the Fang and Claw pack in the area moving around secretly. The Vulture Walkers have said they won’t allow them to stay without permission. They may cause trouble in the future.

BosWyrm then took the bone. The Hand of Fionn has accepted Short Paw into the pack as a member and she is now an official member of the Sept. Any mistreatment towards her will result in the pack leaving the sept. BosWyrm is very serious about this.

Merrick of the Truth Hunters pack then took the bone. The Truth Hunters are offering to relieve the Vulture Walkers of their bawn patrol so that they can take up some quests for the Sept.

Finally, Bjorn took the bone as Eli was predisposed taking care of Lindsey from her ordeal. The only thing we had to report was the fact that the Mages were dealing with something called a Bane Mummy. We believed that it was likely a Wyrm creature of some sorts that we might have to deal with in the future.

After this, we worked on our renown and began the after business ceremony. All of the other members of the Sept partied, but I asked Bjorn to see my son with Magnus. He agreed and I spent the night at my father’s getting to know my son better and having a real family moment for once.

The next morning, Silent Hunter approached us after I returned to the Sept. He told us in order to make a Baneskin we would need the following: a piece of cloth personal to us, and a piece of Bane after killing it. After that, we would need to summon a Mockingbird and convince it to join with the fetish.

Thankfully, finding them would not be hard as BosWyrm knew where they were. Deciding to take care of this right now, BosWyrm directed us to a restaurant near the port named Aldo’s Restaurant. We all grabbed a piece of cloth personal to us. I chose a piece of the dress that Kenith got me on our first date. It was a nice dress and I tried to make sure it was still wearable after the fact.


Heading to Aldo’s, the first thing we noticed immediately that was off was a man eating out of a dumpster. At first, we thought he was just a homeless man until we saw him eating inedible things like cans. We realized that a bane had to be at work here.

Heading into the Umbra, we saw a bane standing over where the man was. Behind him was another one just like it. It was oddly not part of him like we would normally see. Jonathon told us it was a Thinbone. They made their victims grow extremely hungry, sucking the sustenance out of them before the human could digest it, until the human wore down and died.

In the distance, Agnis could see another bane hiding behind a tree that she pointed out to us. As soon as she pointed out, the Thinbones attacked. Jonathon activated his Battle Mandala gift while we attacked the two banes. I managed to kill my Thinbone after Jonathon snared it. Bjorn managed to kill his at the same time while Agnis snuck up on the odd looking bane near the tree.

We approached the bane near the tree. It had a glowing orb in the center of his face, but no eyes. Jonathon told us it was a Scryer. It worked for a larger bane and reported back to it. We were going to attack it but Jonathon waved us off and said he could command it. We let Jonathon do his thing and suddenly he told the Scryer to summon more banes.

Shocked and agitated with Jonathon, I immediately summoned up Luna’s Armor to protect me. Four Scrags appeared before including a type of bane that I had never seen before. We wasted no time and began attacking the Scrags. As we did, the unknown bane disappeared suddenly. With no time to think about it, we continued to assault them. The Scrags used a power on us that forced on us that caused myself to frenzy and lose control for the third time in my life. The power forced Bjorn to enter the Thrall of the Wyrm unfortunately.

I dropped my weapons and viciously attacked my target while Bjorn charged Miguel. Thankfully, Miguel had abilities to disappear from sight and it redirected Bjorn to another Scrag. We kept fighting and Agnis was transformed into a Centaur like creature due to Drona. We managed to finally take them down while Bjorn and I frenzied until exhausted.

Once done, Quetzal informed us that the bane was a Phantasmi and was in the material realm. We shifted back to the material world where the bane had a body composed of trash and was shaking the dumpster around looking for something. Jonathon commanded the bane to go back to the Umbra. There, with Agnis, Quetzal managed to blast the creature and destroy it before it could attack her.

With all of our bane pieces grabbed, we looked around for what the bane was interested in at the dumpster. There, we found a tied up bag with a powdery substance that was Wyrm tainted. Looking around the area, we considered it might have come from Tomas. We had always been aware that Tomas was doing something illegal, but we turned a blind eye considering he was a participating member of the Sept.


Worried, we headed for his boat. There, we found two women apparently dead from drugs with a large collection of drugs strewn about. Looking in the boat, we found Tomas high on drugs. We asked him where he got the drugs, but he only told us that his boss Hector Hulio Iglesias. We chastised him for what he was doing. He offered us money to fix the problem, not understanding the spiritual damage he was doing. It occurred to me his drugs might be what got Lightning Claws’ kinfolk hooked. Bjorn told us to get everything cleaned up and made Miguel decide what to do with Tomas. Miguel decided to send Tomas into rehab with Wrong Moon’s money. Jonathon and I performed the Rite of Cleansing on the boat and then Bjorn reported it to the DEA as we left.


