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All Hell Breaks Loose… (Game 44)

We spent our first night in Egypt, Eli and William looked for a hotel to stay for the night. In the meantime, the rest of us went looking for the Silent Strider Sept nearby. After looking for a few hours, we realized that we were being followed. We tried to play it cool and get a glance at the person following us. Bjorn managed to get a look at them and they were all dressed in black, but he couldn’t get much more from it.

We tried to duck into an alley and see if the person following us would pass by. It was a woman and we managed to get behind her and start following it. Bjorn could tell that she was a Garou. She managed to duck into a nearby shop and we followed. Looking around, John was approached by the woman. She knew that we were Garou as well. She told us to head to their Sept or leave. Bjorn used his gift to decipher languages and spoke to her in Egyptian, telling her that we are looking for the Silent Striders.

Bjorn went on to tell her that we were attempting to kill the Bane Mummy known as Tutu. We need any help that they can provide us. She didn’t know what a Bane Mummy was so we explained it to her. She has a packmate that can teach us the Rite Descent into the Underworld so we could get to Tutu after he reforms. She will have to speak with her people to determine whether they will help us. She introduced herself as Miha Moon Shadow of the Long Strides pack of the Mahat Sept. It is a Sept based on honor, law, and justice.

She was willing to take us there, but she would have to clear it with her Sept leader first. She asked us to come with her because it was not safe. There were leeches in the city. Bjorn had me go outside and contact Eli and William through Q to come to the Sept. We followed her and headed out of town.

Here we arrived at their Sept. It was something like a bazaar with various shops in the bawn. We were to head to booth number 12. A kinfolk was running the booth and we told him that we were there to see the leader of the Sept. He requested that we place all Weaver items in a storage box in order to keep the caern pure. The only item we had was my cell phone and readily handed it over. He gave us some fruit as hospitality and we waited for Moon Shadow to return.

She returned to the booth shortly with Somar Foot on Path. He took us to a private area where we could speak more openly. He is the Pharaoh or leader of the Sept of Mahat. He wanted to know what we needed. Eli explained the situation to him. Somar told us that they don’t deal with mummies. Although they were the dominant Sept in the area, they could not spare any manpower. However, he did say that he could offer training if need be. I gave him my healing talen in exchange for training the Rite we would need. Agnis also gave a talen for training.

In the meantime, the rest of the pack would try to learn as much information about the area, the Garou here, and any history that they could in order to prepare for the confrontation with Tutu. It was going to take several weeks for Agnis and me to learn the Rite so the pack learned everything they could. They learned that the mummies required a test in order to return and that we would have to perform such tests in order to get close enough to stop Tutu.

Once we entered the Underworld, we would see ghosts. I was terrified at the notion of running into my foster parents after I killed them during my First Change. When you go deeper, there is great death and decay here. There are dead cities there and beyond that you run into the pillars of time. The dead cannot pass, but we could because we were still alive. This is where Tutu undertakes his tests in order to return to life.

The Sept had attempted to do rites to determine where the mummies undergo there tests, but all have failed. There are usually three tests, but there can be as many as seven. When he arrives, we can cancel his tests. We might even have to do battle with his spirit.

After the grueling training for three weeks, Agnis and I were ready for our descent. Eli spoke with Somar and he agreed to set up a moon bridge for us if we ever wanted to return. We left the Sept and I went to get my phone. There were eight messages left for me.

Message one was from Lindsey. I could tell she was upset and she told me in the message to not mention it to Eli as he would want to return to the Sept to fix things. She wouldn’t even tell me what had been happening. She just wanted us to know that the Sept was working on it and she loved Eli.

The second message was from Gina’s phone. It was Crafty. He told us not to worry and that things were being taken care of. He told us that he had two packs working on it and the kids would be returned shortly. I shuddered as I heard it.

The third message was from Fatmoa. He had friends at his place and they were working on something now. He wasn’t sure that it would help but they were still going to try.

The fourth message was from Cliff. He just wanted to keep in touch with us. The kids were somewhere out by Illinois and the Irish Destroyers were going after them. I felt myself begin to shake.

The fifth message came from Lindsey. She needed Logan to call her immediately.

The sixth message came from Gina’s phone again. It was Crafty. All of the kinfolk are at the Sept. They were in trouble. He needed us back as soon as possible.

The seventh and eighth messages were panicked and wanted to know where we were.

Realizing things were going bad, I had Eli call Crafty to figure out what had happened. Eli’s conversation was not pleasant to say the least. My father was attacked. He was stapled to the floor, raped repeatedly, and left to die of dehydration.

Lindsey was also raped, but not killed. Lily had been taken by her attackers and Crafty was not sure exactly where she was.

Whoever attacked him, kidnapped my son and dropped him off near the Sept of the Silver Fury. Black Spiral Dancers then chased the child onto their bawn. The Sept took him in and didn’t know about the avatar. It activated, destroying the caern, and killing my son. The survivors of the Sept went to the Sept of the Three Waters and are still trying to figure it out.

Because of this, the Sept of the Three Waters wants to merge with us. They would effectively take over our Sept and run both. Crafty once again stonewalled them. Prestige said that the Sept of the Silver Fury could be revived, but it would take a massive effort.

Eli then hung up with Crafty and called his father. He told him to find Lily and kill everything that crosses his path. We then headed to Fatmoa as I nervously worried about what was happening in the Sept. Fatmoa gave us some herbs that when burnt, would lead us right to where Tutu reforms. However, it will only work once. Eli sadly told him that something is really wrong at our home and we would have to postpone the mission, but we would contact him when the time is right.

Eli then took us to the desert and had Bjorn give me the terrible truth. I fell to my knees. I knew in my heart already what had happened without even being told but I wanted to deny it. I sobbed hard, feeling my world give way. Sadly, Miguel was obligated to uphold the ban of his baneskin and mocked me repeatedly until Bjorn was forced to get him away from me. Bjorn comforted me, but it was only temporary. I felt I would never be the same.

