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Chaos at the Sept and Another Totem to Redeem… (Game 49)

With Jonathon revealed to be the true enemy of the Sept, and not Prescott like we initially thought, an emergency moot was called. Having a former Septmate turn to the Wyrm is the absolute worst thing to happen to a Sept. It was obvious he knew all of our weaknesses.

The moot began as usual with all of the normal protocol. Ryan told of how we would soon have guests visiting the Sept. Due to the possible danger involved with it, the Rite of the Opened Caern would be required for anyone using the Sept, including Sept members. This was a precaution to prevent any corruption to the caern.

With that, Crafty took the bone and spoke of the danger of Jonathon. Due to his hiding and the great risk of hunting him, Crafty to us that we would not look for him, but wait for his next move. This obviously irritated some of the Sept like the Hand of the Fionn, who wanted to personally hunt him down.

Crafty also spoke of the continued consolidation of the Septs by the Sept of the Three Waters. They had attempted to get the Sept of the Raging Storm under them, but were turned away. The Three Waters Sept is now feeling threatened and because of it, Crafty is no longer a member of the Sept. In the meantime, the Irish Destroyers were working on keeping the situation calm.

Crafty then told us that he had to turn Gavin Quinn away. We couldn’t take on strange Garou at this time and had no place for him in the Sept. I was disheartened by this as he had rescued me. Still, if we wanted to dispute this, we could speak with Crafty and Scourge tomorrow.

Ryan then took the bone again. The Hand of the Fionn pack had enacted the Rite of the Loyal Pack. The Sept had recently had contact with the Sept of the Tri-Spiral. A biannual moot is happening in Ireland soon. It will be a congregation of all Fianna available to celebrate and tell stories. We are asked to attend.

Mackie took the bone and told the Sept that he would not be attending the festival in Ireland. He would also be presiding over Bjorn and Gina’s wedding.

Daniel then took the bone. He had been making arrangements for a few kinfolk that had survived the death of his former Sept. There were two Glass Walker kin and one Bone Gnawer kin. They are relocating to LA and he will visit them monthly.

Gruffy then took the bone. The Den Mother position that Tania occupies has been extended to cover the kinfolk as well. The Sept of the Three Waters has been preventing us from gaining any new kin or cubs. They are not enemies yet, but they are doing underhanded tactics to make things difficult for us. Gruffy offered condolences for me and Logan’s loss.

Heals-the-Past was next with the bone. He also offered condolences for our loss and wanted his pack to take up positions since we could not do so right now.

BosWyrm then took the bone. He offered thanks to the Vulture Walkers pack for taking on bawn patrol so that his pack could start doing quests for the Sept.

Hunts-With-Grace from the Truth Hunters pack was next to take the bone. He offered condolences to us and told us that the Sept of the Raging Storm had been struggling to maintain the area north of here due to the loss of the Sept of the Silver Fury.

Logan then took the bone. He told the Sept of the deal he made with Caern Rattler and that the totem would return to full strength in ten years and be available. He also spoke of the deal we made with Pegasus for friendship with the Black Fury tribe.

With business concluded, we began the wedding for Bjorn and Gina. Everyone spoke words of praise for the couple while Mackie officiated it. Afterwards, we all enjoyed our company and danced and drank. I spent time with Magnus in the hopes of getting pregnant.

At the end of the moot, we decided as a pack to attend the Fianna holiday.

The next day, we came across Ryan, Silent Hunter, and Learns from Crows talking. They called us over. Learns from Crows believes that it might be possible to grab Kelpie and empower it to the point of gaining Incarna status. If there’s intelligence in the spirit we find, it would be possible to assist it until it gained enough strength.

In the meantime though, Logan wanted to repay the debt we owed while traveling the Underworld. The first two, involving Tim and Sandy, we’re easily remedied with a couple of phone calls. The next two though, would take a little work.

We headed to Chicago via Moon Bridge from Sebastian. We searched out the nursing home that Katie, Marvin’s girlfriend, resided at. Agnis made contact with her and told her what Marvin told her to say over tea. After a couple of hours of conversing, Katie was happy, and Marvin could now move on.

We stayed at a local motel in Chicago as it was getting late by then. The next day, we jumped to Ohio and found the boy Ryan Stone. William spoke with him and gave him the information his mother told us, but he also inadvertently scared the child in the process. Still, the task was accomplished.

We returned to the Sept and slept for a bit in the cabin. After a short nap, we headed to the beach. Agnis took us into the Umbra and I summoned a Kelpie jaggling. The jaggling was hesitant, but didn’t come near us, staying in the ocean. Logan implored the spirit to come near and explained the mission we were tasked with.

