A Sept’s Request and Bombshells Are Revealed… (Game 34)

We returned home that night and rested. The following morning Ryan took Agnis and I aside. He was calling in the favors for all of the Rites he had taught us. We would have to obtain a new Sept guardian. Ryan had already chose Wyvern as our spirit. I asked why he chose this and he told me that Wyverns are spirits of War and will die to defend a Sept. They won’t just warn us about something like Mabe would.

After gathering with pack, Eli had decided to return the Talen bottle to the Silver Fangs. Completing the quest might draw the ire of the Silver Fangs for something we should not have had in the first place. In the meantime, Eli wanted to speak with the Sept of the Angry Earth in the hopes of preparing them for the worst. Crafty, however, told him to hold off on this until our Sept guardian had been established and then the Sept would determine the best course of action.

As it was up to Agnis and I to obtain Wyvern’s guardianship, we set up the Rite of Summoning. I decided now was a good time to push my abilities to the max and went for an Incarna. We ensured the ritual sacrifice was there and the rest of the pack went about marking the area as I meditated. With assistance from the pack and additional spiritual energies, I made a phenomenal summoning, drawing forward a friendly Wyvern spirit named Scratch.

Deciding it was Agnis’ turn, I motioned to her for the negotiations part of the Summoning. Agnis asked for Scratch to become our guardian. He was enthusiastic about doing so, but would require an oath. We must ensure that no Wyrm creatures or objects enter the bawn. Secondly, if the Sept is under siege, we must defend it to the death. Agnis agreed that this was acceptable. Thus, Scratch was our new guardian.

Returning from the Umbra, Daniel Morris approached us. He asked us if we were in the middle of anything. Quite the contrary, we told him we were just finishing up. He wanted to speak with us about joining the Sept and getting to know him. He had already spoken with all of the other packs and we were last on the list since he knew of our importance and wanted to wait.

He first started by telling us that the fall of his former Sept was entirely his fault. He had heard of the massing of Spirals near his Sept. Vampires had also returned, after being long thought destroyed in the area. He had spoke with the elders about what to do about it. The Sept had decided on completely eradicating them once and for all.

Daniel considered joining the fight to bring his power and experience to assist the other packs and the elders agreed. Daniel had made it to one of the fighting packs and began taking on several vampires However, it was a trick. The attacks that had been happening were merely a diversion. By the time Daniel had realized it, the Spirals had already violated and destroyed the caern along with all the other Garou and kinfolk there. He made his way to James to use as a bargaining chip since the kinfolk had long been discarded from his Sept.

We asked what brought him here. He told us chance, but Bjorn’s earring was able to determine that was a lie. Still, we didn’t say anything as it would be rude. His reasons were his own. He told us that he would never again become Sept leader for his failure. He had spoken with the elders of our Sept and was given the task of bringing Nicolaus into the fold so he wouldn’t be so bitter.

Eli asked him what his views were on the kinfolk. He viewed them as tools, but still requiring a gentle touch. He still believes that they should be treated with respect and he will help them as much as possible. Those that provide for the Sept get perks, but those that don’t get nothing. It was a bit harsh, but much better than what I had heard of other Septs and their treatment of the kinfolk.

We asked him what he thought about the Skin Dancers. He hated them, but bore the Vulture Walkers pack no ill will because one you are reborn, you are reborn. Simple as that. Bjorn asked how long he had been at the Sept in Chicago. He was there for 30 years, pretty much all of his life. He led the Sept for a decade. He can bring much to the Sept. There were concerns about his Weaver influences, but Daniel reassured us that whatever he couldn’t do in the Sept would be done in the city to help preserve the balance.

Personally, he thinks that the Weaver is very useful. Still, he understands that we don’t deal with it very deeply to the point that our pack is gently made fun of for myself carrying a cell phone. Still, until the kinfolk can develop a means of communication outside of it, I stand by my belief in carrying it.

He plans on making the Sept his new home. When asked about his auspice, he answered Philodox. After we finished our conversation, we took some time out to do some drinking before Daniel left us again. Getting with Crafty, we unanimously said yes to Daniel joining the Sept. I was happy to be around him again. I don’t feel I have a crush on him anymore, but I do look up to and respect him. I told the pack I would return shortly as I created a few Breath of Gaia Talens for the pack and one to give to the Sept of the Angry Earth as a peace offering.