We returned to the Sept and got some rest for the night. We awoke the next morning and began the summoning for the Mockingbirds. I managed to get three very happy spirits out of the eight, but three summoned from the others were just a bit bitter, but thankfully not hostile.

I went first in bargaining with the spirit. I tried speaking with it, but it just repeated everything I said back to it. I asked Jonathon what he thought and he told me to do what comes natural. When the spirit repeated what Jonathon said, I realized what to do. I told the spirit “I’m going to get into the fetish.” When it repeated it, I held up my prepared fetish. Realizing that I wasn’t going to get angry and had tricked it, it obliged.

Jonathon went next and the spirit sounded like Kelly. It asked him if he was willing to take her (Kelly) into such a place where she could die. It was trying to convince Jonathon that if he cared about the spirit, he would not want to take her there. He managed to convince the spirit that they would be safe together. It obliged and entered the fetish.

Agnis went next. The spirit sounded like Slavis, the Spiral that had threatened Gina. It tried to taunt her into believing that it would be corrupted if it went to Malfeas. Agnis, undaunted, told it that they would see for themselves then. Realizing she had no fear of the realm, it entered the fetish.

The rest of the spirits entered the fetish with no tests but had a ban. Jonathon’s demanded to be tested against every bane they met. Bjorn’s wanted to feel the mortal wind again. Eli’s needed to be in the sun and could not be concealed. Wrong Moon’s demanded that food be spilled on it once a month and then the wearer must say oopsie, also the name of the spirit. Miguel’s demanded to listen to other people problems before telling them “twiddling” and continue it until they chase them away. Agnis’ demanded to go everywhere with her and listen in on conversations. Finally, mine demanded to always be kept close and never left behind.

With our Baneskin fetishes taken care of, Daniel called us over to see him. On his cell phone, there was a report being told about Scott LLC, Wrong Moon’s father’s company. Jerome Scott had been found dead. William had thus became the sole member of his fortune. However, the assets were frozen until William came forward and claimed the company. The last known place that Jerome had purchased was the mansion that Wrong Moon and Daniel lived in. We would have to bring this before the elders.

In the meantime before we met with them, we worked on a few gifts. Bjorn suffered probably the harshest chiminage I had ever heard of after summoning Sheeba. He was forced to go to Wolfhome and stay with Scar until the Metis released him.

After a couple of the pack learned some gifts, Mackie called us to him. Because both Agnis and I had challenged for Artho Rank at the same time, he asked whether we challenge separately or as a pack. We decided on challenging as a pack. Mackie went to get his bottle and we sat at the fire pit and discussed what the challenge would be.

It turns out a good deed had turned itself around on us. Because Mabe had been freed due to Miguel’s inaction, she was now attempting to bring magic back into the world. She is killing anyone who opposes her. The true Fae used to be here at one time, but as magic faded from the world, only the half-Fae remain, such as those brought back from the Hedge. Her being able to remain here is very dangerous. We must go speak with Royal Ascot in the Wasteland and uphold our oaths as Tuatha De Fionn.


The Wasteland wasn’t a realm of course, but a building in San Francisco. We headed there by moon bridge and met with Royal. He took us up to the office and laid it all out for us. There was no simple solution to the problem. She had the power to end us all in one fell swoop. He had tried for the whole tribe, but only managed to get us. Zanatos had heard of Mabe being captured and went looking for her at our Sept. He wanted to free her and be her king. Fortunately, that did not work out for him.

Mabe is bringing glamour back into the world and quickly throwing the balance of power out of whack. She is bringing back the old ways and normal people would see the half-Fae for what they really are. They might also see the Garou for what they are, ruining the protection of the Delirium. Her powers might even begin to affect others like us as well.

She is basically attempting to link the Hedge with the regular world. If we fail at this task, we’re doomed along with him as well. We asked how to defeat her, but Royal looked depressed when we asked. She is basically a God. Jonathon suggested imprisoning her again.

Royal told us her history that she is the warrior queen of the true fairies. She at one time took kings who had one foot in the mortal world and one in the Fae. She ruled with strict morals. She was eventually dethroned by her son Oberon. She was not concerned with this until Oberon erected the barrier removing the true Fae from the material world. Oberon then banished her so she created the Unseelie kingdom.

At around 1100 AD, she disappeared without a trace. There were some rumors about her location like Magus Mavue, an area where you left a stone and got good luck or took one and had bad luck. There was also the rumor that Osin created the box and trapped her in it with a blessing from the Fae.

Right now, Mabe is staying in the Lotus building. She is only inhabiting the body of the girl we met and is pure spirit. We would have to bind if we wanted to talk some sense into her. With nothing more to add, Royal dismissed us. We now had an epic challenge on our hands…

Some Downtime, Fae Interactions, and the Final Test of the Vulture Walkers…(Game 26)

After we had secured our kinfolk and taken in Spot, Sheeba, and the Vulture Walkers, it was time for a breather. We were all finally able to work on things we had been hoping to take care of earlier. For three weeks we did not have to worry about anything hectic.