Through a difficult conversation in Spirit Speech, we were able to determine that Kelpie was still intelligent. It had several requirements before it could be brought pack as a totem. She would need a pack to take on, nine human sacrifices, and her name must be spread everywhere. With our task partially fulfilled, we returned to the Sept.

We found it in disarray as Sept members were running everywhere. I first thought that there were Spirals on the bawn, but I was only half-right. Scourge met us there and told us to head east. We did so and the smell of balefire entered our noses as we got close. The police and the fire department were there and we could see the lodge burning. I took us into the Umbra where Crafty, Ryan, and Mackie were waiting. They told us we would have to put out the fire and cleanse both the material and umbra areas here or banes would start to gather.

The next day we returned to the area and cleansed it with our baneskins on in order to slip past the ones that had gathered there. We drove off the banes, but would have to wait until the investigation of the area was complete before doing the material version of the lodge. Sadly, we found out from the news that several people had died including Maria O’Hare, Miguel’s mother.

A little despondent, we weren’t sure what to do for the moment until Hunts-With-Grace approached us. He had captured a Skin Dancer in Santa Cruz. He said his name was Stained Coat and he knew us. We explained the situation to Hunts-With-Grace and told him we would take care of the situation. Hunts-With-Grace said he would have to tell Crafty about this which we were fine with.

We headed into town and met Stained Coat at a local motel. He told us that he had tried to contact the kinfolk he brought here, but they had changed their phone numbers. We explained about the trouble we had and we were forced to change their numbers. He told us that he had two more kinfolk for us, but these would be the last. With some of our Sept members not understanding the situation we had arranged and the consolidation of the Skin Dancers under Minotaur, he could not return. There were very few rebels left and there was even talk of the Skin Dancers uniting with the Spirals. This was most troubling news to hear. The combined two tribes could easily swallow the Gaian Nation whole if left unchecked.

The two kinfolk he had were Ted Winks and Terry Adams. Terry was a Glass Walker kin who struggled to keep jobs, had a temper, and wanted revenge after his Garou brother died. Ted was Get kin. His brother was a Garou. He was picked on by the Sept and wanted to commit a mass shooting to show them he could be tough. His brother told him he was stupid for thinking such a thing. He decided on revenge shortly afterwards.

Stained Coat gave us their location at a nearby motel. We thanked him for the kin and headed to meet them. Our initial impressions upon meeting the two were they were both capable of being saved. Terry mostly just wanted respect, but didn’t want to work hard. This was something we might be able to work on with him about contributing to a Sept in some meaningful way. Ted was wounded animal. He would need to be treated with care and kindness, but we believed that he would fit in with no problems.

We worked with them on meeting our leader and gave them our number. We would have two new kinfolk, but we would need many more at the rate we were losing members…

A Somber Sad Affair… (Game 47)

I found myself struggling to run in Lupus form back to the Sept with the strange Garou named Gavin who helped me. Given our states after the capture, Gavin managed to hotwire a nearby car in a parking lot and we got on the road much faster than our damaged bodies could handle.

Along the way, he attempted to get to know me. I was apprehensive at first, but when he told me that he had a mission to come to my Sept from Roedeer, I opened up a bit more. I told him about our Sept and our mission. I know I shouldn’t have, but I could tell he wasn’t lying and I knew to trust the spirits.

[At the Sept…]

The Sept was in high alert. With the assault on the kinfolk and the potential for his daughter to be alive, Logan still wanted to head out to New York and find her. However, things took a major hitch when, after asking for some time alone from Q, Caitlyn had been kidnapped. Scourge-of-the-Woods put the entire Sept on lockdown till something could be done about the kinfolk and Caitlyn could be located. Attempts at finding her through a Questing Stone failed and Prescott Solomon seemed the obvious agent given his ability to render the Questing Stone worthless.

As the week went on, Logan worked with Daniel to get the remaining kinfolk relocated, new phones, new names, and new jobs to shield them from further attack. During those three days, William attempted to contact Caitlyn through Dreamspeak and Q, but to no avail.

Silent Hunter approached Logan with the idea that Caern Rattler might be in the Underworld. Given that Caern Rattler was tasked with collecting all knowledge and memories, his “death” would likely be an appropriate reason for his disappearance. There were several other signs he noticed like Caern Rattler being linked to water and the pack’s “death” at the hands of the Drowned King.