We returned that night demoralized. Everything we had worked for in the last month had been for nothing. Eli informed Crafty about Prescott and how it was very likely it was him along with possibility of Jonathon if he fell to the Wyrm. Stands-with-Claw and Prestige still want a merger with our Sept becoming a patrol point for the Three Waters, but Crafty was against it.

Daniel went with the Hand of Fionn to New York on a solid lead. He went three days ago and they were expecting him any moment. Eli went to speak with Lindsey alone. He took back to the cabin and he could see that she was emotionally flat, in a state of shock.

She described the attackers to Eli. It was clearly the Birthday Massacre pack, along with two others that she could not make out. Eli guessed silently that it was likely Prescott and Jonathon. When asked why she wasn’t dead, Lindsey told Eli that Massacre came to her. She gave her some blood and it healed her. However, Lindsey told Eli that if she did anything to her that she would never to speak to him again.

Eli then told Bjorn to speak with Gina. In the meantime, I walked the bawn with Agnis trying to deal with all of my emotions. Gina took Bjorn to my father’s place. She worked to cover things up for the sake of the Garou Nation. However, Gina did not know how they got in. Bjorn left Gina for a second and headed into the Umbra. He found spirit tracks and guessed that they had to have used a scryer bane.

At that point my phone rang. It was Cliff. Apparently, Maria spoke with Cliff that Tomas had escaped rehab. He was getting ready to be questioned by the DEA when he ran. I spoke to Bjorn through Q to get Maria. Bjorn and Gina headed off to the restaurant where Maria worked to find her in mid-conversation with a DEA agent named Hank Schrader. He was interrogating her and she was giving him a lot of leading information before Bjorn cut him off. Bjorn never gave him his name and took Maria from there.

Bjorn then informed Eli of the situation. He told Bjorn to move Maria and have Cliff deny everything to help keep things covered up.

A few hours passed and I still could not get my emotions situated. I wanted to see my son and father’s body.

Suddenly, we got word that there was a commotion going on in the center of Santa Cruz. There was someone in the bell tower where we found Spot and Sheeba shouting to everyone. Heading downtown, we could see that it was Tomas.

Agnis attempted to take care of the situation and talk with Tomas. She headed into the Umbra and headed up the clock tower. The pattern spiders were swarming there so she took extra precaution to not disturb them. At the top of the clock tower, she reentered the material world and spoke with Tomas.

Agnis could tell that Tomas was still high on drugs. He told her about how he was once married with a wife and child on the way. After she was hit by a car, things just went south from there. He knew that he had screwed up badly. He asked Agnis how he should kill himself, but she just left the choice up to him. As Tomas went to jump from the tower, everything went dark. Once power resumed, Tomas was nowhere to be found. Agnis managed to go through the Umbra and return to us. We made a Questing Stone for him and it pointed towards the harbor.

Making our way there, we found Tomas speaking with someone. They told him that if he ever returned they would kill him. They gave him some money and clothes in a duffel bag and sent him away on a boat. Bjorn was able to determine that it was a vampire.

We followed him for a while before I got impatient and called out to him. I wanted to know what he was doing with Tomas. He told us that he owed a favor to Massacre. He was going to see Massacre tomorrow at 10 pm. Eli arranged a meeting for us at a local McDonald’s.

The next night, we headed to the McDonald’s at spoke with Massacre. She unfortunately didn’t see anything during this time, but she tries to check in on our kinfolk whenever she can. She told the other vampire we met named Benny that they were off limits for drinking. She also hadn’t seen Jonathon lately. We exchanged phone numbers and parted ways on good terms, Eli satisfied that Massacre was looking out for our best interests.

I considered going into the Underworld to speak with my father as believed he would be there, but decided not to. Eli asked Q if he still felt any connection to Jonathon and Q told him no. We debated on tracking the Birthday Massacre pack. I made a Questing Stone for Slavis and Agnis made one for Lily. Both of them pointed east.

Eli asked Crafty what we should do and he told us that he would accept whatever decision we wanted to do. Eli did suggest a position in the Sept for keeping track on kinfolk, an idea that was well-received. Ultimately, we decided to go after them.

I don’t know what to do now. I’ve felt empty and sad for these last few days. I don’t know if I can go on much longer.

Darkness Rising and the Return of an Old Friend… (Game 38)

After returning to the Sept, we filled Crafty in on everything that had gone on from our return from the dead to this moment. Crafty was happy to see us, but we could tell that he wasn’t pleased with the events involving his clone.

Crafty told us that because the Pride Slayers had been involved in the attack on the Sept of the Angry Earth and likely his own capture, they would have to be dealt with. He would head to the Sept of the Three Waters and covertly work on repairing the damage his clone had done.

I mentioned that there might be additional clones since his clone had a number two. Crafty told me we would cross that bridge when we got to it.

As we gathered together to determine our next plan of action, I mentioned to Eli that killing his brother might cause some problems with his father. I recommended that he speak with his father and sort things out beforehand. Eli wanted clarity on the issue, but was apprehensive on killing his family. He wanted to interrogate them and find out their involvement. After that, he would decide what to do. If they are in league with the Spirals, however, Crafty told us to treat them as enemies of the Garou Nation.

Finding Mordecai was nearly impossible thanks to the ritual the Mages cast on him. However, I wondered if it was possible for us to track one of his packmates. I attempted to make a Questing Stone for Vorpal, but it spun wildly and I couldn’t get a lock. Trying it for Switchback did the same thing. It was obvious they were protected by proxy or they had the ritual done on them as well.

