The Return's Timeline

First Appearance: Caitlyn Whelan, Eli Yoder, Luke Deboi, Bjorn Nordholm, Miguel O’Hare, William Scott, John Whitmeyer, Ryan O’Reilly, Crafty, Kyle O’Reilly, Walter Foss, Lindsey Carol, Cliff McDorn, Gina Blessing

First Appearance: Lisa Carter

Deaths: Black Spiral Kin and Garou on the pier

First Appearance: Smoke Paw, Quetzal, Wolverine, Stag, Irish Destroyers (Gruffy, Leein, Tania, Red Tongue, Scourge of the Woods), Mackie McGreggor

Deaths: Smoke Paw, Walter Foss

First Appearance: Jonathon Riley, Captain Amazing (Jonathon’s alternate personality), Skin Dancers

First Appearance: Mabe, Vulture Walkers pack (Anthony Caldwell, Jerrick, Savage Heart, Monica Perez)

First Appearance: Tick

First Appearance: Minotaur, The Labyrinth (Minotaur’s realm), Nicolas Carver (Samuel Haight reborn)

Death: Samuel Haight

First Appearance: Lisa Cunningham, Larry Ward, Kelly Ward, Regina Sanders, Jason Cripe, Brice Acres, Kristin Dagrossi, Brian Cripe, Ariel Huntington

First Appearance: Shebia, Finnius, Scar, Wolfhome (realm), Rusty, Rivet

First Appearance: Shannon Johnson, Lightning Claws, No-Hands-Catches-Fish, Mordecai (via video), Adela Marcela

First Appearance: Agnis O’Grady, Royal Ascot, Washington Barkley, Kenith Kincaid, Stands-With-Claw, Star Screamer

First Appearance: The Mind Mage, Arne Cook, Bruce Gilhelm, Hansen McDoogle

First Appearance: Great Tooth, Carl Kolchak

First Appearance: Lex Baritune, Tina Carter (clone), Tom Carter, Spot, Ben Heimler, Seth “Leaps First”, Tamera “Visions-In-Blood”, Jamie Lunden, Dead Man’s Hand

First Appearance: Solomon Submergens (The Drowned King)

Death: The White Lion’s Pride pack, Smoke Paw (Spirit form)

First Appearance: Aidan Farwatcher, Adja, “Howls-Like-Ghosts”, Mihason

First Appearance: Coruroc, Bone Whittler (Aidan Farwatcher), Elizabeth (Malcolm’s wife), Maugh the Axe, Conner the Blade, Dannon “Shakes-The-Sky”, Grego the Hammer, Karlson “Sleeps-With-Death”

Death: Jonathon Riley

First Appearance: Hugh Fire Starter, Worthy, Voice of Thunder, Yarls “Seer-of-the-World”, Vladimir “Meat Render”, Bites-At-Flies

First Appearance: Batuani Seven-Shadows, Running Prince, Pei Ling, Nightflit, Qorjin

Death: The Sept of the Red Cedar, Cormack

First Appearance: Vik Stryker, Lorna McNab, Dr. Stratus, Lei Sheng, Greta Cole, Warri Oldsong, Jiya

Death: The Drowned King, Kyle O’Riley (postmortem), Eagle's Nest pack

First Appearance: Lizbeth Nordholm, Magnus Nordholm

First Appearance: John Rosie, James Sever, Drona (Chaos Stick), Tomas Segundo, Maria O’Hare, Sheeba, Spirit Talker (through Q’s communication)

First Appearance: Zanatos, Jason Kennedy

Death: Jerrick

First appearance: Stained Coat, Legendary Realm

First Appearance: Blitz, Bitch of the Wyrm, Battleground (realm), The Battground Pack (Black Spiral Dancers)

First Appearance: Massacre, Nicolaus Bishop, Kirsten Fitzpatrick, Stanley Locke, Scott Grimm, Cindy Lawson, Tale Catcher, Serenity

First Appearance: The Fang and Claw pack (Lenny Jones, Michael Evans, Josh Masterson, Lloyd Rogers, David Krevitz), Ga-Ga-Baroot

Death: Jonathon "Walks-with-Spirits" Riley

First Appearance: Gretchen, Daniel "Wyrmbreaker" Morris, Slater

Death: Slater

First Appearance: The Pride Slayers (Mordecai, Vision, Vorpal, Switchback, Specs), The Ahroun, Morgan Fathom

First Appearance: Venom, Firestarter, Five Count, Spirit Seeker, Snake-in-the-Grass, Creeps-in-the-Dark

Death: The Ahroun

First Appearance: Hot Eye, Crazy Eye, Scratch, Heat Seeker, Licks the Wounds, Shadowboxer, Roadkill, Languish, Many Voices

First Appearance: Bright Vision, Jim Lee, Altair, Sokhta, Shantar, Aetherial (Realm)

First Appearance: Truth Seeker pack (Andy "Claws of Truth", William "Prey Crusher", Isaiah "Tree Splitter", Merrick "Hunts With Grace"), Roedeer, Eshtarra, Lily Fathom

First Appearance: Learns-From-Crows

Death: Lex Baritune

First Appearance: Sarah "Short Paw" Linder

Death: Luke "Rage Heart" Deboi

First Appearance: Robert Kincaid, Saqui, Curtis White, James Dickie, Silent Hunter, Tom Lance

Death: Tom Lance, James Dickie, Ariel Huntington First Appearance: Max Baker, Black Patch, Happy Feet, Sweet Tongue, Questions-the-Ways

Death: Mordecai, Specs, Vision, Switchback, Vorpal First Appearance: Banes (Scrags, Phantasmi, Thinbones, Scryer)

First Appearance: Ossian

First Appearance: Stephen Thompson, Susan Strange, Fatmoa Belalle

First Appearance: Benny

Death: Ryan Whelan, John Rosie First Appearance: River Speaks, Sees-the-Beyond, Iron Wall, Crusher-of-the-Wyrm, Left Paw, Warsong

Death: Paul the Pooka, First Appearance: Connor "Eagle" Whitmore, Mark "Firewall" Stillwall, Thomas "Boy Scout" Quinn, Nathan "Mask" Gibbons, Isabelle "Fixer" Lenor, Ryan "Genome" Murphy, Bryan "A-Bomb" Emmerich, Michael "Mr. Green" Jones, Max Shearman, Brock Rumlow, Gavin Quinn, Scratching Claws, Connor "Plan B" Wright, John "Heals-the-Land" Trent, Stephen Thompson, Renard, Prescott Solomon

Death: Brock Rumlow

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