Bjorn cooked the rest of the sacrifice off as Crafty told us that Stands with Claw has called a meeting with the remaining Septs on what to do about the fall of the two Septs. He also notes that Daniel can stay here, but he doubts he will. Crafty is going to push for a Grand Moot. Eli wanted to contact the Sept of the Angry Earth about being prepared for war, but Crafty told him to wait until the meeting with Stands with Claw was over. I returned and gave the Talens to everyone including the extra to Eli for a meeting whenever we might get to it.

After our small party ended, Spot approached us. She began questioning us about all the weird things going on lately. Most importantly, she was curious why Crafty kept disappearing for various amounts of time. Indeed, I had become curious about why Crafty would vanish for several hours at a time. She believed our Sept was vulnerable. Many of our Sept positions weren’t filled yet. It was true. Ever since returning, we had been too busy to accept positions.

Still, Eli shot down the idea of anyone following Crafty around. It wasn’t honorable and right now we didn’t need to be creating dissension amongst our Sept with the issues at hand.

After Spot left, Ryan approached. March Lion, Master of the Rite at the Sept of the Western Eye, requested our Sept’s presence. In exchange for helping them with an issue, they would link their moonstone to ours. Their Sept was connected to over 30 other Septs including the Sept of the Tri-Spiral, the Fianna homeland. We were to go with him to complete this mission considering the Vulture pack were too inexperienced and all of the other packs were on duty.

I voiced my concerns about spreading Garou too thin while the threat of attack is still imminent. Eli went to catch up with Crafty before he went to his meeting and asked him about the Sept’s defenses. Crafty said he already had it under control after hearing about the meeting. Still, Eli chose to have Agnis, Bjorn, and Wrong Moon go to the meeting while the rest of us stayed here to guard it.

Ryan opened the moon bridge for them to go to the Sept. After about an hour or so, Bjorn called on me to come to the Sept. Doing as I was told, the rest of the pack accompanied me. Apparently, the Sept of the Western Eye was a mixed Sept of Children of Gaia and Uktena. The Uktena there worked Rites in order to keep a powerful bane known as the Cataclysm dormant. Whenever they failed at their duties, powerful earthquakes were known to happen. They wanted me to learn the Rite as only I had the necessary training. I agreed to and the rest of the pack was sworn to secrecy to never tell of this Rite. We all agreed and I underwent the training.

The training took nearly six weeks and was exhausted everyday. There was a great deal of physical activity and spiritual resolve needed for it, but I finally managed to learn the Rite. With that, Hot Eye, the Garou who initially greeted us, agreed to link our two Septs. This would allow us to finally call on some outside allies if an attack happened.

During the time there, the rest of the pack learned quite a bit about the area. It turns out that this Sept was the one Mordecai met us at. There was a low-level pack of Black Spiral Dancers nearby called the Underlings from the Horrid Hole Pit trying to make a name for themselves lately. Someone had also offered to pay the billion dollar cleanup of the irradiated section of Navy Pier. We knew who it was but said nothing of it. The Sept was mostly Lupus who stayed away from the city and the Sept itself was linked to all of the other tribe main Septs. Our pack was allowed to participate in the Wild Hunt, but was excluded from any other activities.

Returning back after a month and a half, things were still there thankfully. Mackie called us into the cabin and told us about the meeting. It lasted 97 hours. Stands with Claw asked that all Septs be united under her banner. The Sept of the Silver Fury quickly agreed to it and the Sept of the Angry Earth was a no-show again. This left just our Sept and Crafty said he would have to confer with the rest of the Sept before agreeing to something.

Stands with Claw believed that the fall of the Sept of the Raging Storm was Wyrm related. Personally, we couldn’t be sure since we had not gotten to examine that Sept in the Battlefield yet. Crafty said at the meeting it could be Gaian. The others denied this, but eventually they had to secede the point that it was at least possible. The Sept of the Stone Sea was most certainly Gaian, however. Three packs were dispatched to look into what happened at the Sept of the Raging Storm. Spot was spoken with about looking into for our Sept. There was still a strong possibility we could be attacked so all guards were on full alert.

The Moot had been held off until we returned so we would have both November’s and December’s Moot in one sitting. As Mackie left, we discussed some things amongst ourselves. I wanted to see what actually happened at the Raging Storm when it was attacked. I also noted the possibility of Prestige being in with the camp of Get that want the destruction of all the other Septs. Agnis noted trust issues with Spot. She was curious why she wasn’t there at the destruction of her own Sept.

