A Metis’ Secured Future and New Ancestor Visions… (Game 36)

After resting up, we made our journey to the final Incarna, Eshtarra, avatar of Gaia herself. Bright Vision opened the door for us as before and we began a long boring walk that winded down into the Earth itself.

As we arrived in her realm, it appeared on initial glance as no different than Earth itself. However, as I looked around, I could see how lush and fertile the world looked. There were no signs of civilization here. This was the time before man. The air smelled pure and clean.

In the distance, we heard howls of warning. We prepared ourselves and Eli issued a Howl of Greeting in order to state our intentions. Four wolves, the size of horses, appeared from the trees. There were star constellations on their bodies. Eli asked them for an audience with Eshtarra and to our surprise they spoke perfect English. They knew we were Fianna and said the Song Teller would be pleased before running into the forest.

We shifted to Lupus and gave chase. Arriving at a throne, they took their place next to it. From the distance, Eshtarra arrived, naked save for a covering of vines on her. She sat down and demanded that we sing for her. Wrong Moon stepped up and did a good job while Agnis danced for her. Pleased with our performance, she wanted to know why we were here.

We told her that we sought her aid in securing a place for Crazy Eye at the Sept of the Stars and her unique child. She immediately accepted, but wanted to know why we didn’t just take her in. We told her of the turmoil in our area and how dangerous it would be for her to stay there.

She nodded as though she understood and then offered us some advice. She talked about the fallout of the Fianna and the White Howlers after the Howlers fell to the Wyrm. She suggested that healing the rifts between the tribes is the key to healing the Triat. The Weaver was out of control.

However, she told us our destinies had already been chosen and we would soon see. Things have already started that have led us to this path. As she spoke, the trees began to wrap around her. Whatever was to take place was going to happen. She then became one with the forest and left us. With her cryptic statement in our heads, we returned to the Sept of the Stars.

Giving Altair and Crazy Eye the good news, Altair agreed to let Crazy Eye stay with them. Crazy Eye then offered to let us name her child when it was born. I immediately offered up Kyle/Kylie in honor of Ryan’s fallen brother. She will call on us when the child is born. Altair then told us that our Septs are now connected and we can moon bridge to their Sept when we need to.

Returning home with our news, Crafty immediately called for a moot. There was a lot of business to discuss. We enacted all of the usual rituals and then got the breaking of the bone.

When we were away, many things took place. Hunter Hill Vineyard caught fire, likely due to our insistence to Alyssa that Gretchen had her Hive there. It would two years before it got running again.

Lindsey had her child and named it Lily Fathom after Eli’s father. Morgan had stopped by shortly after her birth but didn’t cause any trouble.

A note on a lightpost near our Sept came from Alyssa who had no encounters at the Vineyard except for a vampire that got away.

Gina graduated thanks to a lot of help from Kenith’s lawfirm. She now worked in forensics at the police department.

Cliff was doing very well. Thanks to Daniel, James got a job with the park department. He cleans up the park. He still drinks a lot, but seems to have it under control for the time being.

Crafty is still leaving the Sept a lot. Ryan and the others are beginning to worry about him. He spend a great deal of his time working with the Sept of the Three Waters trying to keep them off our back while they try to force to us to ally with them. However, so far, there has been nothing to worry about from the Sept of the Three Waters.

Ghost and BosWyrm formed their own pack called the Hand of Fionn. They will become a powerful pack of guerrilla style fighters.

However, not all was good. Nicolaus Bishop lost his Vinery job due to the fire. He has been working 60 hours a week to salvage things. My father and Daniel have been working with him constantly to help and hopefully keep him from leaving the Sept.

Cindy Lawson and Scourge-of-the-Woods are now an item. It helped Scourge who was becoming dangerously close to giving up his human side. She often brings scraps of food for Rusty and Rivet.

Kristen Fitzpatrick is in a relationship with Gruffy and works as a Roller Derby model.

With the Sept business done, we all broke off to our respective friends and lovers. I spent some quality time with Magnus, but I’m still not pregnant yet. I’m hoping nothing is wrong with me.

Later in the night, Pasthealer approached us. During the first moot when we were gone, he saw Crafty and Spot speaking. She was thanking Crafty for getting the Metis out of here. This sounded like it was meant in a good way. He then told us something far more dark. As far as they could tell, the Sept of the Angry Earth was attacked by Spirals. The attack wasn’t like the others. BosWyrm wanted to investigate, but Crafty told him no. Afterwards, Crafty began speaking with the Sept of the Three Waters on a regular basis.

Instead, Pasthealer went to the Battleground and searched it out. There, he found the Spirals timed it perfectly. They waited for the Shadow Lords to leave and then demolished the Red Talons there. However, in the distance, there was a Gaian pack, picking off stragglers. He managed to get two of the names: Vorpal and Switchback from the Gaian pack. Before the pack left, they were attacked from behind by Spirals. He only got one name of the Spirals: Defiler of the Dead. The Gaian pack managed to repel the Spirals and left with neither losing any of their numbers.

Afterwards, Pasthealer went to speak with Crafty. Crafty acted like he did not know the names. We were torn on letting him in through mindspeak, but before we could say anything, a Howl of Warning went off.