[Back to Caitlyn…]

After three days of non-stop torture and sleep deprevation, I was glad to be at the edge of the bawn. Gavin stopped near the edge of the road and we walked towards the Sept as I called for Q. Bjorn and Agnis met us at the bawn and we hugged and greeted each other happily. Of course, there were many questions as to what had happened, but I needed rest first. Gavin agreed to answer some of the questions and tell them about himself if they were willing to let him in.

With that, Bjorn asked Logan about it who seemed interested and agreed. I made my way back to the cabin and cleaned up and rested, already broken and exhausted from the last two weeks.

Gavin had a lot to say to the pack. He was once a Black Spiral Dancer who had been redeemed through the Near Realm of Erebus. He once belonged to the Sept of the Tri-Spiral before they found out his heritage that Bron Mac Fionn had been hiding from them. While he was still allowed to stay, Gavin decided it would be better to not press his luck.

Wandering for some time, he was approached by Roedeer. The spirit gave him a mission to come to the Sept of the Sleeping Lion and offer his knowledge of Malfeas and be a guide once we entered. However, to prove his worthiness of this mission, Gavin was required to not travel by car, with the exception of getting across the ocean to America. Here, he would travel from Sept to Sept, helping the ones he could. It would take him nearly six years, but he had now made it.

Logan seemed interested in having him join, but he would leave the decision up the elders. Gavin asked though that he not mention his dark past to his elders lest he jepordize his chances.

Although we were all back together, Logan wanted revenge on Prescott for his actions to the Sept. It would likely be a suicide mission if he did so. He spoke to Crafty about the situation and Crafty told him that going for Prescott would be too dangerous of an idea. Instead, looking into Caern Rattler was a better idea. Logan still wanted to look into Lily’s whereabouts, but agreed to Crafty’s idea. He would go as soon as I was well-rested.

During this time, Logan called his father. Morgan hadn’t found anything out about Lily yet and was going to extreme lengths to do so. Logan told him to stop and instead start going after Prescott. This would be the best idea that he could muster to deal with the issue. Morgan agreed to it and they hung up.

Also, William, Bjorn, and Agnis got together on an idea for solving two birds with one stone. Both William and Agnis had trouble having sex with anyone due to past incidents. William accidently killed his girlfriend and Agnis was nearly raped. This caused much fear in them and the risk that any sex they have might cause them to enter Crinos form and frenzy. With Logan’s approval, they decided they would plan it out and do it when they had the time.

Afterwards, Gruffy called Bjorn over to speak with him privately. He wanted to know what Bjorn was doing about mates. Because of our higher rank, once most became Artho, they didn’t take mates after that. Bjorn hadn’t given it too much consideration. He really hadn’t even signed off on Magnus and I. Still, he would look into it.

Gruffy then gave Bjorn the bad news. Lily is likely dead. Apparently, Lindsey found out when body parts that the Sept was fairly sure were Lily’s, were mailed to her. Lindsey is teetering on the brink and is now possibly suicidal. Bjorn looked distressed, but called Logan over and told her about the situation.

Logan told Bjorn that he would have to smell the body parts to determine if it was her. He also took the moment to apologize to Q for sending Morgan after his daughter. It was wrong of him and in the moment he felt driven by vengeance. Q, of course, accepted saying that we were all his children and that we must not fall to revenge for it is the way of the Wyrm.

We headed to Gina’s where Lindsey currently was. Logan told Lindsey that she would be spending some time with us at the cabin for the time being until she felt better. I even took the moment, although painful to myself, to express my sympathy after losing Ryan. Agnis took the moment to create an aura of peace for Lindsey that helped quite a bit.

We brought Lindsey back to the cabin and I went to see Magnus. I spent some time alone with him and told him I wanted another child. I had wanted one for a while, but now more than ever.

After spending some time with Magnus, Logan had me summon the kin-fetch spirit for Lily that I had placed on her earlier. Unfortunately, there was no link and it all but confirmed her death.

Later that night, we had a Gathering for the Departed for Ryan and Lily, even though they were not Garou. Everyone spoke their words of comfort and sympathy and we ended it with adding stones next to Kyle and Rage Heart.

I was still upset over the events going on so I took Logan with me to speak with Daniel. If Prescott was behind these attacks, we needed to know anything more we could about him. Daniel, however, was uncooperative. He was very somber and I could tell that just thinking about the events disturbed him. I tried to get him to talk about his klaive and the prophecy attached to it in the hopes that it would inspire the Sept to keep pushing forward. Unfortunately, Daniel just told that it should be kept between us. I wanted some form of hope or even belief, but Daniel just told me that I’m all he has left.

Afterwards, Logan went to Gavin who was still on the bawn to ask about any names he might have heard that were close to Prescott. If we could not track him, maybe we could track someone close to him. Gavin told us Michelle Kwon was her name, a secretary not to Prescott, but to the FBI team leader “Eagle”. It worked and pointed north.