Eli spent time decorating his fetishes and channeling his ancestor Malcolm to learn to smith. He spoke with Crafty and they both agreed that a forge for the cabin area would be a good addition. The potential to craft our own weapons would be a benefit to the Sept’s offensive capabilities. Eli tried to learn Spirit Speech from Q, but he preferred that Eli get it from a Sept spirit in order to foster good relations with them. He was taken to a Lune to learn it, but also requested to learn Luna’s Armor. The Lune argued that to be given the defensive armor he would need to ensure that he might be missed if he fell in battle or otherwise. Thus, he would have to make himself as sociable as possible for the next month.

Jonathon spent a great deal of his time wandering the Umbra with the spirits rekindling relationships he had lost over the last four years. He found out during this time that all spirits had names, but chose to withhold them as a name could give the Garou or other entities power over them. Thus, a name given by a spirit showed great respect and trust for the Garou in question.

Black bill magpie

Gina dropped off a bag from Kelly since Jonathon’s movements were restricted to the Sept by Eli. She had used the bag to hold comics, but thought Jonathon might find better use for it. He decided to use the bag to make a Magpie Swag much like Eli. The ritual took an exhaustive amount of time, but in the end, he was able to perform it successfully. He earned the trust of a magpie named Black Bill who required an occasional insect be placed in the back for a month as chiminage. The ban required him to put something of importance in the bag whenever he deemed an event important in his life.

Bjorn spent some time with Gruffy who told him as a Philodox, it was his job to administer punishment for the pack. Bjorn took this time to learn the Rite of the Jackdaw, something I could see William suffering in the future. Afterwards, he spent time with the spirits learning Spirit Speech, decorating his fetishes, and enjoying time with Gina. Magnus tried to be a big brother to him, but Bjorn wasn’t interested, and it bothered me quite a bit.

William spent a good deal of the time working with Cliff to determine if any of the land was available for sale. Apparently, the area by the lodge was state-owned and could not be purchased, but over 75% of the bawn including the Sept itself could be. It cost millions of dollars, but William began the work to push it through. When he wasn’t working with Cliff, he was being berated by Mackie for not following his auspice. He was stepping on the toes of the Ragabash in the Sept by acting the way he did and it was time for him to act how he should, lest he be forced to change auspices. Finally, William worked on a song and requested Lindsey bring him a specific type of wine while ferrying notes about. None of which he told anybody about.

Miguel spent most of his time with his mother and catching up on lost time. When he wasn’t doing this, he worked with his uncle Thomas doing things I’m sure I don’t want to know about. Afterwards, he asked Leein to help him learn some gifts and she took him to the spirits to take care of this.

Agnis worked on practicing her staff fighting with Scourge of the Woods. She tried to get more information from Drona in order to do things like when the staff flew into her hands the first time she got it, but the staff was intent on keeping secrets. She also worked with Leein on developing her own variants of the minor Rites Breath of Gaia and Greet the Sun.

I decided to begin to strengthen my body for the dark times ahead. Taking on the Vulture Walkers and Sheeba might have been ludicrous to other Septs, but in my mind it was the right thing to do. Still, with the other Septs not exactly happy with us, it would be best to do as much training, both physically and spiritually, as possible.

I spent at least an hour every day doing runs, lifting logs, and whatever else I could think of to build my strength. Much of this time was spent with Agnis, as she worked on her physical training as well. We bonded very well during this time. We shared many similarities and differences at the same time from our past.

I went to visit Ryan during the first week with Eli’s approval, who also considered my emotional well-being and Ryan’s safety tantamount. The San Francisco was severely nauseating to say the least. I could barely keep my anger in check during this time. Ryan was very sweet and well-mannered as Kenith offered to have a dinner date with each other. I decided to spend some time just with Ryan rather leave the mansion for the smog-filled city.

I did go on the date later, but I struggled to deal with the situation. The sensory overload was unbearable as I listened to Kenith talk about Ryan’s future. He had all sorts of plans for my son like the best schools and recreation money could buy. It seemed like a big show of money and I wasn’t sure if I cared much for the grooming. I thought about just getting Ryan back and raising him in the confines of the Sept, but I knew this would only cause legal problems for us. More troubling was the show of money and attitude from Kenith. This was not how I remembered him. Finally, the city became too much for me to bear and I faked an excuse about feeling ill and left.

After I returned, depressed and unsure of what to do about the situation, I went to speak with Spot and Sheeba. Sheeba, sadly, could not talk in any way shape or form including the Garou tongue. However, she was a natural at wolf language and Spot was teaching her how to read and write to communicate with the rest of the Sept. Spot herself was guarded which was worrying. She was eager to listen and hear about anyone or myself in the Sept really, but she kept any answers about herself very curt.