Heading in the direction, we found Scourge with a pack of Garou. They introduced themselves as the Truth Hunter pack. They wanted to join our Sept. We asked how they knew about it and they told us their pack totem, Roedeer told them to. Roedeer, as it turns out, was once a strong ally of Lion. It was related to Stag, protecting its followers and making sure they survive.

They came from the Sept of the Rising Moon, but they were no longer allied with them. Eli left to get Ryan with Pasthealer while we cleansed them to make sure Scratch didn’t get angry. Ryan headed into the Umbra after hearing about the situation from Eli. He went to speak with Roedeer personally.

The Irish Destroyers then arrived by us. Gruffy was curious about Roedeer. He told us that Ryan had been speaking with Lion a lot about Lion’s brood. Most of them are gone, but three remain: Roedeer, Elk, and White Lion.

We headed to Ryan and he told us he wanted to speak with us. Roedeer was hurt very badly by the fall of the White Howlers. Elk told Roedeer to come here. There is a big spiritual power play in action right now. He told us that he needed to go into the Umbra on a spirit quest so Leein would be the acting Master of the Rite for the time being. The Hand of Fionn would accompany him for protection. We told him about the cryptic statements that the Incarna of Luna and Gaia told us.

We then asked him about his quest, but he would not tell us. He did say the quest was about us and he would let us know when he returns. In the meantime, he told us to go speak with Lion.

Entering the heart of the Sept, White Lion was waiting for us. He was pleased to see us. He told us of how our ancestors did a great many deeds. He told us through our ancestors we were able to overcome the Drowned King. He asked us to sleep in the Sept and dream of our ancestors.

Bjorn asked about Roedeer getting a quest from Elk. White Lion told us that he gave Elk the quest. He then told us he is in our blood and that our legacy would be revealed in time. With that, he vanished and we slept in the Sept for the night. My sleep was restless that night as my vision was nightmarish. When we awoke we told each other of our visions.

Bjorn spoke of Lothar the Challenger who started out as a Silver Fang at the Sept of the Winding River. Lothar did not feel like he belonged, clashing with Septmates, and falling into a deep depression near Harano. Stag then came to him and told him of how sometimes you must question the ways of things. Stag then offered to make him a Fianna where he would belong. After passing the Rite, he went to the Sept of the Tri-Spiral. They were reluctant to have him join, but due to Lothar’s questioning and change of heart, they accepted him into the Sept.

Wrong Moon told us of his ancestor in the Colonial times, Lynn McCibbon. Lynn showed Wrong Moon the ways of the Ragabash and showed him what would happen to Lynn in the future. He would die in a bloody battle with soldiers wielding Weaver weapons. The message was clear: we must watch out for the Weaver.

Stag’s Daughter told us the story of Cateran Firebrand after the Bear Claw pack broke up. He was the first Garou in a long time in his family and as such, was told he would be a legend. In that time, he joined a Sept led by Brawn Bane Slayer. He had been called a coward for his actions in Russia and the Sept displayed less than favorable treatment of him in spite of gaining the Warder position.

Things began to transpire in the area he lived in, and Cateran recognized these odd events as the exact same things that happened in Russia before the Spirals attacked. He tried to warn the Sept of the danger, but they refused to listen to him. Although they did take him seriously about nearby Spirals, they dismissed their danger as the Sept decided to destroy them by charging into the Hive. Cateran pleaded with them to not do so, but they called him a coward and left.

With only the remaining kinfolk, Cateran rallied them into shape for what he knew would be coming. The Kinfolk would do their best to guard the material world while Cateran would enter the Umbra and protect the caern. Sure enough, the Spirals came full force. The kinfolk did their best and held the ground in the material while Cateran took a Hero’s Stand and fought himself to the death on the monument in the center of the caern. Amazingly, he held the caern. With that, he earned his legendary status.

My vision was a nightmare and something I did not expect. I found myself watching the last moments of my mother’s life. She had been kidnapped by a former packmate turned to the Wyrm. The man called himself Poison Tongue, but his former name had been Prescott Solomon. He had a plan to kill Daniel and had allied himself with a vampire.

As Daniel descended into the dark pit where my mother was, Poison Tongue taunted him. He revealed that my mother and Daniel had been lovers, something he never told me. In fact, I was shocked that Daniel had never bothered to tell me how my mother died. I had never thought to ask. After some banter, Poison Tongue had the vampire send his creation, a mockery of a Thunderwyrm, after Daniel and his pack as the Spiral shoved his Baneklaive through my mother’s back.

The battle went on for some time, but ultimately, Daniel’s pack stopped the creature at the cost of most of their lives. Daniel dueled Poison Tongue, but was nearly defeated before my mother used Faith, my fang dagger, to shear his arm off his body. Poison Tongue then did the killing blow to my mother. I could only watch in sadness as she tried to say her last words to Daniel, but died in his arms. Daniel went to attack again, but his only remaining packmate sacrificed himself so that Daniel, his packmate’s grand klaive, and my fang dagger made it out of the realm ending the vision.

With the visions laid before us, most of the pack seemed to gain some clarity about their ancestors. I felt shaken and saddened by what I had seen. I needed to make some plans now that I had returned. I think it was time to speak with my mother’s spirit for the first time…

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