The next day, I didn’t see Gavin anywhere so I was a bit saddened that he wouldn’t be joining us at the Sept. We had formally decided to go after Caern Rattler. In the meantime, Tania One-Boon would take up a formal position as Kinfolk Tracker. She would ensure the kinfolk were properly monitored. It was now time to enter the land of the dead…

All Hell Breaks Loose… (Game 44)

We spent our first night in Egypt, Eli and William looked for a hotel to stay for the night. In the meantime, the rest of us went looking for the Silent Strider Sept nearby. After looking for a few hours, we realized that we were being followed. We tried to play it cool and get a glance at the person following us. Bjorn managed to get a look at them and they were all dressed in black, but he couldn’t get much more from it.

We tried to duck into an alley and see if the person following us would pass by. It was a woman and we managed to get behind her and start following it. Bjorn could tell that she was a Garou. She managed to duck into a nearby shop and we followed. Looking around, John was approached by the woman. She knew that we were Garou as well. She told us to head to their Sept or leave. Bjorn used his gift to decipher languages and spoke to her in Egyptian, telling her that we are looking for the Silent Striders.

Bjorn went on to tell her that we were attempting to kill the Bane Mummy known as Tutu. We need any help that they can provide us. She didn’t know what a Bane Mummy was so we explained it to her. She has a packmate that can teach us the Rite Descent into the Underworld so we could get to Tutu after he reforms. She will have to speak with her people to determine whether they will help us. She introduced herself as Miha Moon Shadow of the Long Strides pack of the Mahat Sept. It is a Sept based on honor, law, and justice.

She was willing to take us there, but she would have to clear it with her Sept leader first. She asked us to come with her because it was not safe. There were leeches in the city. Bjorn had me go outside and contact Eli and William through Q to come to the Sept. We followed her and headed out of town.

Here we arrived at their Sept. It was something like a bazaar with various shops in the bawn. We were to head to booth number 12. A kinfolk was running the booth and we told him that we were there to see the leader of the Sept. He requested that we place all Weaver items in a storage box in order to keep the caern pure. The only item we had was my cell phone and readily handed it over. He gave us some fruit as hospitality and we waited for Moon Shadow to return.

She returned to the booth shortly with Somar Foot on Path. He took us to a private area where we could speak more openly. He is the Pharaoh or leader of the Sept of Mahat. He wanted to know what we needed. Eli explained the situation to him. Somar told us that they don’t deal with mummies. Although they were the dominant Sept in the area, they could not spare any manpower. However, he did say that he could offer training if need be. I gave him my healing talen in exchange for training the Rite we would need. Agnis also gave a talen for training.

In the meantime, the rest of the pack would try to learn as much information about the area, the Garou here, and any history that they could in order to prepare for the confrontation with Tutu. It was going to take several weeks for Agnis and me to learn the Rite so the pack learned everything they could. They learned that the mummies required a test in order to return and that we would have to perform such tests in order to get close enough to stop Tutu.

Once we entered the Underworld, we would see ghosts. I was terrified at the notion of running into my foster parents after I killed them during my First Change. When you go deeper, there is great death and decay here. There are dead cities there and beyond that you run into the pillars of time. The dead cannot pass, but we could because we were still alive. This is where Tutu undertakes his tests in order to return to life.

The Sept had attempted to do rites to determine where the mummies undergo there tests, but all have failed. There are usually three tests, but there can be as many as seven. When he arrives, we can cancel his tests. We might even have to do battle with his spirit.

After the grueling training for three weeks, Agnis and I were ready for our descent. Eli spoke with Somar and he agreed to set up a moon bridge for us if we ever wanted to return. We left the Sept and I went to get my phone. There were eight messages left for me.

Message one was from Lindsey. I could tell she was upset and she told me in the message to not mention it to Eli as he would want to return to the Sept to fix things. She wouldn’t even tell me what had been happening. She just wanted us to know that the Sept was working on it and she loved Eli.

The second message was from Gina’s phone. It was Crafty. He told us not to worry and that things were being taken care of. He told us that he had two packs working on it and the kids would be returned shortly. I shuddered as I heard it.

The third message was from Fatmoa. He had friends at his place and they were working on something now. He wasn’t sure that it would help but they were still going to try.

The fourth message was from Cliff. He just wanted to keep in touch with us. The kids were somewhere out by Illinois and the Irish Destroyers were going after them. I felt myself begin to shake.

The fifth message came from Lindsey. She needed Logan to call her immediately.