Before I began the training I arranged last week with Ryan, I spent some time with Magnus. We seemed to click and I felt much more at ease with him than with Kenith. I sort of felt the old Kenith was gone, but I shouldn’t have been surprised considering how much I’ve changed over the years. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had opened my bible. Still, Magnus wanted to take me out on a date once he got himself set up and I agreed to it. Personally, he didn’t need to set himself up and I would be more than happy to spend time with him regardless.

After all this, I began my second and third week in deep study with Ryan. Although Ryan moved quickly as he taught me about the importance of rituals and what it will mean for me to be Ritemaster, I picked up much of it quickly. When he wasn’t working on the study of rituals on the whole, I worked on learning the Rite of Summoning, a rite I had wanted to learn for some time to make things easier for the pack. I easily mastered in the two weeks with little trouble to the point Ryan remarked I was a natural for this.

Outside of the pack, lots of work and change progressed with others as well. Maria managed to get a job at the lodge legally as Thomas kept his word about his 36-hour runs. My father hadn’t been seen at the Sept yet as he was able to get moved quickly and established at a nearby Harris bank in Santa Cruz. Still, he hadn’t been to visit and I worried about him. I didn’t want to feel like we bossed him around, but were worried for his safety.

Lizzie worked with Cliff on getting internet set-up to all of the rooms in the lodge while Magnus got temporary work at a local shipyard. Ariel, Lindsey, and Cliff were all extremely busy, barely getting any time with the pack or the Sept. Cliff, in particular, worried me as he had been working so hard due to all the new kinfolk arriving. I think I’ll have to do something for all his work. Gina had been working on schooling and spent the most time at the Sept of the kinfolk.

Crafty had been in the caern the majority of the downtime. I overheard Ryan warning him of being careful of Mabe and her trickery. Spot and Crafty seemed to spend a great deal of time together, but would go quiet whenever anyone got near, causing some concern around the Sept. Both the Lion’s Vengeance and Irish Destroyers did bawn patrol often and the latter worked with the pack on any assistance they needed. Sheeba and Spot worked under Mackie and it was obvious he abused his position due to his bigoted viewpoint towards them. Not surprising, Spot has been confused by kindness, something Bone Gnawers likely don’t get very often.

After three weeks had passed, Leein and Ryan asked us to meet them at the Sept. They had been training spirits to specifically look for kin-fetch spirits like the one that was bound to me before my First Change. The elders had put the Vulture Walkers in charge of one of these hunter spirits, but have left some information out in case they betray the Sept. Because Ryan and the others, including William needed to take care of things, we would stand guard at the Sept for a week. Only one member of the pack can leave at a time to hunt in case we get hungry. Lastly, the Vulture Walkers left two early, and it concerned Ryan some.

We all gathered our things, including our fetishes in case of a fight, and headed to the Sept. The first day was rather uneventful. We took turns doing a little hunting, but things were strangely quiet.

On the second day, however, things took a turn for the worse. As we were guarding the Sept, the paper bird Eli carried came alive somewhat and tried to fly off. Jonathon offered to grab the bird and we let him retrieve it. However, after half a day of waiting, he hadn’t returned. We asked Q to locate him, but Q had been told by Jonathon not to mention his whereabouts.

After a full day had passed, Jonathon returned with a bloody bag. I was nervous to say the least, but let him speak. He told us we had made bad decisions in the past and he was quiet before. However, he had a duty to protect the pack. With that, he opened the bag and the heads of the Vulture Walkers pack rolled out. At the sight of this, Q said this was behavior unbecoming of our pack and departed from us. Needless to say, everyone was livid. I felt like cutting his head off for betraying both the Vulture Walkers pack and ours along with breaking our ban with Q. Agnis was particularly violatile and was disgusted with his behavior. Things looked as though violence might break out when we were suddenly awakened by Eli. The entire thing had been a dream.

The conversation that transpired next was one that I didn’t care. Eli had been having second thoughts about the entire deal with the Vulture Walkers. I felt like he was trying to justify reneging on his deal with the Vulture Walkers and was quite disgusted. He tried to explain he only wanted clarity, but I felt he wouldn’t have been interested in denying them membership if he only wanted clarity. Still, Agnis said the deal had been done and we would lose favor with Q for going back on our word.

With the Sept sending dreams to us, the rest of the week contained different dreams. One dream was horrible as the entire Sept had been destroyed and not even the caern remained. However, two days later, another dream was revealed to us of the Sept prospering and the Vulture Walkers pack full members. It was readily apparent that these were portents to possible futures depending on how we behave.

On the sixth night, Eli spotted the trees acting bizarrely. They were swaying in the direction of the cabin. Waking the rest of the pack up, he had Jonathon and I investigate the Umbra to see what we could find out. Heading into the Umbra, we discovered the fish spirits near the creek were leaping out of the water onto the trees. We tried calling out to Mabe, but got no response. Jonathon asked Tick what was going on and he mentioned someone being in the bawn that wasn’t supposed to be.