Because of this, Eli had to call his father and arrange a meeting with him. Morgan was still in the same place as last time, so Eli took just himself and Bjorn to not cause any alarm to his father. The meeting was tense to say the least. Morgan initially thought that Eli came to do him harm, but Eli dismissed this. Eli wanted to know where Mordecai was, but Morgan saw through this and knew there was a possibility that he was going to kill him. Thankfully, Bjorn managed to convince Morgan to give us some information. Morgan gave the option of direct confrontation with Mordecai which could go bad or to find him through the people that cast the ritual on him. Eli chose the former.

fishermans grotto

Mordecai was staying at the Fisherman’s Grotto on the wharf. We made our way there and Eli chose to go alone to meet his brother. I asked to see my son while he was at the meeting and Eli was fine with that. Tension broke out for a moment when Rage Heart suggested that Eli’s dedication to the Sept was being tested against his loyalty to his family. Eli put Rage Heart back in his place and told his that he was doing what he believed was right for the Sept. Agnis would accompany me to see my son while the others in the pack secured a hotel room in case we were going to be here for a while.

backside of grotto

Eli entered the Grotto and the meeting was already off to a shaky start. His pack looked jumpy and didn’t want Eli there. Eli spotted a girl tied to a post nearby as he got closer. Eli bluntly asked about the attack on the Sept of the Angry Earth, disregarding any offers of food or drink. Mordecai was straightforward and told Eli that it was a job and nothing more. He didn’t have any ill-will towards to the Sept, he was just doing what Morgan told him to do.

Mordecai said that he was making big changes in this house. His pack would wipe out the rest of the Septs except ours because given the choice, he wanted his brother’s to remain. However, this would make our area weak against the Spirals. Eli asked about their sister, but Mordecai didn’t know where she was. Mordecai told him they couldn’t break the ritual without messing them all up.

At that point, Vision spoke up and said this situation wasn’t cool as he could see Quetzal remaining nearby. Mordecai told him to lose the bird. Eli, in turn, told him to ditch his pack so they could talk one on one. Mordecai complied and Eli sent away Quetzal, but not without some warning from our Totem spirit.

Mordecai said that the Ahroun left their marks on everything. Basically, it’s how they got caught in the act. Mordecai is following Order 34 of Morgan’s playbook. All of the other Septs get wiped out. In turn, because we are what’s left, we get wiped out by the Black Spirals. He offers Eli the chance to have the ritual cast on him correctly this time and he run with his pack. He even offered to have all of us get the ritual and we run as two packs doing the dirty work.

Of course, Eli denied this for the time being. He wanted to know how this would fix the Gaian Garou. Mordecai told him the Nation was wrong in many of their beliefs and needed to be torn down before it could be fixed. When he started this mission, he was unaware of Grethen’s intent. It wasn’t until they started killing our line that everything came out. They called it off afterward. Mordecai also said the hives were getting ready to wipe us out and had begun uniting. Eli asked if Gretchen and Alyssa had united, but he didn’t know who they were.

Mordecai even spoke of Lex’s possible attempt to make a fomor army. It showed he was working with the Wyrm just as much as he was the Weaver. Mordecai then went for some booze. During this time, Eli untied the girl’s gag and discovered she was Sarah Linder. They had killed her whole pack and were deciding on what to do with her. She was from the Valley. Eli calls Quetzal back and relays what he has discovered.

During this time, I had arrived at Kenith’s house with Agnis. I noticed a sports car outside of his house with Morgan Fathom going up to the door. He was invited in and we could hear shouting from the inside of the house. I decided I was going to go there anyway regardless. After ringing the doorbell, a man I didn’t know answered the door. I asked for Kenith, but he was still in Europe. The man abruptly slammed the door in my face.

Mordecai returns with some alcohol while Eli tells him he wants the girl to go free. Mordecai thinks this is a mistake as she will mess with your head and screw your pack. He tells Eli that she’s not a Garou. They don’t know what she is. Eli wants to take the girl and leave while Mordecai suggests joining up one more time.

Eli tells him we should part ways here as brothers and not fall to disagreement. Mordecai still warns him of how she’ll mess with you, but ultimately relents when he sees that Eli is not going to bend. Mordecai hugged Eli and wished him good luck. He also told Eli to not worry about his pack messing with him. Eli left with Sarah and he could see the rest of the Pride Slayers weren’t happy about the arrangement.

Eli told Sarah to stick with him as they went to the hotel to meet Bjorn. Eli and Bjorn exchanged the girl. I mindspeaked to Eli that his father was here and we needed his ability to listen in on conversations. Eli came by moon bridge and got close enough to listen in.

Eli could hear his father talking to the man inside. Morgan was calmer, but still mad in his tone. He told the man, Robert, that he had almost sold them out and they needed to get their house in order. They needed to wrap their business up and get out of here. Morgan then left and we stayed to listen in on any other potential conversations.

Eli could hear the man inside speaking with someone on the phone. He spoke of gathering up all of the cabals, all of the big ones. It was obvious they were planning something dangerous. I suggested to Eli that I tell him of my true nature. He didn’t give any response to that, but did tell me that we have his name and could find him later if we needed to. Agnis wanted us to get Ryan out of here immediately and I was wondering why Kenith lied about his dad not being well.

During this time, Bjorn figured out that Sarah wasn’t a Garou. She admitted she was a Nuwisha, but masqueraded as a Bone Gnawer. The Thunder Mountain Sept had accepted her as such. She begged him not to tell anyone about it. She wanted to know where our Sept was, but Bjorn just gave her a vague area. She warned Bjorn about the Black Spirals in our area. Bjorn wanted to know why Mordecai and his pack had her. She told him they knew her secret. The Black Spirals had been summoning up tons of banes in the area. There was a very powerful bane they were trying to awaken. The situation sounded very much like what we witnessed in the Dark Ages.

Eli, Agnis, and I made our way back in the middle of the conversation. She told us that Septs from all over California had been gathering together, even abandoning Hives. She wanted to speak with out Sept leader and she could give some names that might help us in stopping whatever they are doing. We decided to steal a van and make our way back to the Sept.

