The White Lion's Pride Pack

Eli "Lionheart" Yoder - as played by Andy Phelps

Eli Yoder is the alpha and leader of the White Lionís Pride pack. An Ahroun through and through, he rushes head first into whatever fate may lie in store for his pack and sept. However, he isnít completely confidant in his leadership skills and isnít afraid to ask another packmate about the best course of action.

Eli, early on, was solely devoted to Glory against the Wyrm. However, after taking on the position of alpha, he is less likely to risk his packís safety, and he has begun exhibiting more caution going into situations. He maintained a friendly rivalry with Luke ďRage HeartĒ Deboi until the latter vanished into the woods after entering the Thrall of the Wyrm for the second time.

Eli suffers from amnesia and remembers nothing of his past before his first change due to a ritual that was cast on him by his mother, Renee "Dreamseeker" Fathom. His true name is Logan Fathom, but he stills goes be Eli currently.

Caitlyn "Earth Mother" Whelan - as played by Chris Woodruff

Compassionate, nurturing, and loving, Caitlyn Whelan serves as a Theurge and Ritemaster for the White Lionís Pride pack. Struggling to understand her place in the world, she has become grief-ridden and lost after the death of her son and father. With her family exterminated and the rest of the Sept suffering constant losses, Caitlyn has began to question whether any of it is worth it.

Caitlyn now stands on a knife's edge, her choices and actions will determine her personality and future from here out. Does she take revenge for those who hurt her? Does she slip into Harano at the losses? Or fight on? Only time will tell.

John "Strikes-with-Fury" Whitmeyer - as played by Dustin Lytle

A tough as nails Ahroun, John is the muscle of the group. John experienced his First Change on the football field playing for his high school team. He rampaged across the field, killing indiscriminately until he was stopped by another pack. Thankfully, the Delirium took over and no one remembered the incident.

John acts as a calmer, more thoughtful Ahroun than the typical stereotype and much like Caitlyn prefers careful thought and planning before carrying out various plans the pack has to make. He has a distinguishing feature in his fur, his football team number 69. How this came to be is unknown. He is currently in a relationship with Regina Sanders, in spite of her marriage to another man.

Bjorn "Born Twice" Nordholm - as played by Michael Mims

Born Twice is quite literal in his name. He was originally a Get of Fenris before Stag told him his destiny lied with the Fianna. Since the formation of the pack, he has filled his duties as Philodox. In this regard, he is both Master of Challenge and administer of punishment for the pack. When not serving in that capacity, he is also the acting Beta for the pack. He is mated to Gina Blessing.

William "Wrong Moon" Scott - as played by Michael Lytle

Rude, arrogant, and a little bumbling, William Scott serves as the only Galliard for the White Lion's Pride pack. He's often a prankster and joker, sometimes treading into Ragabash territory, a trait that he has been scolded for by Mackie. Still, he has shown he can tell a good story when the occasion calls for it.

He killed his girlfriend during his First Change and his true father took the blame for it. Later, his mother was killed in a suspicious suicide attempted and his real father was killed trying to escape from prison. His wealthy "father" has since wanted him to take over the family business, but this never happened as his "father" was killed recently. Since then, William has decided to sell off his remaining stock and valuables and remain at the Sept.

Miguel "Killer-of-Dogs" O'Hare - as played by Mark Fewell

The lone Ragabash to the group, Miguel is a quiet young man who says very little. The pack has affectionately named him ďPress OneĒ due to his Hispanic heritage. However, he decided on "Killer-of-Dogs" after his first moot as a Fostern. Other than that, little is known of Miguel.

The pack did learn recently that Miguel is an excellent pickpocket and used his talents to steal ID cards from people to forge into new identities. He also looks up to his uncle Tomas in spite of his mother's urgings to stay away from Tomas' lifestyle.

Agnis "Stag's Daughter" O'Grady - as played by Scott "Boota" Carpenter

A Fianna Theurge searching for her destiny, Agnis O'Grady has come to call the Sept of the Sleeping Lion home. She fancies herself a samurai of the Wyld and is strongly influenced by the belief in chaos in all things. She now wields the power of the Chaos Stick known as Drona, to which she may never use another weapon. Now, she will work towards finding her place in the pack, Sept, and the world.

Jonathon "Walks With Spirits" Riley

A gifted spirit guide with almost savant-like focus and naivety, Jonathon Riley was killed by unknown Garou on August 13, 2014. During this time, his spirit merged with the spirit of a mouse he met long ago to become a Twice Born. He was resurrected when it became apparent that the pack would need his assistance heading into the darker realms. Sarah Linder resurrected him at the cost of Rage Heart's life. Now, his life is at risk again as he has unwittingly followed a Black Spiral Dancer named Prescott Solomon under false pretenses.

Pack Totem - "Q" (Quetzal)


Quetzal is the second pack totem for the White Lionís Pride pack. Initially, due to heavy numbers of Ahroun in the pack, they chose Wolverine. Wolverine was a hyper-aggressive totem which indirectly helped cause the pack to break the Veil. After Wolverine left them as punishment for their failure, the pack decided in a vote to take on Quetzal instead their other choice, Stag. Stag was not offended and told the pack they will always be his children.

Quetzal is a totem of Respect. In turn, Quetzal demands the pack act with a sense of noblesse oblige. They must act honorably and never be rude to even their enemies. However, this does not preclude the pack showing their pride as Quetzal demonstrates certain vain behaviors such as showing off his plumage. Still, those invested in Quetzal gain considerable benefits:

+1 Appearance, +1 Melee, +1 Etiquette, +2 Leadership, and +1 permanent Honor

Quetzal himself has the following stats and abilities:

Rage 10
Gnosis 10
Willpower 9

Quetzal has the Charms Airt Sense and Re-form (starting Charms)
Quetzal can speak to the pack without the benefit of the Gift Spirit Speech (1 pt.)
Quetzal can always find the pack members (1 pt.)
Quetzal is nearly always with the pack members (2 pts.)
Queztal commands great respect from other spirits (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Open Moon Bridge (1,000 miles maximum) (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Healing (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Materialize (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Blast (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Armor (2 pts.)
Quetzal has the Charm Insight (2 pts.)
Quetzal is connected mystically to all pack members (4 pts.)
Quetzal is greatly feared by minions of the Wyrm (5 pts.)

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