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Chaos at the Sept and Another Totem to Redeem… (Game 49)

With Jonathon revealed to be the true enemy of the Sept, and not Prescott like we initially thought, an emergency moot was called. Having a former Septmate turn to the Wyrm is the absolute worst thing to happen to a Sept. It was obvious he knew all of our weaknesses.

The moot began as usual with all of the normal protocol. Ryan told of how we would soon have guests visiting the Sept. Due to the possible danger involved with it, the Rite of the Opened Caern would be required for anyone using the Sept, including Sept members. This was a precaution to prevent any corruption to the caern.

With that, Crafty took the bone and spoke of the danger of Jonathon. Due to his hiding and the great risk of hunting him, Crafty to us that we would not look for him, but wait for his next move. This obviously irritated some of the Sept like the Hand of the Fionn, who wanted to personally hunt him down.

Crafty also spoke of the continued consolidation of the Septs by the Sept of the Three Waters. They had attempted to get the Sept of the Raging Storm under them, but were turned away. The Three Waters Sept is now feeling threatened and because of it, Crafty is no longer a member of the Sept. In the meantime, the Irish Destroyers were working on keeping the situation calm.

Crafty then told us that he had to turn Gavin Quinn away. We couldn’t take on strange Garou at this time and had no place for him in the Sept. I was disheartened by this as he had rescued me. Still, if we wanted to dispute this, we could speak with Crafty and Scourge tomorrow.

Ryan then took the bone again. The Hand of the Fionn pack had enacted the Rite of the Loyal Pack. The Sept had recently had contact with the Sept of the Tri-Spiral. A biannual moot is happening in Ireland soon. It will be a congregation of all Fianna available to celebrate and tell stories. We are asked to attend.

Mackie took the bone and told the Sept that he would not be attending the festival in Ireland. He would also be presiding over Bjorn and Gina’s wedding.

Daniel then took the bone. He had been making arrangements for a few kinfolk that had survived the death of his former Sept. There were two Glass Walker kin and one Bone Gnawer kin. They are relocating to LA and he will visit them monthly.

Gruffy then took the bone. The Den Mother position that Tania occupies has been extended to cover the kinfolk as well. The Sept of the Three Waters has been preventing us from gaining any new kin or cubs. They are not enemies yet, but they are doing underhanded tactics to make things difficult for us. Gruffy offered condolences for me and Logan’s loss.

Heals-the-Past was next with the bone. He also offered condolences for our loss and wanted his pack to take up positions since we could not do so right now.

BosWyrm then took the bone. He offered thanks to the Vulture Walkers pack for taking on bawn patrol so that his pack could start doing quests for the Sept.

Hunts-With-Grace from the Truth Hunters pack was next to take the bone. He offered condolences to us and told us that the Sept of the Raging Storm had been struggling to maintain the area north of here due to the loss of the Sept of the Silver Fury.

Logan then took the bone. He told the Sept of the deal he made with Caern Rattler and that the totem would return to full strength in ten years and be available. He also spoke of the deal we made with Pegasus for friendship with the Black Fury tribe.

With business concluded, we began the wedding for Bjorn and Gina. Everyone spoke words of praise for the couple while Mackie officiated it. Afterwards, we all enjoyed our company and danced and drank. I spent time with Magnus in the hopes of getting pregnant.

At the end of the moot, we decided as a pack to attend the Fianna holiday.

The next day, we came across Ryan, Silent Hunter, and Learns from Crows talking. They called us over. Learns from Crows believes that it might be possible to grab Kelpie and empower it to the point of gaining Incarna status. If there’s intelligence in the spirit we find, it would be possible to assist it until it gained enough strength.

In the meantime though, Logan wanted to repay the debt we owed while traveling the Underworld. The first two, involving Tim and Sandy, we’re easily remedied with a couple of phone calls. The next two though, would take a little work.

We headed to Chicago via Moon Bridge from Sebastian. We searched out the nursing home that Katie, Marvin’s girlfriend, resided at. Agnis made contact with her and told her what Marvin told her to say over tea. After a couple of hours of conversing, Katie was happy, and Marvin could now move on.

We stayed at a local motel in Chicago as it was getting late by then. The next day, we jumped to Ohio and found the boy Ryan Stone. William spoke with him and gave him the information his mother told us, but he also inadvertently scared the child in the process. Still, the task was accomplished.

We returned to the Sept and slept for a bit in the cabin. After a short nap, we headed to the beach. Agnis took us into the Umbra and I summoned a Kelpie jaggling. The jaggling was hesitant, but didn’t come near us, staying in the ocean. Logan implored the spirit to come near and explained the mission we were tasked with.

Through a difficult conversation in Spirit Speech, we were able to determine that Kelpie was still intelligent. It had several requirements before it could be brought pack as a totem. She would need a pack to take on, nine human sacrifices, and her name must be spread everywhere. With our task partially fulfilled, we returned to the Sept.