Eli called Daniel to get a hold of Crafty as he was still over at the Sept of the Three Waters smoothing things over. Shortly thereafter, Crafty got in touch with Eli and he told him the situation. Crafty told us to meet at Wrong Moon’s mansion so we could discuss this without having Sarah enter the Sept.

Arriving at the mansion, Eli told Crafty about the Pride Slayers and their involvement in everything. They were being manipulated by Morgan to do his bidding and that he had plans for our Sept. Crafty then declared Morgan and the Pride Slayers enemies of the Nation. However, he was not sure if he would send our pack to do the deed due to Eli’s family relations. Still, Agnis suggested that the Pride Slayers may be saveable. It would be harder than the Vulture Walkers, but still worth the effort.

Crafty and Daniel took Sarah into the back of the mansion and privately discussed what she knew. After a brief conversation, Crafty decided to give Sarah sanctuary at our Sept.

We made our way to the Sept as an emergency meeting was called. Daniel spoke with the rest of the elders on what was going on while the other packs slowly arrived. After about an hour of conversing, the Vulture Walkers told us that Crafty wanted to speak with us.

Now that the packs are back we must make a decision. Crafty will go to the Sept of the Three Waters and relay Sarah’s information. More importantly, now that White Lion, Elk, and Roedeer have rejoined, Lion wants us to redeem his fallen brood. This is dangerous as many of them now reside in Malfeas and we may lose our sanity in the process. Unfortunately, Jonathon was needed for this. I ask why we can’t go and Crafty told us that our rank was too low and three Theurges are needed for this mission.

From the treeline, we could hear Sarah. She was standing at the Sept border. She offered us a method to help. She knew a secret Rite that could have an ancestor help them in the flesh. Ryan said there was no known Garou ritual that could do this to which Sarah retorted that she was Nuwisha. Crafty wanted to know if Eli knew this and he shook his head yes, but told him he was honor bound not to speak of it.

Crafty told us it was up to us to choose. It didn’t take long. Everyone seemed on board for the idea. The Sept was called together around Jonathon’s grave.

Short Paw called Coyote and asks that he give us the spirit of Jonathon to assist us. She looked at Eli and asked for something of his. Eli’s bag vibrates and he pulls out the treasure box. She looked at the treasure box in awe. She told us that his spirit is trying to return. She wondered what the box was and told us we must free the spirit. Eli opened the box and Sarah began to sing a chant.

Unfortunately, as Sarah held he hand to the ground, it was not enough. There would have to be a sacrifice. One of the Garou would have to take Jonathon’s place in death. Rage Heart immediately offered himself up. Eli asked if he was sure, but Rage Heart only told it’s what a Ahroun does for his pack.

Taking Rage Heart’s hand, she continued her chant. As she did, Rage Heart’s eyes rolled back into his head and the dirt beneath her stirred. Finally, as the Rite was completed, Rage Heart fell to the ground and Jonathon’s hand came forth from the dirt. We pulled him out and he was confused as to what had happened.

William and I did the Gathering for the Departed on Rage Heart as we buried him. We all spoke words of kindness, even those who didn’t know him well. I remembered his confidence in me when I tried to become Alpha long ago. Eli, distraught by this, went into the woods and unleashed his Rage, completing his chiminage to the spirits.

That night, we held an impromptu Sept meeting. We welcomed Jonathon back and he was surprised to have Tick with him again. Ryan then sat down with us. He asked us if we understood what we were up against. From the vision of my mother’s fate, I understood it better than most. Bjorn asked where we could quickly learn to get ready for it. Ryan told us that Daniel had been to Malfeas, but he may not want to speak of it. He didn’t want us going down into Malfeas and the other dark Near Realms.

Bjorn then asked about the lost spirits. Ryan doesn’t know, but he told us Lion would speak with us about them. He will likely present it from easiest to hardest. However, there is a strong chance we would lose pack members along the way. This is nothing to take lightly. Because of how important this rejoining is to the world, they didn’t want us involved in their war in the Nation. They wanted us to take the war to the Triat itself.

With the gravity of the situation ahead of us, we decided it was time to speak with Daniel about his Descent. I was nervous to say the least…

Finding Our Enemy and Distressing Revelations… (Game 28)

After Agnis deciphered the riddle of the bottle, we decided to go to Wolverine since he was the only spirit of War that we knew. Although he left us as a totem, he was still on good terms with us.

Jonathon opted to do the Rite of Summoning, spent several hours meditating while we gathered anything essential to the journey, and ate. We then entered the Umbra as he performed the ritual, Wolverine came immediately and was friendly, or at least as friendly as he was going to get. Jonathon asked for help and Wolverine agreed on one condition. His chiminage was that one person must survive unaided by the realm, but not including our fetishes or totem, to the end of the Battleground. Wolverine would be watching to make sure we don’t cheat.

With that, he began to run in the direction. I tried going in Hispo, but couldn’t keep up along with the others who opted to stay in Homid. Finally, Eli told us to all go Lupus and we managed to keep pace with him. He finally slowed down after about an hour and began to talk to us. This wasn’t the first time he had taken someone to the Battleground. He had taken Rage Heart some time ago where the Ahroun spent a year in the Battleground working to temper his Rage. He had taken on Wolverine as his personal totem.

We found ourselves on the side of a mountain with a headstone. The headstone recalled a story of the first European Garou to die at the hands of the Pure Ones, John Williams the 3rd. Wolverine tells us that touching the headstone will take us to the Battleground. There will be a sign with unimportant writing on it. We are to go northwest from there and stay on course until we run into a road. We will follow the road to a New York Shipyard. We will see him there and he will guide us out.

After some debate, we decided to have a questing stone made to work as a reverse compass of sorts. As long as the stone pointed southeast, we would be heading in the correct direction. I went ahead and made the questing stone with help from the entire pack. We then touched the stone, which appeared to cause us to explode to observers. The feeling of entering the realm was similar.

Upon entering the realm, the questing stone worked as it pointed towards the sign in front of us. The writing on the sign directed us to various battles in the realm. It occurred to us that we could get to any battle with enough effort and searching, even our own battles.

