Caitlyn "Earth Mother" Whelan

Caitlyn alternate

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Nature/Demeanor: Caregiver/Visionary

Physical: Strength 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexterity 3 (3/4/5/5), Stamina 3 (5/6/6/5)

Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3 (1/0/0/0), Appearance 5 (4/0/5/5)(Alluring, Genial)

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 2

Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Empathy 2, Leadership (Inspiring) 4, Primal-Urge 2, Subterfuge 2

Skills: Animal Ken 1, Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Melee (Faith, Wyrmcrusher) 5, Metalsmithing 2, Performance (Singing) 1, Survival 2

Knowledges: Academics (Religion) 2, Computer 1, Enigmas 3, Investigation 2, Occult 1, Rituals (Mystic, Caern) 5, Technology (Smartphones) 1

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Fetish 3 (Fang Dagger), Fetish 4 (Klaive), Fetish 3 (Angel Wings Tattoo), Fetish 3(Baneskin), Resources 1, Kinfolk 3, Ancestors 2, Totem 5 (Quetzal)

Rites: Rite of Cleansing, Rite of Talisman Dedication, Rite of Heritage, Rite of Contrition, Rite of Binding, Rite of the Questing Stone, Rite of Summoning, Moot Rite, Rite of Becoming, Rite of the Fetish, Gathering for the Departed, Bone Rhythms, Breath of Gaia, Chaining the Cataclysm (Unique), Baptism of Fire, Prayer for the Prey, Greet the Sun, Descent into the Underworld

Gifts: (1) Persuasion, Mother’s Touch, Master of Fire, Spirit Speech, Sense Wyrm, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia, Razor Claws, Umbra Tether, (2) Speech of the World, Luna's Armor, (3) Exorcism, Banish Totem

Rank: 4

Rage 4, Gnosis 6, Willpower 5

Glory 4, Honor 2, Wisdom 8

Image: Caitlyn is beautiful for her age. With effort, she could easily be a model. She is slender, toned, and standing a tall 5’ 11”. She typically keeps her hair shoulder length. She tends to wear plain clothes, not showing much skin, giving her a very humble look. She has superficial scarring on her lower back from the fight with the Drowned King. Above the scarring is a tattoo gifted from her ancestors after she returned to life of two angel wings that acts as a fetish. She also now has a tattoo of drums on her right wrist from Gruffy, which she plans to turn into a fetish later.

In Crinos form, she stands a terrifying nine and a half feet tall with reddish brown fur, owing to her Irish hertiage, with white on her front. Like her Homid form, her Crinos form is lithe, but powerful. A cross can be seen in her fur just above chest representing her dedicated gold cross given to her by her foster mother. Her clothes meld into her body thanks to being dedicated.

Personality: Caitlyn exudes a sweet and kind nature, amplified by her good looks. She appears easily approachable to most people. Some might consider her weak for her habit of trying to turn enemies into allies or preferring diplomacy over violence, but don't underestimate her. Caitlyn is easily as ready to stab her fang dagger, Faith, into the heart of the Wyrm as she is to help a wayward soul.

Merits: Animal Magnetism (2 pts.) – Caitlyn’s high appearance rating and likable personality have been magnified by the First Change and humans tend to be drawn to her quite easily.

Supporter (2 pts.) – Caitlyn is a caregiver and dedicated friend thanks to her Christian upbringing. She will constantly try to assist any pack members whom she has the power to help.

History: Born on September 17, 1992, Caitlyn Whelan (pronounced ‘Whee-lan’) never knew who her real parents. Adopted from an orphanage in Chicago, her parents were devout Christians who lived on the north side of the Windy City. Her father worked as a firefighter and her mother a nurse. From early on, Caitlyn herself was a good Christian just like her parents.

Life for Caitlyn was uneventful. She lived in the north end of Chicago and thus avoided much of the criminal elements. She maintained a good relationship with her parents and attended church every week. For a while, she even sang in her church choir.

Around puberty, however, things began to change. Aside from the obvious physical changes occurring to every teenager, her developing mind began to feel strange, almost alienated from her parents. It was as though she didn’t belong with them. This caused friction between them and the normally obedient Caitlyn rebelled quite often.

It was during this time, as Caitlyn grew taller than her parents did she realize that she was adopted. The topic had never been mentioned before and the result left Caitlyn feeling even more alienated from her parents when they came clean with her. Taking to hanging out with boys, Caitlyn, in a fit of rebelliousness, ignored her Christian upbringing and at 16 had premarital sex with a boy she had become attracted to.