We found it in disarray as Sept members were running everywhere. I first thought that there were Spirals on the bawn, but I was only half-right. Scourge met us there and told us to head east. We did so and the smell of balefire entered our noses as we got close. The police and the fire department were there and we could see the lodge burning. I took us into the Umbra where Crafty, Ryan, and Mackie were waiting. They told us we would have to put out the fire and cleanse both the material and umbra areas here or banes would start to gather.

The next day we returned to the area and cleansed it with our baneskins on in order to slip past the ones that had gathered there. We drove off the banes, but would have to wait until the investigation of the area was complete before doing the material version of the lodge. Sadly, we found out from the news that several people had died including Maria O’Hare, Miguel’s mother.

A little despondent, we weren’t sure what to do for the moment until Hunts-With-Grace approached us. He had captured a Skin Dancer in Santa Cruz. He said his name was Stained Coat and he knew us. We explained the situation to Hunts-With-Grace and told him we would take care of the situation. Hunts-With-Grace said he would have to tell Crafty about this which we were fine with.

We headed into town and met Stained Coat at a local motel. He told us that he had tried to contact the kinfolk he brought here, but they had changed their phone numbers. We explained about the trouble we had and we were forced to change their numbers. He told us that he had two more kinfolk for us, but these would be the last. With some of our Sept members not understanding the situation we had arranged and the consolidation of the Skin Dancers under Minotaur, he could not return. There were very few rebels left and there was even talk of the Skin Dancers uniting with the Spirals. This was most troubling news to hear. The combined two tribes could easily swallow the Gaian Nation whole if left unchecked.

The two kinfolk he had were Ted Winks and Terry Adams. Terry was a Glass Walker kin who struggled to keep jobs, had a temper, and wanted revenge after his Garou brother died. Ted was Get kin. His brother was a Garou. He was picked on by the Sept and wanted to commit a mass shooting to show them he could be tough. His brother told him he was stupid for thinking such a thing. He decided on revenge shortly afterwards.

Stained Coat gave us their location at a nearby motel. We thanked him for the kin and headed to meet them. Our initial impressions upon meeting the two were they were both capable of being saved. Terry mostly just wanted respect, but didn’t want to work hard. This was something we might be able to work on with him about contributing to a Sept in some meaningful way. Ted was wounded animal. He would need to be treated with care and kindness, but we believed that he would fit in with no problems.

We worked with them on meeting our leader and gave them our number. We would have two new kinfolk, but we would need many more at the rate we were losing members…

A Pack Totem Lost, But A Tribe Totem Recovered… (Game 48)

The pack captured a deer and Agnis and I began the Rite known as Descent Into The Underworld. It took the death of the deer and several painted symbols, but we pulled it off successfully. Upon enacting the Rite, everything shifted like entering the Umbra except it was hazy, almost like a fog. Colors were muted to the point that you could barely make them out. However, we could see the living world overlapping the land of the dead. It was certainly a disorienting experience.

We could see the shadowy figures of Sept members mulling about as we decided where to go next. As Caern Rattler was related to water, we determined that heading to the beach was the best idea. As we made our way there, the world began to look much more gloomy and dark. We could see bones floating in the ocean. In the distance, we could see a light. As it approached, we could tell that it was something of what could be best described as a pirate ship.

On board the ship there appeared to be the skeleton figure of a soldier. He welcomed us aboard and we accepted his offer. His name was Captain Marvin Douglas. He could tell that we were living by how bright our lifeforce was to him. We stood out like a sore thumb on the beach. We were lucky to be found by him as there are specters that roam the land of the dead, sucking the lifeforce out of living creatures and other wraiths.

We asked what wraiths were and he told us that they were ghosts of humans that still had unfinished business. Once their business was complete, they moved on to the next plane of existence, whatever that might be. It was fascinating to me because it made me believe once again that there was a heaven and hell for regular people. He told us that wraiths have a shadow and that indulging in too much violence or anger causes the shadow to take over and they then become specters. He was also curious about what we were and we explained our heritage and purpose here.

Marvin had picked us up because he had people on board that needed our assistance. In exchange for taking us to the middle of the Underworld, where we might get closer to our mission. However, he told us to avoid the cities as there are many specters there. In the meantime, he brought up several people that needed our assistance. We agreed to listen to their plights and see what we could do for them.

Cindy Stone was the first one. She died in a car crash and afterwards her son was shipped for foster home to foster home. He had started turning into a real brat and she didn’t want him going down a bad path. Her son’s name was Ryan Stone and all he has to do is hold onto the brooch she gave him and he’ll be fine.

Sandy Aaron was next. She had a granddaughter named Maxine that was in a deep depression. All we had to do was inform her there was a key under the floorboard in the bathroom. It would unlock something in the house she knew about that would help her.

Next, was Tim McCoon. He seemed much happier about our assistance. His wife had killed him and got away with it. He wanted us to get the murder weapon and make sure she’s gets what she deserves. She threw the murder weapon into his casket and was buried with it. His wife’s name is Karen.

Finally, Marvin told us that he needed help as well. His girlfriend and love of his life Katie Wayne had never gotten over her loss of him. They shared a joint and had sex in her parents basement the night before he was shipped off. We can tell her that to confirm that it’s really him and console her over his death.