After a few minutes of walking in the right direction, we could hear explosions in the distance. Another five minutes of walking and the scenery suddenly changed. We found ourselves in the Revolutionary War with colonists on one side and the British army on the other. They lined up and fired at each other as we made haste in Lupus form across the field. As we did, we could see a Garou struck by a bullet and losing himself to his Rage. We opted to not assist him as it was not our fight and we needed to stay on course to complete the quest.

Heading across the field and into a forest, we came across a dirt path and a stream. The stream was easy enough to cross in Lupus form. As we made it across, suddenly the scene shifted again and we were in World War I. Soldiers were fighting in trenches as artillery shells dropped from the sky. I took the lead as I still held onto the questing stone in my mouth. Narrowly avoiding shells, Eli pointed out a minefield in front of us. The mines were spaced far enough apart that we could avoid them easily.

After passing through the minefield, the scene changed again. It became wintry and we saw a bear fighting with two wolves. It stood over an elk as another bear approached. The rest of the wolves’ pack came rushing in as we watched them run the bears to exhaustion and leave the kill to the pack. Not wasting time, they dug in and ate, not bothering to bring the food with them.

After the fight finished, we headed forward to rolling hills and a more temperate climate. We climbed a hill and saw two packs of Black Spiral Dancers below us. Dead kinfolk lay at their feet and they stood waiting. It was obvious they weren’t apart of this realm as they weren’t battling. This was our enemy.

Eli plotted out a plan of attack. Miguel would flank them as Eli would draw them in. The bag would be placed down with the questing stone and parchment in order to have a lone survivor grab it if necessary. We all prepared for battle as Eli shared his Luna’s Armor with us and some of us called on our ancestors.

Eli started the battle viciously, throwing his hammer into a random Spiral. It launched the corrupted Garou back into the dirt as the rest of them prepared for battle. Eli then tossed his hammer again, hitting the same Spiral. The Garou disappeared as Eli’s hammer returned bloody. Jonathon quickly grabbed the parchment, rubbed the blood on it, and placed it back in the bottle.

The Spirals closed in and Jonathon, Eli, John, and William engaged them. William was purged from the realm by a vicious klaive attack to which Agnis charged the attacker. John and Eli brought down a couple of them before two Spirals did a wishbone attack on Eli and tore his arm off. Raging from the assault he lashed out at them, holding his ground. Agnis engaged William’s attacker, ejecting him from the realm in the process.

John and Eli continued to fight, but Eli was knocked from the realm. John eliminates another two of them as Agnis jams her staff into the eyes of one of them. Jonathon, realizing packmates are dropping, quickly grabs the bag and heads forward in order to salvage the mission. However, I finally was able to charge forward and decapitate one of them with my klaive while Miguel killed the other. The packs ejected from the realm we pushed forward towards our destination.

Wolverine was there waiting for us like he said he would be. Near him was a black portal. He told us to go through it. We could leave the Battleground at any time if we wished by finding one of these portals. Heading through, we found ourselves right back where we started. Eli and William were there, unharmed, showing that the realm’s effects were only temporary.

As we gathered together, a small green blob approached us. It was obviously a bane, but it spelled out the sigils for Fianna, kin-fetch, and Black Spiral Dancer. It was obvious it wanted us to come with it as it opened a moon bridge. With a little debate, we decided to go see what it wanted cautiously.

The moon bridge led us to San Francisco, or more accurately, Hunter’s Point. It was an abandoned naval harbor where in one of the buildings they studied the effects of radiation. The radioactivity became too great and it was abandoned making it the perfect place for a Black Spiral Hive.

We entered the building and saw a single woman in front of us, naked and covered in tattoos. She looks solemn. She told us we could keep the boy as he was weak anyway and maybe the Spiral blood would toughen our Sept up. It was obvious she was Jason’s mother Alyssa. She mentioned she would have contacted us earlier, but pinpointing our location was difficult.

She mentioned she knew the Septs were beginning to fall. She was delighted with the prospect, but she was bitter that a rival was responsible for the deed. Her rival had asked for help, but she turned her down. Apparently, the Hive began asking for help when our Sept began to grow.

She continued the conversation, engaging in increasingly grotesque behaviors as she did. William even suggested having sex with her at one point, although I’m not sure why he did. There was a traitor in the area. Someone from the Sept of the Three Waters was working with the nearby Hive in causing chaos. This traitor was of high standing in the Sept.

When asked why we should believe her, she told us her flaw was she was always honest. She fully intended to betray us in time, but for now, she was giving the information to us in order to destroy her rival. I was curious how someone could continue to engage in  a partnership with the Spirals without becoming corrupted. Still, we took her number and mentioned we would call her in case she had or was willing to give more information in the future.

With that, we slowly backed out and left the area. We moon bridged back to our original destination, Eli scolded William for his comments,  and I took the time to cleanse all of the pack in case we had become tainted. Returning to the Sept, we weren’t sure of what to do next. We considered telling Crafty, but because of his affiliation with the Sept of the Three Waters, we couldn’t be sure he wasn’t in on the whole thing. Normally, we would have never thought this, but considering how secretive he had been about Mabe, we weren’t completely sure of his allegiance.

At the Sept, a messenger had arrived. His name was Blitz and he was a Garou from the Sept of the Angry Earth. Apparently, there was some trouble stirring in their Sept and they had reason to believe our Sept might be connected in some way. Crafty told us we would have to stay at the Sept for the next week while he determined what the issue was. He told us to rest up in the cabin.

We stopped him, however, before he could leave and asked about Mabe’s connection to him. We figured if he would be honest about this, then we could trust him with the information we had just obtained. He was a bit grim at hearing our questions, but answered it anyway. Mabe had been in his family for generations. His ancestor had trapped Mabe in a box. When Crafty took over the Sept, he let her become the guardian and now she is growing more powerful until she is returned to her box. The situation was such due to the limited resources he had available at the time.