The sixth message came from Gina’s phone again. It was Crafty. All of the kinfolk are at the Sept. They were in trouble. He needed us back as soon as possible.

The seventh and eighth messages were panicked and wanted to know where we were.

Realizing things were going bad, I had Eli call Crafty to figure out what had happened. Eli’s conversation was not pleasant to say the least. My father was attacked. He was stapled to the floor, raped repeatedly, and left to die of dehydration.

Lindsey was also raped, but not killed. Lily had been taken by her attackers and Crafty was not sure exactly where she was.

Whoever attacked him, kidnapped my son and dropped him off near the Sept of the Silver Fury. Black Spiral Dancers then chased the child onto their bawn. The Sept took him in and didn’t know about the avatar. It activated, destroying the caern, and killing my son. The survivors of the Sept went to the Sept of the Three Waters and are still trying to figure it out.

Because of this, the Sept of the Three Waters wants to merge with us. They would effectively take over our Sept and run both. Crafty once again stonewalled them. Prestige said that the Sept of the Silver Fury could be revived, but it would take a massive effort.

Eli then hung up with Crafty and called his father. He told him to find Lily and kill everything that crosses his path. We then headed to Fatmoa as I nervously worried about what was happening in the Sept. Fatmoa gave us some herbs that when burnt, would lead us right to where Tutu reforms. However, it will only work once. Eli sadly told him that something is really wrong at our home and we would have to postpone the mission, but we would contact him when the time is right.

Eli then took us to the desert and had Bjorn give me the terrible truth. I fell to my knees. I knew in my heart already what had happened without even being told but I wanted to deny it. I sobbed hard, feeling my world give way. Sadly, Miguel was obligated to uphold the ban of his baneskin and mocked me repeatedly until Bjorn was forced to get him away from me. Bjorn comforted me, but it was only temporary. I felt I would never be the same.

We returned that night demoralized. Everything we had worked for in the last month had been for nothing. Eli informed Crafty about Prescott and how it was very likely it was him along with possibility of Jonathon if he fell to the Wyrm. Stands-with-Claw and Prestige still want a merger with our Sept becoming a patrol point for the Three Waters, but Crafty was against it.

Daniel went with the Hand of Fionn to New York on a solid lead. He went three days ago and they were expecting him any moment. Eli went to speak with Lindsey alone. He took back to the cabin and he could see that she was emotionally flat, in a state of shock.

She described the attackers to Eli. It was clearly the Birthday Massacre pack, along with two others that she could not make out. Eli guessed silently that it was likely Prescott and Jonathon. When asked why she wasn’t dead, Lindsey told Eli that Massacre came to her. She gave her some blood and it healed her. However, Lindsey told Eli that if she did anything to her that she would never to speak to him again.

Eli then told Bjorn to speak with Gina. In the meantime, I walked the bawn with Agnis trying to deal with all of my emotions. Gina took Bjorn to my father’s place. She worked to cover things up for the sake of the Garou Nation. However, Gina did not know how they got in. Bjorn left Gina for a second and headed into the Umbra. He found spirit tracks and guessed that they had to have used a scryer bane.

At that point my phone rang. It was Cliff. Apparently, Maria spoke with Cliff that Tomas had escaped rehab. He was getting ready to be questioned by the DEA when he ran. I spoke to Bjorn through Q to get Maria. Bjorn and Gina headed off to the restaurant where Maria worked to find her in mid-conversation with a DEA agent named Hank Schrader. He was interrogating her and she was giving him a lot of leading information before Bjorn cut him off. Bjorn never gave him his name and took Maria from there.

Bjorn then informed Eli of the situation. He told Bjorn to move Maria and have Cliff deny everything to help keep things covered up.

A few hours passed and I still could not get my emotions situated. I wanted to see my son and father’s body.

Suddenly, we got word that there was a commotion going on in the center of Santa Cruz. There was someone in the bell tower where we found Spot and Sheeba shouting to everyone. Heading downtown, we could see that it was Tomas.

Agnis attempted to take care of the situation and talk with Tomas. She headed into the Umbra and headed up the clock tower. The pattern spiders were swarming there so she took extra precaution to not disturb them. At the top of the clock tower, she reentered the material world and spoke with Tomas.

Agnis could tell that Tomas was still high on drugs. He told her about how he was once married with a wife and child on the way. After she was hit by a car, things just went south from there. He knew that he had screwed up badly. He asked Agnis how he should kill himself, but she just left the choice up to him. As Tomas went to jump from the tower, everything went dark. Once power resumed, Tomas was nowhere to be found. Agnis managed to go through the Umbra and return to us. We made a Questing Stone for him and it pointed towards the harbor.