It took a day’s journey and in that time, we learned that Marvin had won the boat from Legionaires, a faction of wraiths in the Underworld. He had beat them in a game of cards and had spent the last fifty years sailing around picking up lost souls in need of help. We finally reached our destination: Stygia. It was the home base of all dead.

Before we got off the boat, Tim approached us and gave us two coins. They were forged from other souls in the Underworld and used as currency. A ghoulish fact that disturbed. Apparently, every soul can be forged into an item and it’s permanent. A disturbing end to one’s existence.

Marvin warned us before we left to avoid the Legionaires and specters along with the Maelstroms. They are storms made of angry souls. These storms can rip apart anything especially us. We thanked him for his help and began making our way to find Caern Rattler.

We headed north for about three days journey in the nothingness of the Underworld. Hunger was setting in and we were forced to draw on our spiritual reserves to stay mobile. On the third day we can across a Maelstrom. Looking around, we found no real shelter but a nearby hill. With little time on our side, we dug into the hill and huddled together. I made a Questing Stone for Caern Rattler and Bjorn tried to call on his ancestors for help in this situation, but nothing worked.

Another day’s journey came and went as we followed the Questing Stone. Here was came across the 47 pillars called the judges of Ma’at. These were the pillars where Tutu would complete his trials to return to the physical realm. At that point, we realized that Q was no longer with us. As we stood there, a man in a cloak approached us fast. We could smell the decay and death on him. It was Caern Rattler.

We implored him to return to Lion. He told us that he was the spirit of people and times long past. He was something of an ancestor, chronicling history. However, the Drowned King managed to sever his ties to the past. He has missed out on the last six years of time.

Because of this, Caern Rattler had been severely weakened. He had to slumber this long before he could even manifest again. He must regain his lost knowledge before he is capable of rejoining any totems. It will likely take him a decade. However, once this is complete, he will rejoin Lion’s brood.

Unfortunately, because of Lion’s fall, he would need a patron in the meantime. As Lion is under Griffin at the moment, he cannot join him because Griffin only takes in animal totems. He suggests speaking with Pegasus about the matter and seeing if she will agree to take him on. He would send us from here a Sept that could help us via Moon Bridge.

In the midst of this, we individually we being assaulted with images of Q being summoned by Jonathon to Malfeas. He warned us not to come for him.

We finally arrived at the Sept of the Moon Blessing in Kentucky. Hattie Thunderwife greeted us along with her pack. Her packmate Lew told us that their Sept is one of visions and they knew that we would be coming. They would be willing to take us to Pegasus’s realm in exchange for having the males of our pack mate with their kin. Their strength in numbers was down and they needed strong blood to help the Sept. Logan agreed to it.

As we made our way to the lodging they had at their Sept, we received our final visions from Q. Jonathon was no more. He had given himself to the Black Spiral. He was doing something to Q and Q begged us not to come. His last words to us were to never forget. In spite of this issue, we decided to do what we must and deal with the issue when we returned home. The boys went to mating while I took the first opportunity in a long time to get seriously drunk. I just wanted to forget about everything for a little while.

The next day, as I nursed a hangover, we debated on what to do about Jonathon. I argued, in spite of everything he did to us, he should be placed in Erebus now that we knew there was a way to redeem Spirals. However, none of the pack agreed with save Agnis, but even she wanted to have put in Erebus for the sheer torture of it rather than any redemption. Logan finally stated that Jonathon was a dead man, but we wouldn’t look for him, instead focusing only on the mission.

Another pack greeted us and told us they would assist us in getting to Pegasus. Only women may activate the Talen we are given by them. When we do so, we will be transported to Pegasus’s realm. They highly advise that any men in the group grovel before her in order to show respect. If we are successful, the Daughters of the Moon pack will visit our Sept.

Before we headed out, Logan informed Crafty of the arrival of potential guests and the crimes that Jonathon had committed. Crafty told him they would speak of it when they returned.

I activated the Talen and we were immediately transported to somewhere in the Aetherial Realm. We then were moved into Pegasus’s realm. Here we stood before Pegasus. She asked what we needed of her. We told her that Caern Rattler needed a patron. She wanted to know what she got in return. We told her that she would gain great chiminage.

Pegasus agreed to our terms in exchange for one thing: we must pledge some level of loyalty to the Black Furies. Because of this, word would reach Minotaur, her enemy, and he would know this as well. With that agreed to, Pegasus sent us back to our Sept via Moon Bridge.

The next day, we called for an emergency moot. During this moot, we told Crafty everything we had seen. Jonathon was declared an enemy of the Sept and to kill on sight. Due to this, we pushed Daniel harder to find better jobs for the kinfolk away from the Sept.

Afterwards, we summoned Quetzal again after debate on what totem to take. We had almost always been a pack of Honor and we saw no need to change now. Our new totem was Sebastian. He was far vainer and much less fatherly than Q, but still represented us. He was far less powerful than Q, but we knew we could enhance over time. It was time to work on the next totems…