Naturally, this continued until the inevitable happened: pregnancy. The reveal was a sucker punch to all involved. Caitlyn was frightened, her “boyfriend” denied it, and her parents were immensely ashamed of her. Still, her parents chose to take the road of a true Christian and take care of her during this time. Shortly before her 17th birthday, Ryan Whelan was born. Then, nobody could have expected what happened next.

Maybe it was the birth of her son or the stress of taking care of him or something unknown, but a couple of months after adjusting to being a new mom, Caitlyn began experiencing terrible nightmares about monsters. One night, in the throes of a particularly nasty nightmare, she experienced her First Change. Thrashing about on her bed and screaming, her parents entered as she shifted into Crinos form. They never stood a chance and Caitlyn couldn’t control herself. She attacked them for reasons even she doesn’t understand to this day and ended their lives.

Not all was dark though. A Kin-Fetch spirit had been watching over her for some time and alerted a local pack of werewolves to the scene. They quickly contained the situation before things got out of hand. Ryan was spared the fate of his grandparents and Caitlyn was brought with her son to the Sept of the Second City.

Once she awoke the Sept leader, Daniel “Wyrmbreaker” Morris, explained what had happened to her. Caitlyn was beside herself with remorse. She asked if her son was all right and was taken to him. Caitlyn spent the next week learning everything she could about her condition and continually tried to reconcile it with her Christianity, a thing she still does to this day. Caitlyn’s Rite of Passage didn’t go the way that she expected. She assumed, after learning about the Garou and their purpose, that she would be forced to fight a Wyrm creature of sorts. Instead, however, as she was a Theurge, Daniel asked her to negotiate with a spirit to join a pack on their behalf. Caitlyn succeeded in her Rite by cleverly convincing (or perhaps more accurately tricking) the spirit into believing the Wyrm would corrupt him and that the Garou would protect him from the Wyrm. Thus, it was in the spirit’s best interest to join the pack.

Caitlyn had passed her Rite of Passage and was gifted with a Fang Dagger by Daniel who was impressed with her methodology to complete the Rite. This helped foster a hidden crush Caitlyn had on Daniel though she would never speak of this till much later. Since this time, Caitlyn spent the next couple of months studying her rituals, rites, occult knowledge, and the ins and outs of Garou society to have better fit in. She had taken strong affinity towards her fang dagger and practiced with it frequently on training dummies.

After this time passed, Caitlyn was once again forced to make a life altering decision. Daniel had told her that she would be needed elsewhere and she would be sent to another Sept. Which one she was not told, but Caitlyn realized she could not take her child. The last and most precious gift she had would have to be forsaken. She realized it would irresponsible and dangerous to bring Ryan so she gave him over to the Sept’s kinfolk who would raise him in the same manner as what had happened to her.

Now Caitlyn prepares for her journey in the hopes of serving a greater purpose. She still questions the nature of Gaia and how it relates to her God, why she killed her foster parents, and she is considering trying to find her real mother to ask why she gave her up to validate what she did to Ryan.

Caitlyn's Fang Dagger: "Faith"


Caitlyn's Klaive: "Wyrmcrusher"


Dennis and Jennifer Whelan

Dennis Jennifer

Dennis and Jennifer Whelan were Caitlyn's foster parents. They took her in from St. Vincent's Orphanage shortly after she was born. Dennis worked as a firefighter and spent a great deal of time at work due to demand from the city. Jennifer worked as a nurse for Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. The two were high school sweethearts who married shortly after their graduation from school.

These early days of marriage were the happiest, but difficult as Dennis did not have a job yet and Jennifer took up more schooling to become a nurse. Eventually, Dennis managed to get a job with the city as firefighter two years into the marriage.

Although they considered having children of their own, they decided to focus on their careers in their early 20's. They chose the notion of adoption as Jennifer felt the stress of pregnancy might endanger her life and the child's due to her exhausting career. After deciding on St. Vincent's Orphanage due to their strongly held religious beliefs, the Whelans were practically led by the orphanage into choosing Caitlyn.

Early on, Dennis and Jennifer were affectionate and loving with Caitlyn, but this became strained when Jennifer was laid off. Dennis and Jennifer began to fight constantly with Caitlyn sometimes watching in silence. Although the two fought, they continued to try to be loving with Caitlyn in spite of the bad times.

Eventually, as Caitlyn grew older and her Garou nature began to come out, she realized she was adopted. She confronted her parents, distraught and crying, about the lie.