Eli then mentioned the news of a traitor in our midst. Crafty didn’t take to the news the greatest, wondering who we told. We had only told him and didn’t plan on telling anyone else. He told us the Spiral was likely lying, but if she wasn’t, we would have to have proof as accusing a Garou without evidence is a serious crime.

Crafty left and we decided to rest. We’d have a whole week and an upcoming moot to think about things. We also had another quest in the bottle. Things were getting very ominous now…

The Destruction of the Red Cedar Sept… (Game 21)

As the Sept of the Red Cedar decided to call for a moot, Voice of Thunder asked the Bear Claw pack to return to the encampment and spy on Qorjin for a week. Afterwards, a rabbit spirit would get in contact with the pack in order to present the Sept’s decision.

With the conversation over, the Bear Claw pack returned to the barn to gather their belongings to head to Qorjin. Unbeknownst to even the pack itself, Kevin had taken the Baneklaive from the Black Spiral Dancer pack leader and placed it in the barn. As the pack returned to the barn, a sinkhole opened up and six Black Spiral Dancers came forth ambushing the pack.

Alexander suffered a near fatal blow first, followed by Cateran, and then Cormack. Although Arthur was able to detect the ambush, it was too late to warn everyone. As the fight broke out, three more Dancers climbed out of sinkhole and charged towards the barn. Malcolm managed to down one with his Ironhammer, but the other two got into the barn.

The battle raged on and in the chaos, Cormack was slain by a Dancer. Arthur retaliated by grabbing the Dancer’s klaive and shoving it into his side, killing him. As Alexander and Cateran down several Dancers, Arthur took the Baneklaive and cut off the heads of the downed Dancers before they could rise up again. During this time, the sinkhole closed, killing an unknown number of additional Dancers who might have come out of it.

The battle was over in less than a minute, but the results spoke for itself. One of the Bear Claw pack had died, the Sept’s bawn had been invaded, and Arthur and Kevin were tainted from tactics used in battle. Cateran took the time to place the Dancer’s heads on pikes, hoping it would deter them from returning while Arthur and Kevin were cleansed. Once things settled, the Bear Claw pack called for Worthy to get them in touch with Voice of Thunder.

Realizing things were transpiring much faster than anticipated, Voice of Thunder chose to have the Bear Claw pack go to Qorjin and accept vassalage for the Sept. The Bear Claw pack traveled as fast they could back to the encampment to see thousands of warriors prepared to attack at a moment’s notice. Alexander realized Qorjin was not lying about his forces, so he went to the Garou and plead vassalage for the Sept of the Red Cedar.

Asking what he wanted of him, Alexander asked for men to stop the Black Spiral Dancer threat. Qorjin responded by giving him 100 kinfolk armed with silver weapons. Although Alexander thought this might not be enough, he graciously accepted. The pack had to act quickly and agreed upon storming the hive and eliminating the Dancers.

The trip took almost a week. Once they had arrived at the village sinkhole, Alexander sent 75 men down the right side of the fork in the tunnels that had traversed before and 25 men down the other with the Bear Claw pack itself. Unfortunately, they found no remnants of the Black Spiral Dancers and realized they had made a tactical error.


As they got close to the Sept, the rite the Black Spiral Dancers did took hold and drove all of the pack save Arthur into frenzy with visions of the Dancers and Fomor. The pack desperately tried to stop from attacking the kinfolk army and ran through their Rage reserves before regaining their senses.

fomori 1

Rushing to the Sept, they found a slaughter. The entirety of the Sept of the Red Cedar had been destroyed. The Red Cedar itself burned as Dancers gleefully danced around the pyre as Fomor joined them. The Bear Claw pack looked on and was forced to make a hard decision: attack and die trying or retreat back to Qorjin.

Alexander was torn, but ultimately decided that sacrificing his pack for no gains was fruitless. Along with the lack of ability to maintain the rituals that keep Dasbog contained, Alexander could see no hope for this Sept. Although he retreated with his pack and the men, he felt personally responsible for making the wrong decision to send the men to the hive instead of the Sept.

As they left, Alexander had Kevin search for Bites-At-Flies for a day in the surrounding area before returning to the pack empty handed. With everything in shambles, the pack made the arduous two year journey back to the Sept of the Three Stones. There, they told Hugh of their success in completing the task given to them, but the ultimate failure in losing the Sept as well.


What would happen to the Bear Claw pack is unknown, but at the Sept of the Red Cedar, the Black Spiral Dancers managed to free Dasbog from his prison. The bane would later go on to make a body out of the corpses of fallen Garou who died defending it. It later left the area and disappeared. Ten years later, Qorjin and the Mongol horde swept through the lands again, this time destroying everything in their wake.

Although the White Lion’s Pride pack could not affect this vision of the past, they would take with them the lessons learned and reverberations of the Bear Claw pack’s action into the future as the Drowned King once more charged into the Umbra tunnel.

An Offer From The Mongol Horde, Black Spiral Madness, And The Importance of Rank… (Game 20)

As the fire from the straw began to burn out, Alexander directed his pack to enter the tunnels and find the missing villagers.

Before the pack could go too deep in the tunnels, the sound of nearby Garou above made them return to the pit. At the top of the pit was the Breys Hand pack consisting of Batuani Seven-Shadows, Running Prince, Nightflit, and Pei Ling. The Bear Claw pack climbed out of the pit to greet the new arrivals. The Breys Hand pack happened to be in the area and were scouting ahead for their Sept.

From down in the pit, Bites-at-Flies called out to the Bear Claw pack to assist him in finding the villagers. The Breys Hand pack in response offered their help if the Bear Claw pack would meet with their Jagon (Sept). The Bear Claw pack agreed to it and entered the tunnels, chasing after Bites-at-Flies who had already gone ahead.