With this, Eli howled for a response, but got none. Things were getting a bit more tense as we prepared for battle. Eli sent Miguel to investigate. Miguel found the Vulture Walkers pack had returned with a young teenage boy, but they were missing one member, Jerrick. Miguel returned with the news and Eli went to meet them personally.

As Eli approached them, he could tell they were nervous. They were allowed on the bawn, but they knew better than to enter the caern. They told Eli they had returned from their mission. They were to use the kin-fetch locator to determine if they worked. The spirit led them to a bane which they destroyed. There, they found the young boy in the First Change. They calmed him down and got him out of the area before anyone noticed. Oddly, they deferred to our pack on what to do.

When asked about their missing member, they were somewhat ashamed to say they had to put Jerrick down. Jerrick had gone rogue and wanted to use the kin-fetch hunter to find more Garou and build an army to break the Nation. Anthony said this was wrong and Jerrick challenged for alpha to which they asked Tick who agreed. Worried that this could undo everything they had worked for, Chloe jumped on Jerrick and ripped him apart before the challenge could begin. She mentioned she would take full responsibility for her actions, but Anthony said he was the leader and he should be punished. Given their limited knowledge of the Litany, I didn’t really think punishment was a good idea, rather education instead.

Still, Eli returned to the caern and told them to wait there. He sent me to cleanse the boy as he had obvious Wyrm taint from being near the bane. I had him strip naked and took a stick from a tree in the Sept, I asked Gaia to remove the taint from the boy as a shook the stick and walked in a clockwise motion.

With that finished, we took the boy into the Sept sans clothes. His name was Jason Kennedy and he seemed oddly okay with what he had become as opposed to myself that took a great deal of time to come to terms with it. Jason spent the rest of the night with us.

The next evening, Crafty, Ryan, Leein, and William returned. Crafty told us that the kin-fetch hunter was a test for the Vulture Walkers to determine where their loyalties lie. However, they were not expecting them to actually find anything. Still, it was fortunate they did. Since we had been alternating hunting and resting for the week, Crafty told us to take some time off at the cabin, which we did.

After a few hours, Crafty returned with news. Jason was the son of Alyssa, Bitch of the Wyrm, obviously a Black Spiral Dancer. Since we had got to him early on, he didn’t have a tribe. He told us to come to the back of the cabin to speak privately.

With so many things going on right now, Crafty told us he was taking us off the investigation about the Sept of the Stone Sea in spite of being requested by the spirits to do so. Hopefully, the spirits won’t be too angry about it. Instead, the Sept of the Three Waters will conduct their own investigation. This disturbed me some since the investigators could be the very people who committed the act.

Aside from this, Crafty had been in communion with Lion for some time. The dreams in the Sept were from him. He wanted to show us the possibilities that might transpire based on our actions and decisions. Lion has accepted the Vulture Walkers based on their previous quests and apparent sincerity. However, Lion wishes us to give the final quest for the pack. If they pass our test, they are officially part of the Sept.

After some debate, we decided it would be best for all of our pack ask each member one question. Their answers would determine if they could join the Sept. After gathering them up at the lodge, we had them come in one at a time and answer our questions.

The questions were highly varied, although I believe the most important questions were whether they would die for a non-pack Sept member they didn’t like if it saved the Sept and whether they felt remorse for their actions in their creation. Not only did they answer the questions in a manner we liked, they managed to sway Jonathon and William to believe in them, something they had been vehemently opposed to before. After each member answered their questions, we told each of them they were in and had them sit down and drink with us.

With the Vulture Walkers now a part of the Sept, we held our monthly moot. At the moot, Crafty had Sheeba and Jason head north to find the Tree of Voices. Once they completed this, they would be members of the Sept and Fianna proper. The Vulture Walkers pack were officially inducted into the pack with Monica taking on the Garou name “Remembers-the-Departed” and Anthony taking the Garou name “Pasthealer”. Chloe maintained the same name as before, “Savage Heart”.

Crafty told us the destruction of the Sept of the Stone Sea had definitely been by Gaian Garou. The Sept of the Raging Storm, where Rage Heart was, could be a suspect, but none of the other Septs want to risk accusing them and starting another war. Leein mentioned she wanted to know when we were going to take care of the quest with the bottle. She really wanted to hear the tale of it soon.

The rest of the moot went like they normally do. There was lots of drinking, dancing, and the usual sex for the mated couples. I spent a great deal of time with Magnus, though I didn’t do anything sexual with him yet. Thankfully, my father showed up and I apologized to him for rushing him to California, but he replied it was okay. As the moot continued, Agnis noticed a light in the distance near the lodge.

Fae energy

Heading towards the light, we saw a man made of feathers with several fairies surrounding him searching the area. His name was Zanatos, an Unseelie Fae. He was doing something with the light. William foolishly stuck his paw into the light and was nearly transformed into wood if it weren’t for Bjorn pulling him out.