Making our way there, we found Tomas speaking with someone. They told him that if he ever returned they would kill him. They gave him some money and clothes in a duffel bag and sent him away on a boat. Bjorn was able to determine that it was a vampire.

We followed him for a while before I got impatient and called out to him. I wanted to know what he was doing with Tomas. He told us that he owed a favor to Massacre. He was going to see Massacre tomorrow at 10 pm. Eli arranged a meeting for us at a local McDonald’s.

The next night, we headed to the McDonald’s at spoke with Massacre. She unfortunately didn’t see anything during this time, but she tries to check in on our kinfolk whenever she can. She told the other vampire we met named Benny that they were off limits for drinking. She also hadn’t seen Jonathon lately. We exchanged phone numbers and parted ways on good terms, Eli satisfied that Massacre was looking out for our best interests.

I considered going into the Underworld to speak with my father as believed he would be there, but decided not to. Eli asked Q if he still felt any connection to Jonathon and Q told him no. We debated on tracking the Birthday Massacre pack. I made a Questing Stone for Slavis and Agnis made one for Lily. Both of them pointed east.

Eli asked Crafty what we should do and he told us that he would accept whatever decision we wanted to do. Eli did suggest a position in the Sept for keeping track on kinfolk, an idea that was well-received. Ultimately, we decided to go after them.

I don’t know what to do now. I’ve felt empty and sad for these last few days. I don’t know if I can go on much longer.

The Death of the White Lion’s Pride pack… (Game 16)

The day after the attack, we were all anxious. After tending to Cliff, he refused to stay at the cabin. He told us it would be best for him to stay in the public eye as much as possible. Since there was no Litany breaches in the attack, Cliff was able to convince local newspapers and authorities that a camper brought in a tank of propane to their room and smoked too closely to it. The resulting explosion caused the disaster. It was a flimsy excuse, but would do fine.

Another day passed and the Moot was planned for tomorrow. In spite of the hardships though, the kinfolk took the time to enjoy the cabin.

The day of the Moot came and Cliff dropped us off some items like bottled water and food to a drop point so we could pick them up undetected from all the workers who were undoubtedly beginning to fix the lodge. As he dropped off the goods, Cliff wasn’t certain about whether he should come to the Moot, but Eli insisted that he do.

We all prepared for the Moot that night. Ryan, Crafty, and Mackie gathered all of things for the Moot while Kyle hunted for the deer we traditionally gave to Lion. At 8:00 pm that night, we heard the howl of Crafty for everyone to gather. We all came to the Caern and began howling in unison until Crafty stopped. The fire was already going and Kyle brought forth the deer.

With that, Ryan called out to Lion. We must feed Lion as he feeds us. We donated our spiritual energy and I donated most of mine to the Caern. Kyle then gutted the deer and began the breaking of the bone. He asked if anyone had any Sept business to discuss which Crafty spoke up.

The time had come as the Sept grew for us to take on new responsibilities. There were many Sept positions open and they needed to be filled. He bestowed the position of Caller of the Wyld to Jonathon. The position entailed summoning Lion to the Moot and maintaining good relations with other spirits in the area.

He bestowed the title of Keeper to William. The Keeper works under Mackie to help keep the Sept clean and healthy. Crafty then offered the position of Talesinger. William volunteered for this position. The Talesinger was to relate the tales of deeds and failures in the Sept. I figured it would certainly be William’s kind of position being a Galliard and all.

Master of the Howl was up next for volunteers and John took up the role. The Master of the Howl was to summon all of the Garou to the Moot and end the Moot. John also took on the role of Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper was the guardian of the pathstone for the Sept, which allowed Moon Bridges to arrive. He was to defend against forced intrusions to the Sept through Attack Moon Bridges.

The position of Den Mother or Father was offered up next and most of the pack agreed it should be me. I accepted, but the position was mostly ceremonial at this point since the Den Mother was supposed to watch over the cubs and help guide them through their Rite of Passage. Right now, that was only left Agnis, but I was more than willing to take the position.

Finally, the position of Master of the Challenge came up for grabs and everyone pretty much agreed it should be Bjorn. The Master of the Challenge was to oversee any challenges and make sure they were fair. No one objected to any of these positions.

Crafty then asked if anyone wanted the bone. We all took turns holding the bone and telling stories about our deeds in the past month. Bjorn speaks of the Dream of Death and how we followed it through. Eli tells of the Weaver threat and framing Carl Kolchak to prevent his death. I told of our journey into Wolfhome to get in touch with our wolf nature and work more effectively as a pack. John mentions saving me from the Chimare. William talks about the Dead Man’s Hand attack. Finally, Bjorn also mentions maintaining good relations with all of our kinfolk.