Hive tunnel

Descending into the tunnels, the two packs came across a fork with seven different tunnels. Only two of them were large enough to move humans through, so the two pack split up with the Bear Claw pack going to the left tunnel. The pack finally caught up to Bites-at-Flies in the tunnel deeper as he tried to smell for the villagers.

Heading deeper into the tunnels, the pack narrowly avoided a trap and arrived at a gate with three different levers. A little deducing by the pack determines that the lock is a combination lock and must be pulled in a certain order. Debate broke out among the pack with Kevin wanting to break it, but Bern and Alexander believing that might alert nearby Spirals. Eventually, the pack worked together to piece the combination together based on the arrangement of the levers.

Hive chamber

Following drag marks, the Bear Claw pack came across what appeared to be an altar or caern. A chimney leads to the outside with the moon shining down on it. Approximately sixty villagers lay nearby, beheaded with their heads placed on pikes pointing to the altar. Strange glyphs littered the entire area.

Bites-at-Flies said this was a profane ritual designed to attack Luna herself. Alexander remarked that he foreseen this as one of the possibilities for the abduction. The other possibilities involved procuring breeding stock and weakening the nearby area for an assault on the Sept to free the bound Wyrm spirit, Dasbog. Bern said this could be used to cut off non-Black Spiral Dancers from the moon, but the pack was still uncertain of what it could be used for.

BS Hive Map

There are several other paths leading out from here and the pack believed the hive had to be massive, possibly over a square mile in diameter. Realizing they need to warn the Sept and leave before they are spotted, the Bear Claw pack returned to the forked and did a Howl of Summoning for the Breys Hand pack. In response, they heard at least six howls. Once the Breys Hand packed arrived, they all escaped the tunnels through the pit.

The Bear Claw pack was more concerned now with warning the Sept of the Red Cedar and tried to leave, but Pei Ling protested that they agreed to visit their Sept. In response, Alexander sent Bites-at-Flies back to the Sept to warn them while the Bear Claw pack accompanied the Breys Hand pack to their Sept that was about a one day run from the village.


Arriving at the encampment, the Bear Claw pack could see warriors being trained by the leader of the encampment, Qorjin. There appeared to be over 200 people in the area with tents spread throughout. As the pack waited for him to finish his teaching, the Breys Hand pack talked a little about themselves and told the Bear Claw pack they were councilors to Qorjin and he was second in command to Ogedie Khan, leader of the Sept.

After Qorjin was finished he greeted the Bear Claw pack cordially and told them it was their tradition that guests receive hospitality for three days and nights before beginning business talks. The Bear Claw pack was led to a lavish tent where they were fed, bathed, and sated sexually for the predetermined time, but not before Alexander warned them not to overindulge in case they were required to repay the favor.

After the hospitality, Qorjin sat down with the pack to discuss what he required of them. After learning that the pack wasn’t from the area, Qorjin realized this would be for the best since we were effectively neutral to the situation. He told the Bear Claw pack that he was a scouting party for the Mongol hoard of more than 6,000 that were marching throughout the lands to claim them. If the Sept of the Red Cedar accepts vassalage to Khan and his horde, he will leave them alone in return for help later on when needed.

Kevin asked about what happens after they leave and how they interact with certain Septs, but Qorjin merely says they have never returned to them. When asked about what happened to those Septs that rejected his offer, he tells them his army destroyed them. The mention of the word army causes Alexander to cringe.

After sending Qorjin out of the tent for a moment, the pack spoke to each other through the totem silently. They agreed to it, but not before Alexander warned them of the potential for being forced into a rock and a hard place with the two Septs potentially warring against each other. After giving their answer to Qorjin, the pack immediately left the Sept with the threat of the Black Spirals looming.

Returning to the barn outside of the Sept, they called for Worthy who sets up a meeting with Voice of Thunder and a few others of the Sept. After being told of the situation about the Black Spirals and the threat of the Mongols, Voice of Thunder questions why we need to remain here since their task is effectively complete. Alexander tells them they want to avenge their fallen White Howler brothers. When asked about avenging them, glory for the deeds, the nature of the response he gave, and whether or not they are involved with the Spirals, Alexander corrects Voice of Thunder and tells him the Black Spiral Dancers are no longer their brothers but a twisted perversion of the tribe.

Voice of Thunder is obviously hesitant. He is concerned about both threats at the moment, but also the disrespect he was shown when he asked Alexander to hand over his klaive to Vladimir earlier. Alexander is forthcoming about being selfish with his tribal heirloom, but also concerned that handing the klaive to a Fenrir would restart a war with the tribe that had just begun to die off.

Offering to make amends and restore their honor and respect, Voice of Thunder proposes two things they can do. He first asks the pack about the importance of rank, which all of the members give an impassioned speech, effectively convincing him they understand it.

Finally, he tells the pack to pledge a year of servitude to the Sept in order to learn more of the importance of rank and understand their roles in life. Alexander agrees to it.

Voice of Thunder then tells of the Battle of Samara Bend when the Mongols attempted to do this once before with 1,000 men. They were repelled with a mere 30 Garou, but with the use of kinfolk and the threat of the Black Spiral Dancers, he is unsure if they can prevail or if they should bend a knee to Khan as it could be a trap.

Voice of Thunder then asks about whether the kinfolk of the village were safe, but the Bear Claw pack as well as Bites-at-Flies was unaware of the kinfolk. It is apparent that a third of the village was kinfolk, confirming Alexander’s suspicion that they were abducted for breeding purposes. Most of the Sept thinks it wasn’t worth it to risk a pack’s life for kinfolk.

Alexander voices his concern over the potential of unleashing Dasbog, which Voice of Thunder agrees as Khan or Qorjin would not be able to control once freed. He also says they don’t have the Theurge power to re-bind him. Voice of Thunder then asks Alexander and the Bear Claw pack what they should do. However, after being humbled by the experience of regaining the Sept’s respect, the Bear Claw pack chooses to let their Sept be the final decision as they are not sufficient rank to make such a call. It is agreed then that a moot will be called of the entire Sept in order to determine the fate of the Sept of the Red Cedar…

The Legend of the Bear Claw Pack Begins… (Game 19)

After watching the fall of the White Howlers, we were pulled from our ancestor’s bodies like before. We traveled again through the tunnel in the deep Umbra, fighting the Drowned King constantly as we moved forward in time again.