However, Caitlyn's Garou nature forced her to begin acting out. Dennis and Jennifer were unable to curb much of her behavior due to their jobs. Eventually, she became pregnant. Caitlyn feared her parents would punish her severely, but they simply sighed and decided it was not up to them to judge her. Although Dennis was furious when the father of Caitlyn's child denied his paternity, the couple chose not to get the legal system involved. Caitlyn was crushed by the denial however. In response, her mother took her aside and gave her a bible and gold cross her Grandmother used to wear. To this day, Caitlyn still has these two items from her foster mother.

Dennis and Jennifer were even more strained by this development, but took to being grandparents with all the love of any normal family. However, Caitlyn began experiencing nightmares, and soon her First Change came about. Caitlyn transformed into her Crinos form that night and the couple were the first to feel her fury. Jennifer's last action was to pray for her daughter while Dennis tried to stop her thrashing mid-transformation. They were pronounced dead that night by the Chicago police who had been tipped off by local Glass Walkers of a serial killer in the area. The police are still looking for the killer and the Glass Walkers worked double time to keep Caitlyn safe. Because of her age, Daniel Morris, worked to emancipate her legally.

Dennis and Jennifer were buried at Rosehill Cemetery on December 12, 2009. A heartbroken Caitlyn stood on with her son Ryan as they were buried. She hasn't visited their graves since.

Caitlyn's Ancestry

Delilah Farrah Barathion - 31 B.C.

Delilah Delilah was a Roman noble betrothed to a Dacian named Dekebalos so she could join the two families and inherit more land for her side. She is also very religious with the main Pagan Gods of the era. She knows little about the Garou other than one day they will come for her to meet her destiny. Lately, she has been having odd dreams about the Sea and believes they are omens sent from the goddess Jupiter.

Delilah is trapped by floods before the Drowned King's attack and never arrives at the battle. What happened to her afterwards is unknown, but she likely married the Dacian and carried on Caitlyn's line.

Delilah's motives and beliefs run as a sharp contrast to Caitlyn's to the point they could almost be considered polar opposites.

Jamie Andraste - 169 A.D.

Jamie Jamie was Caitlyn's ancestor in Scotland. She was a Fianna Ahroun and had the strongest ties to the White Howlers. This was shown through a love affair with Larid Hunts-His-Land. She had an intense hatred of the Silver Fangs, but the reason was never revealed. She (through Caitlyn's actions) managed to save Cororuc from corruption so he could send his message to the rest of the tribe. In the end, she was forced to fight and destroy part of the Sky Shaker pack. Had she not, Larid, who was now corrupted, would have corrupted her and forced her to create Metis for the Black Spirals.

Alexander Mac Fionn - 1231 A.D.

Alexander Born with very high expectations, Alexander was the son of the current Ard Righ (High King) of the Fianna, Teague Mac Fionn. He was raised early on to be a leader, but struggled to come into his own. He earned the enmity of a powerful Silver Fang named Vladimir "Silver Blood" after denying him an arranged marriage to his kinfolk daughter. Alexander viewed this marriage as a means for the Silver Fangs to grab hold of power in the Fianna homeland.

Because of this, his father sent him to the Sept of the Three Stones with his grand klaive, Caladbolg for protection. Here he became a part of the Bear Claw pack and took on leadership. Things were boring with only bawn patrol until a Garou named Worthy came to the Sept in need of assistance. At the nudging of Cateran, Alexander volunteered his pack for the mission.

Unfortunately, things were already off to a rocky start with the foreign Fianna clashing with Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs over believing Alexander was not worthy of Caladbolg. Still, his pack continued to do what was needed of them and investigate the disappearance of people in nearby villages.

Over the course of his journey, Alexander realized the weight of leadership and respect other Garou are owed. In the end, a decision he made caused the fall of the Sept of the Red Cedar, which likely haunted him to the end of his days.

Killian Greyweather - 1937 A.D.

Killian Killian Greyweather is Caitlyn's great-grandfather who was a Fianna Ragabash from Milwuakee, WI. He had recently just had a son, Jacob Greyweather, Caitlyn's grandfather. He (through Caitlyn) assisted the last two Bunyip to safety. However, before the possession, his pack had not wanted to help, as the Bunyip weren't considered normal Garou by the European Garou. This is somewhat ironic considering Killian was the product of a Black Spiral Dancer kinfolk and Fianna Garou.

Melinda Greyweather - 2002 A.D.

Melinda Melinda Greyweather was the beautiful and talented Thurge for the Y2K pack and mother to Caitlyn. She was a prodigy and excelled at nearly everything from the spirits to combat. She died in Malfeas, trying to stop a plot from her corrupted former packmate.

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