Eli asked why he had trespassed onto our land. He was searching for the power source, which became apparent was the paper bird that Royal Ascot had given us. He knew it was nearby and asked us if we would give it to him so he could petition Royal’s court to help the Unseelie. Eli told him we weren’t interested in getting involved with his crusade. He mentioned that he would talk with Oliver Macbeth, whom we had no idea who that was. Realizing his bluff didn’t work, he left, using his glamour to conceal himself as an ordinary man with a flashlight.

Afterwards, his colorful light reappeared, then disappeared, and finally tried to reappear again. We entered the Umbra to realize it was Mabe trying to tear through the Gauntlet. She seen us and recited a poem:

“I need to be free; Curse that has imprisoned me.

Can tell you no secrets, nor tell you lies; Challenge for my guardianship and your status will rise.

Irish legends and lore; Speak of Mabe as if she were a whore.

Married to those mortals that wished to rule; Oberon betrayed me and played me for fool.

My only crime was not standing still; while man ate their dreams and never got their fill.

I am a warrior Queen of the Fairy; tormented as prisoner never again to marry.

I need three things to be set free; guardianship will be the key

Once that is acquired, we shall move on, until that time hope will still be gone.”

After she said this, she disappeared. It was apparent Crafty was both her jailer and guardian. We were beginning to worry about the secrets he was keeping from us. Still, with new members to the Sept and the redemption of the Vulture Walkers pack, I was feeling better about our chances of survival. I knew the other Septs would condemn us for taking them in, but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. Destroying them would have only resulted in three less Garou and we were going to need all that we could find if we were to survive the coming days.


My Son, the Fae, and New Sept Members…(Game 25)

After making my questing stones, we debated on how to get to Chicago. There was a good deal of debate on how to make it there, even tossing in the idea of William’s father helping us, but ultimately, we decided to have Q moon bridge us there. It required two jumps since his range couldn’t take us all the way. I, along with Eli and Bjorn, gave Q some spiritual power as the trip would most certainly tax him and we didn’t want to abuse his power.

Our first jump took us to outside edge of a small city, but we were not spotted. The second jump got us to just near the area of the kinfolk whom I left Ryan with. We made our way to the house that looked to be somewhat ran down, but still livable. We all went up to the door and I knocked.

James Sever answered the door and he looked worn down like the house and was clearly drunk. He invited us in and gave beers to most of the pack as I asked him where my son was. He told me that CPS had taken my son away. I had to fight back the urge to give into my Rage at the sound of that. He told us his wife had died several years ago and CPS took the child away two years ago. He begged the Sept of the Second City for aid, but they just disregarded him.

At hearing the story, I couldn’t find myself being enraged anymore. I pitied him and wondered why the Sept I had come from had become so callous to one of their own. We talked it over briefly through Q about what we could do for him, but since he was a Glass Walker kinfolk, the Sept would have to let us have him. So we had to leave James. We tried to give him some money for his troubles, but he wouldn’t accept it.

I decided that the Sept would have the best chance of finding my son. I had a questing stone, but it could take us anywhere and with no idea how long it would take to find him. We headed just outside the bawn and asked Q to introduce us as not to offend anyone. Unfortunately, he returned with less than savory news of their attitude towards Q. Jonathon managed to have Tick look over the situation and she returned with information that the city was under siege by “fomor who drink blood.” It was obvious it was vampires.

There was once again nothing we could do here so I checked my questing stones. My son’s pointed west and my father’s pointed south-east. While I wanted to get to my son, the fact that my stone worked at all let me know he was alive. I decided that getting my father first would save us time since we had no idea where my son specifically was.

Traveling to his location, we found ourselves outside a Harris bank. It was several stories tall and actually decent. We entered the bank and I asked for John Rosie. When asked who would be needing him, I first gave my regular last name, but I realized this would not register to him and changed it to Caitlyn Greyweather.

Making my way up to his office along with Bjorn, I introduced myself and told him I was his daughter. He took the news surprisingly well and gave me a somewhat awkward hug. He asked me about my mother, but I could only tell her she had died, not knowing the circumstances. He was saddened to here, but wanted to know why I had come. I told him I wanted him to return to our Sept. He asked if I could give him a few weeks to get ready and I told him yes. Bjorn spoke through Q to me about taking him out to dinner tonight. I asked if he wanted to and he accepted. In the meantime, he offered to put us up in a hotel. I didn’t want to impose but he insisted so I accepted. I hugged him and we left for the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, we were checking in to our rooms when Jonathon mindspeaked to me that Tick had told him the city wasn’t safe at night. Banes were out in force and we needed to get out of here. Ignoring this for the moment, we got our rooms and discussed the situation. We figured we could handle the banes for the moment and decided to stay until I had dinner with my father.

