Reflecting on Our Failure and Meeting the Enemy… (Game 4)

After we composed ourselves and quickly left the scene, we returned to the cabin. Crafty was there waiting for us, and I could only look down in shame. We had broken the Veil horribly, our only lead to the killers was gone, and Luke had disappeared. Crafty, however, didn’t even scold us. He told us mistakes happen and said we should get to know each other so these kinds of things don’t happen again Even though I felt bad for Foss’ death, Crafty told us to not feel bad either as Foss had made his choice and had to deal with the consequences of it. He told us he was setting off to fix the damage and we were to stay at the cabin.

We sat down, brokenhearted at our failure. We spent a little time trying to get to know each other and admitting what had went wrong earlier. Each of us knew what we did wrong: Eli didn’t take leadership of the situation and let everyone remain too close to Foss, Luke completely lost it, William shouldn’t have said anything to Foss, and I didn’t manage to coax the information out of him fast enough. After we did this, Wolverine appeared to us, told us we weren’t a War pack, and we did not deserve him. He left us and it was our punishment for the act.

However, Quetzal was still very interested in joining our pack. I was happy to hear the spirits would still deal with us and that Quetzal wanted to join. We once again voted, this time choosing Quetzal whose benefits were immense, but required we never be rude or ignoble to anyone, even our enemies. We apologized to Stag for not choosing him, but he told us apologies weren’t necessary as we were his children and he would always be with us.

After this, Kyle brought us a new packmate, Jonathon Riley. He was a quirky 12 year old who said he was Theurge and spirits were attracted to him. We welcomed him to the pack and William acted like a Galliard for the first time and told Jonathon, or as his Garou name “Walks with Spirits,” the events up until then.

After getting to know Jonathon a little, we set off to gather the rest of the kinfolk together for safety. We were unable to get ahold of Lindsey and we quickly made our way to her apartment. The place looked as though it had been ransacked and Eli sniffed the same smell as before from the landfill. We tracked the smell to a train yard where Lindsey was being very pushy with a group of men. She demanded to know what they had done with Foss since she hadn’t found out the truth yet.

I warned Eli this could be a trap so we went to the top of the trains and moved silently towards her when we saw several people closing in on Lindsey and the others who we knew were Garou from appearance. We chose not to intervene yet as the man Lindsey was talking to sent his friends to get their car. Once his friends left, another Garou with multicolored patchy fur leapt out of one of the trains and mauled the man talking with Lindsey.

Eli chose to have us quickly rescue Lindsey, but not get involved, as we didn’t who was on what side. Once he said that, Jonathon stood up and began acting bizarrely, pretending to be a superhero. He charged off to “protect” the Garou getting mauled. We quickly moved into action to get her and Jonathon out of there. As we closed in on them, William thought he saw Luke’s backpack he usually carried and decided to attack against orders.

William took down the Garou on the man who never had a chance to react while Eli told Miguel and “Captain Amazing,” as Jonathan declared himself, to get Lindsey out of there. I tried to get to the fight to protect William, in spite of his constant vulgar statements to me, but I couldn’t make it. Eli managed to jump over William to the other side as the two other Garou tried to escape on orders from someone near a yellow van. Two of the Garou were killed while one was left alive to confess. He told us Samson was their leader and they were Vulture Walkers of the Skin Dancer tribe, the tribe created by Samuel Haight.

I took away the skin he managed to get from the guy he killed when the other friends of the Garou who was killed returned. We quickly and diplomatically told them we were only protecting our kinfolk and our prisoner was the one who did this. The prisoner showed no remorse and the Garou who we were talking to angrily chopped his head off with a klaive. I was shocked to say the least.

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