Mackie then makes our renown permanent and we allow the kinfolk to come as Kyle plays guitar again. The kinfolk have brought food and drink and we sit down to tell stories like last time. Cliff says he feels great being here with all of us, but he sadly has no tale to tell. Still, the park is doing great in spite of the attack although there is a possibility of a government shutdown in future and it could hurt things a little.

Gina also mentions her life is great and she would be willing to drop out of school to take up a Sept position. Lindsey also echoes this statement, wanting to take up a pack position herself since her uncle is a great Garou.

Ariel then tells a story of a mosquito trying to bite a bald man and him trying to kill it in response. Mackie then spins a similar tale about a fly and a bald man trying to kill it only to hit himself in turn. Both of the stories were about vengeance and the cost of it.

Ryan then told a story of an ant who fell into a stream. A dove seen this and rescued him. As they got to the edge of the stream, a hunter took aim at the dove and the ant bit him in the foot causing the hunter to miss. The message of the story was little friends may prove to be great friends.

Then, out of nowhere, John began to tell a story. However, it wasn’t his voice telling the story. He didn’t even seem aware that he was doing it. He told us the Tale of the Shaking Sea. It was about the Drowned King and the sacrifice it took to banish him from our world by our ancestors. After the lengthy tale had been told and we informed John of what had transpired, Kyle wanted to send the kinfolk back, but Mackie stopped him. He had heard this tale before and this may be why Lion had called us to the Sept. We had past lives and needed to resolve this before proceeding any further.

Crafty decides to have the kinfolk sent home and we escort them, but not Eli who Crafty calls over to him. As we walk back to the cabin, Cliff noticed the water had become black again. We were inadvertently tainting the water thanks to our connection to the Drowned King.

Crafty took Eli aside and told him we were no good to the Sept while the Drowned King connection existed. He would have to lead our pack to its destiny. He recommended we spend time with the kin before we take care of this.

As we returned to the cabin, Gina was scared and asked Bjorn what was going to happen. Bjorn mentioned the vision and our destiny. Ariel wanted to know about this and Bjorn told him it was similar to her visions. He tells her we must leave in order to protect them. Eli returned to us and told Lindsey to keep the other girls strong because she has done this longer. He then recommends we spend any time with the kin and learn any gifts or rites necessary

John then calls Regina on my phone and makes an excuse about having to leave for Oklahoma to take care of his sick Uncle and Aunt. Regina believes he is breaking up with her before John corrects her and tells he will beat up anyone dating her. She likes the response and offers to spend the night with him. He tells her to come to the forest and take a moonlight walk with him. The walk is short-lived and the pair have sex for most of the night.

William, Miguel, and myself return to the cabin that night. I chose to read my bible and think about my son. William sort of tried speaking to Ariel, but wasn’t very practiced at it. Bjorn went off with Gina to have sex that night, but it was obvious she was very scared of what might happen. Eli and Lindsey spent the night having sex, but she was stoic about the whole ordeal and believed we would be coming back.

We slept that night, but a nightmare interrupted our sleep. We found ourselves at Natural Bridges State Park again. This time a black mass came from the sea. It was like an oil spill that began to bubble up. Black tendrils suddenly shot out of it and touched the beachgoers. The people were killed instantly and no one can escape. We could only stand on and look in horror. We then awoke to salt water in our mouths like before, but this time even our kinfolk suffered.

The next morning, Eli went to ask Crafty if we had time to train before the battle, but Crafty just told him it was his choice to lead the pack. Bjorn asked if everyone had the same dream, which we all confirm. Eli wants to train and prepare for the battle, but Bjorn suggests we go now because the vision shows it happening around noon. Eli suggests we will go and check it out, but if nothing is there, we train. Regina leaves shortly after John wakes up and a small tremor strikes the Sept. While these things are common to California, I find them terrifying considering they don’t happen in Chicago.

Everyone gathers as we leave for the beach. Ariel is off to the side of the group and a little sad. Gina, however, is very sad to the point of tears. We all give hugs to the kinfolk and proceed on our way to the beach. Along the way, Eli tries to raise the morale of the group as another tremor strikes.

As we reach the beach, a much stronger quake hits. We’re knocked to the ground from the force, nearly injuring ourselves. We could see the water table had receded tremendously and knew a tsunami would be coming soon. We quickly ran to the natural bridge, looking for any humans, and shifted to Crinos to prepare for the devastation by digging our claws into the rock and interlinking our arms.