Since asking Spot didn’t require any long distance travel, we went to look for her. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her. The Irish Destroyers, her pack, didn’t seem to know where she was either. I simultaneously hoped she did and didn’t follow Crafty as while the information would be useful, it would also cause all sorts of problems if caught.

The Moot began several hours later. Everything had been prepared as usual. The breaking of the bone took place. Crafty took the bone. He told us Daniel is now an official member of the Sept. Daniel found an opportunity for Nick. The job will provide financial stability and give some much needed alleviation to Cliff who had been stressed a lot lately. Daniel also promised to improve the Sept with Cliff.

Scourge of the Woods then took the bone. He noted that positions needed to be taken. He asked for Sept Warder, a position that had been empty since the death of Kyle. Everyone gave him approval for it. Red Tongue wished to hold Caller of the Wyld and Master of Howls. Caller of the Wyld was Jonathon’s former position and everyone agreed for him to take it.

After this, Spot took the bone. She stared ominously at Crafty and I had a feeling she knew what he was up to. She told us that we had all been deceived. Crafty knew about the attack on the Sept of the Stone Sea. Crafty then took the bone from Spot. He walked into the middle and began to lay it on us.

Crafty confirmed it. He did know about the attack and because of it, he had started to neglect his duties to Mabe which caused us to lose her. Nine Toes from the Sept of the Stone Sea sent for him. He had told Crafty that the Sept had three Metis: Crazy Eye, Tongue Twister, and Sheeba.

Crazy Eye and Tongue Twister had a relationship. Because they were Metis, the Sept knew but did not concern themselves with it until something happened. Crazy Eye became pregnant. Something that should not have been possible.

During this time, Nine Toes discovered that a camp of Garou known as the Protectors of Gaia were looking into the Sept. Inside of this camp was the Judges of Doom, a group of Shadow Lord Philodox who want to kill this impossible child. They were testing the Sept to see if they would do the right thing. Because of this, Nine Toes sent Spot and Sheeba away to avoid what was coming. The Sept of the Stone Sea and Crafty let the attack happen as Crafty rushed Crazy Eye to safety. The Sept of the Three Waters efforts to cover up the attack led Crafty to believe they have members of the Judges of Doom among them.

Now Crafty was forced to take Crazy Eye somewhere to safety. A Stargazer named Jim Lee owed Crafty a favor and he was going to call it in to take her. He asks if any other members of the Sept wish to volunteer. Everyone stepped forward. Given the circumstances and protection of the Sept needed, Crafty chose our pack for its experience. Crafty then handed the bone back to Spot, but she could not say anything and gave it to Scourge.

With that, Crafty went to get Crazy Eye while the rest of us enjoyed the fun portion of the Moot. We all sat and drank with our respective friends and mates. I took time to sit next to Magnus as I figured we wouldn’t get much time in the future. Crazy Eye came in and I sat with her, trying to make her feel at ease here.

As we enjoyed our time, Cliff’s phone rang. He answered it and promptly gave it to Eli. Alyssa was on the other end of the line. She demanded an audience with us. Annoyed, but unwilling to lose a potential source of information, we made our way to Hunter’s Point.

Hunters point meeting area

Alyssa was worried about the lack of contact lately. She wanted information in exchange for what information she had given us. Although she also seemed interested in William, something that Eli would not allow. We told her about most of Gretchen’s plans that we had stopped and Mordecai, but we left out anything about Morgan buying up Hunter’s Point in the hopes it would follow through and we could be done with her.

Alyssa wanted a personal pet to replace the spy she lost recently. She wanted one of us, but Eli wouldn’t let it happen. She was glad we didn’t attack as she had an entire pack of female Black Spirals standing by. I guessed it had to be her pack. We left, but not before Eli tried to utter Randy loud enough for them to hear. No one responded so it was obvious none of them were her.

Returning to the Sept, the Stargazer Jim Lee was there. We would have to go to the Sky Sept in the Aetherial Realm. For the rest of the night, we spent time with our mates and friends. Our mates were certainly upset about us leaving. I tried again with Magnus to get pregnant.

We awoke the next morning ready to venture off into a new realm…

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