Eli took the opportunity to ask Q to try again at the Sept. This time, he managed to get an audience with Spirit Talker, the Theurge who did my Rite of Passage. Apparently, 20 years ago, vampires were feuding with each other and the Garou. The vampires had formed an alliance with Black Spiral Dancers and the Garou of the city decided to wipe them both off the map. Now, however, the vampires are returning and the Sept has entered into a three-day moot in order to determine what best to do. After hearing the story, it was determined that we needed to get my father out as soon as possible.

I went to dinner that night at the bank’s connected restaurant. I decided to not bring the issue about leaving just yet. I wanted to get to know him for a bit. He told about how he knew he was a kinfolk, but hadn’t participated that much. I asked him about my mother. He didn’t know her very well, but did remember her being very beautiful and kind to him. The conversation went on for some time as he asked about myself as well. Finally, as things wound down, I brought the issue to him about the city’s problem. I apologized to him about the rush, but I was concerned he might get caught in the crossfire. He asked for just a week and I told him yes, but to be very careful.

I went back to the hotel that night and slept with a little unease about things. Waking up the next morning, we decided since the Sept was out of the question, we would just have to do things the hard way. We rented a car thanks to William and began traveling west. It eventually took us out of the city. We kept following the path for three days, stopping periodically to use the bathroom and hunt. Finally, we found ourselves at a large estate in San Francisco.

We stood there looking at the house for some time, but we were not sure how to approach. Eli suggested we talk with Royal Ascot to touch base with the Fae and see if they knew anything. It was a quick trip to the Stinking Rose where Washington was still serving as a bouncer of sorts. He didn’t recognize us, which wasn’t surprising, but once we asked for Royal, he led us right to the table we were at last time we were here.

Royal was happy to see us and wondered why we had never used the paper bird for our favor. He called for garlic as Eli gave him the short of what happened to us. He filled us in on how Adela was doing and how she intended to “take someone across the hedge”, a phrase I was unfamiliar with. Afterwards, she would be on her own.

After getting reacquainted, we asked about the mansion, but Royal didn’t know who it belonged to. I quietly suggested using the bird to get my son back, but this idea was shot down sadly. With Eli deciding to hold onto the bird in spite of Royal’s suggestion he could get the child back within an hour, we figured we would have to do it ourselves. We bid Royal goodbye and returned to the mansion.

At the mansion, Jonathon went to speak with the owner of the house. He was greeted by a butler who gave him the last name of the residence: Kincaid. I immediately knew who owned the house or at least the family. Making an appointment to speak with the owner about a personal matter, Jonathon gave a fake name and that we would return at 10:30 pm.

After leaving, I suggested we head to an internet café and look into the Kincaid family. It was headed by Walter Kincaid, the most prominent lawyer in the west coast. Things weren’t looking good for getting my son back I feared.

Deciding that we needed to look presentable, William offered to buy us some clothes for an upscale business. We agreed, but didn’t want to go overboard as doing too much with any forms of income from his family might lead the killers to his father.

Returning to the mansion, we debated on how to approach the situation. I figured it was just simpler to ask for him back and explain what happened to me, even if it was a lie. Knocking on the door, I was surprised to see Kenith who invited us in. He wondered what had happened to me. I lied and told him I was comatose from a car accident and had been taken care of at home by distant relatives. He asked why I came to see him, but I told him I thought he knew why as I wanted my son back.

When Kenith responded that might be tricky, I was nervous. He had his father try to locate me and came across my son. Ryan had been taken by CPS and Kenith worked hard for a year and a half to adopt him. He is well cared for and has the best education. I wanted to be a part of his life again and Kenith agreed it would be a good idea. He offered to introduce me to him over dinner some time and I agreed considering I didn’t want to scare him.

I wondered about the house and Kenith told me that he had taken over the mansion after his father’s heart attack. I didn’t know if his father was still alive, but I could only assume no. As we did talked, William decided to help himself to some of Kenith’s alcohol, but we reprimanded him. Kenith asked if I still had his business  card and personal number and I told him yes.

After this, I mindspeaked with Eli about being unsure of what to do in the situation as we couldn’t just take Ryan without causing legal issues. As we communicated, things became unusually static ridden, something that had never happened before. As we prepared to leave, Eli sternly asked if Ryan would be safer with him rather than his mother. He replied yes, and the thought was heartbreaking to me. Still, as we left, I gave him a hug and quietly whispered to him thank you for taking care of my son. Kenith broke off, headed to his bar, and grabbed some recent pictures of Ryan for me. I was happy to see how he had grown and was feeling much better at seeing him, even if only in a picture for the moment.

As we left, Bjorn told us he wasn’t human, but didn’t know exactly what he was. It was a cause for concern, but given the recent deaths of other kinfolk and my occasionally violent lifestyle, I had to come to terms with the fact that this ultimately might be better. At least until my father arrived and things settled down. Eli tried to listen in at a distance to determine if Kenith had anything to say to his butler, but heard nearby rustling and whispering by a bush.

Heading to the source of the sounds, we found Adela, the Fae we helped years ago. She didn’t recognize us at first, but with some coaxing, her memory returned. Eli had overheard her talking about getting the child. She admitted to it as she had a debt to repay us.