After five minutes, the wave finally comes crashing in. It is over 25 feet tall and the blast nearly knocks us off the rock. The water around us has gone black and in the distance, we could see a whirlpool form, 10 feet in diameter. The black water around us began to swirl and we begin looking for tendrils like the vision.

At the main whirlpool, a massive hand comes up, followed by the enormous Drowned King itself. We all channeled our ancestors and I chose to help my skills with fang dagger as I felt a familiarity to the ancestor spirit inside me.

The Drowned King looked on at us as we waited for it to attack. Then, it called forth miniaturized versions of itself to attack us. They charged towards the rock at blazing fast speed. I asked Quetzal to help us and he materialized in agreement. The tiny Kings attempted to blast us, but we dodged the attack, soaking any remaining injuries. We all leapt forward off the rock towards them and attacked.

It took several attempts, but we managed to kill the tiny Kings. However, the Drowned King had begun closing in on us. As I swam towards him, he attempted to blast me but I got out of the way of most of it. I then closed in to attack with John just behind me. Both of us attack, damaging the King slightly, but he summons a massive whirlpool around him that knocks most of the pack unconscious or severely injured.

William is swallowed by the Drowned King while John sees Gina, Lindsey, and Ariel arriving by car on the beach. We try to continue on, but another blast of the whirlpool forces me to channel Rage to cling to my life. Quetzal heals me, but in the process Miguel is killed by the Drowned King. We try to keep fighting, but the end comes for all of us.

We find ourselves becoming spirits and we can see ancestor spirits on top of the Drowned King fighting him. Then, everything turns gray and then into darkness. We find ourselves falling into an abyss and cannot speak to each other.

As we fall into the abyss, a light appears at the bottom. We pass through the light and then find ourselves falling through a storm into an ocean. We then fall through a hole in the ocean into a well. I could feel my body again as we feel deeper into the stone pit. I tried to grab onto the edge of the wall, but I only managed to slow my fall and hurt my claws.

I blinked and suddenly we were at the bottom of the well as it curved into a path. We got our bearings and began traveling down the path. After a brief walk, we met Smoke Paw. He looked disoriented and stares at the wall. Upon him seeing us, he asks us what we are doing here. We ask the same of him and he replied he was looking a gold ring on a stick.

We tell him about the fight with the Drowned King and how we died. We try telling him about the Skin Dancers and his death, but it only seems to aggravate him. Strange spikes appear above his eyebrows when this happens. I Sense Wyrm on him and he stinks of it. I try to communicate through Quetzal to Eli, but our connection has been severed. Our totem is no longer with us.

Bjorn tries to tell Smoke Paw he’s dead again and the strange changes happen to him again as he gets angry. A brief fight breaks out with Smoke Paw, but as we do, a fissure opens in the wall. From the wall, a creature made of metal and glass with two bodies fused at the back tries to attack us. We manage to slay it and I deliver the killing blow. Once it dies, it shatters and inside is the item Smoke Paw had been looking for.

After he grabs the ring, he realizes he is dead and his memories are returned to him. He had been trapped here and the creature that attacked us was trying to turn him into a Bane just like it. It partially succeeded and he is now a Bane, but with all of his former self intact. I try to do the Rite of Cleansing on him with the stick, but it has no effect.

A debate broke out about what we do with Smoke Paw. Bjorn wanted to have him destroyed as he is now an Agent of the Wyrm, but I said no, as we had no idea where we even were. We could have become Banes for all I knew. The decision was split, but ultimately Eli decided to let Smoke Paw remain as he said he would guard the entrance where we arrived.

We traveled from Smoke Paw for what seemed like hours. The tunnel around us became moist and the ground like wet sod. We could see footprints leading in front of us as we walked. It took a little thinking, but we realized it was prophetic. We were to head in the direction of them.

We followed them into what looked like a crystal cavern with plants. We continued walking until we came across the mostly dissolved form of a Crinos female.

“So far, so good. We’ll make the distance,” she said to us. “The next step is really a step, no matter how it seems.”

Eli asked her where we are.

“You’re almost there, not much further.”

We got ready to leave, but not before Bjorn asked if I would heal her. I tried to, but she objected. She was following a vision quest for a relative of hers named Juan. It’s too late for her now and she dissolved into a green mist after telling us this.

We continued, and the path became stone. At the end we could see what looked like outer space and a drop-off of the path. Beneath us, the Earth and the Moon spun wildly getting closer to us. Bjorn took the first step like the Garou told us and evaporated. I and the rest of us shortly followed, moving on to our next destination.