She wanted to take the child across the hedge at first, but she had looked into the child’s past and knew who his mother was so she decided to help get him back for us. She told us she couldn’t take the child across anyway as he had a powerful, fierce spirit, something that made me curious to hear. However, the last time she tried to get him, she nearly forgot who she was due to the house or something protecting it. She was obviously scared of Kenith’s place and it made me more curious as to what he actually was. Some of the pack suggested he might be the Mind Mage who helped me out and I considered the possibility.

As Adela appeared to be talking to someone else we could not see for a moment, we asked who she spoke to and she told us the hedge itself. She told us to go to a nearby bar and she would explain things more clearly. Heading to the bar, she told us to wait for her for a moment and offers us a drink in the meantime.

As we wait, we heard the familiar voice of Carl Kolchak. He had gotten out of prison and was still ranting about the clones. This time, however, he appeared to be more of a drunk than actual threat like before, but it was still thankful he didn’t recognize us.

Adela called us up and wanted to know where we had been for the last four years. William explained the situation in Galliard fashion while we noticed a bag hanging on the wall wiggling back and forth. Asking about it, she told us she acquired it some time ago as she opened the bag. Inside was a staff named Drona, backwards Gaelic for chaos. The staff stood upright for a moment before flying into Agnis’ hand. Adela was a bit perplexed, but happy considering this would repay her debt.

Afterwards, we talked about the hedge and Arcadia, where the Fae live by myself offering a secret about my crush on the Sept leader at Chicago. William offered up a secret about being afraid to have sex in order to learn about what happens when someone is taken over the hedge. The result was not pleasant. They are broken and destroyed spiritually until they become a Fae. It was obvious my son’s spirit wouldn’t be broken so she could not take him across the hedge.

Jonathon offered a secret about not wanting to fight for information about Mabe after Adela mentioned her. It turned out she was the Fae queen. She was ancient and very powerful, but bound to the Sept. How Crafty managed to do something like this was a worrisome to me. Still, for the next several hours she told us of her exploits, which seemed bizarre to us, but completely natural to her. I assumed this is what we might sound like to non-Garou.

After leaving Adela’s, we returned to the Sept and found a man waiting for us. It was Thomas Segundo, Miguel’s uncle. He was happy to see Miguel and had brought his mother here. We went to his boat to get her and he told us he had a job as a boat inspector. He would be gone for 36 hours each week from Tuesday to Thursday. His illegal activities were not missed upon someone even like myself. He also asked we call him the Tooth when in mixed company.

Afterwards, we returned to the Sept with Miguel’s mother who was kind, but worried about where to stay and how to make any sort of money. We figured she could stay at the lodge until more permanent arrangements could be made.

Q called on us to enter the Umbra just after this. Upon entering, he asked for a favor, the first time he had ever asked anything of us. We were to head to the edge of the bawn. There, a tortoise spirit was waiting with Q. He was the totem for the Sept of the Stone Sea. He was forcibly severed from his caern by a profane rite by Gaian Garou, something very disturbing to hear. Q wants us to look into it and determine who did it. We agreed and headed to their Sept immediately.

There, at the Wilder Ranch, we oddly found the Vulture pack piling bodies to be burned, obviously for the protection of the Veil. Upon seeing us, they immediately prepared for an attack, but we told them we weren’t here to fight. We explained that we had been asked to look into what happened here. They told us they eventually traveled to this Sept after they couldn’t find us to cleanse them. Here they were cleansed and given seven quests to complete of which they did four so far. Afterwards, they would be accepted by the Sept. However, with the Sept in ruins they felt they had been screwed again. I felt bad for them since they were actually trying to redeem themselves.

They asked that since they did not need to be cleansed, they wanted us to locate the last remaining Sept member, Spot, who would vouch for them so they could go to another Sept. We agreed to and Bjorn did the questing stone rite that led us into Santa Cruz. At the top of the clock tower, we found Spot and a metis named Sheeba. Spot believed the attack was due to their Sept taking in a Metis from two unknown members of the Sept of the Three Waters. We offered justice to her and not vengeance as neither of the Sept totems would have wanted something like that.

Still, with nowhere to go, we offered to take them to our Sept and possibly bring them in. An impromptu moot was called and we were all allowed to give our opinion. Everyone was willing to accept Spot and Sheeba into the Sept save for Mackie, which was expected given his views on mixed Septs. The Vulture Walkers were a different matter. A little over half wanted them to join and only William and Jonathon were opposed to them.

In the end, after everything was said, Sheeba and Spot would join the Sept and the Vulture Walkers would complete their last three quests and be brought before Lion to determine their worthiness. It had been a long journey, but I finally partially secured my son. I also felt better about how the Sept was growing. I now looked forward to a little downtime to work on my rituals to become Ritemaster for the pack as Bjorn had taken over Beta. I hope I can do this….