The Drowned King bucked once again, but this time, instead of being forced into an ancestor’s body, we were suspended in air to merely witness the events unfold around us. We had moved 1,000 years into the future in Northern Ireland. Each of us hovered over our ancestor and we knew them as the Bear Claw pack of the Sept of the Three Stones. My ancestor was Alexander Mac Fionn, Eli’s was Malcolm “Drops-the-Hammer”, Miguel’s was Cormack, John’s was Arthur “Heartstabber”, William’s was Kevin “Broken Arrow”, and Bjorn’s was Bern “Talks-with-Herbs.” Agnis had appeared on the Drowned King, by presumably the same way as Jonathon had before. Her ancestor was Cateran Firebrand.

We watched as our ancestor’s spent a great deal of time on bawn patrol. They were the youngest pack in the Sept and therefore lacked any level of power or respect in the Sept. After returning from one of their three day patrol then one day rest runs, they were preparing to enjoy their time off when a Moon Bridge opened up in the Sept.

Preparing for an attack, all of the Garou readied themselves for the worst when only one Garou came through. He said his name was Worthy, a Shadow Lord from the Sept of the Red Cedar. He was in dire need of assistance from a pack of Fianna. Hugh Fire Starter, the leader of the Sept, was reluctant to do so and wanted to gather all of the packs in order to choose the proper one. At that moment, Cateran nudged Alexander to volunteer which he did.

Hugh was very apprehensive of this, considering the pack’s youth and experience. Still, when pressed by Hugh, Alexander agreed to do this for them. Wasting no time, the Bear Claw pack gathered what few things they could and headed into the Moon Bridge. As they traveled, they noticed that the Moon Bridge was falling apart and being repaired by Lunes, something unusual to see.

red cedar grave

Arriving at the Sept of the Red Cedar, the pack surveyed the area and noticed a massive tree with Garou from every tribe surrounding it. As they walked towards the tree, Worthy told them a story of a would-be god who turned Wyrm creature two centuries ago. It was bound to the tree and turned into a caern.

The pack was led to a muscular Garou by the name of Voice of Thunder. He was the Sept leader. He told us that the Prophecies of Shadow worry the Garou here and if they can help the Sept, his Sept will owe the Sept of the Three Stones a favor. From here, the pack was introduced to Yarls, Seer of the World. He was the Sept’s Warder and showed the pack to where they would be staying, an old, dilapidated barn.

Accepting whatever they were willing to provide, the pack started to settle in when Yarls asked about their fetishes. When each of the pack told him about theirs, he left. After a short conversation amongst themselves, Yarls returned. He knew the legend of Caladbolg, Alexander’s grand klaive, and that it would be best to keep that fetish hidden because many will want it.

This statement made the pack ill at ease and Alexander chose to have the pack alternate guard for the night in order to prevent any thievery. In the meantime, Malcolm and Cateran hunted and managed to nab a very large deer for the group. Bern cleansed the food, leery of potential taint in the area. The night passed and there were no attempts to steal anything.

Returning to the Sept the next morning, the pack notices even more new Garou in the area. It is obvious something big is about to happen. Voice of Thunder speaks with pack about the arrivals, but they are distracted watching Yarls whisper to a massive Garou behind Voice of Thunder. As he finishes speaking, the massive Garou along with another man approach the pack.

The massive Garou is Vladimir “Meat Render” and he realizes he is too high of a rank to challenge for Alexander’s grand klaive so he simply asks him for it. This sets in motion a series of conversations that nearly cause violence. Kevin and Cateran believe he have no right to ask for such an ancestral heirloom that has been in Alexander’s family for three centuries. Cateran manages to convince the other man with Vladimir, who is serving as an interpreter, but Vladimir just shoves him aside. Kevin at this point is antagonizing him to the point of peeing on his boots.

Voice of Thunder sees then and intervenes. He asks that Alexander give the klaive to Vladimir which he flatly refuses. Voice of Thunder says this was a test and he failed. They would no longer have the Sept’s protection, nor food, and they would not be allowed their weapons in the Sept. As the tense situation wrapped up, the pack returned to the barn for the night.

Setting up a watch, as Alexander was now surer than ever someone would take their possessions, they rested until a knock came at the door. A bearded, foul-smelling Garou named Bites-at-Flies asked if he could speak with the pack. They invited him in, showing him kindness he wasn’t used to. He told of strange happenings going on in the nearby village of Bilar. Families had been disappearing lately and he could not be sure of the cause.

Player Map

The pack agreed to help the Bone Gnawer without question, likely because of his humble nature. The trip was an hour away from the Sept in Lupus form. Arriving at the village, the pack noticed that the palisades, which had recently been erected, were torn down in one spot. It was obvious either Garou or some type of animal did this.


Heading into the village, the pack found no signs of life anywhere. There were no signs of violence either. The pack did find drag marks heading to the center of the village. As the pack headed there, they came across a gigantic hole, fifteen feet across. Bites-at-Flies said this was not here before.

Sister Worm

From the hole, the pack could hear a child sobbing down below. Grabbing some nearby rope, Cateran and Malcolm headed down into the pit with some torches. Looking for the source of the sounds, they could see a tunnel from which a woman bearing facial paint came forth. Behind her appeared six more individuals. It was a trap.

A battle quickly broke out with the rest of the pack minus Kevin jumping into the hole to engage what now appeared to be Black Spiral Dancers as they shifted. The woman attacks Cateran and Alexander rushes to his aid as the woman nearly kills Cateran with her klaive. Driving Caladbolg into what is obviously the Alpha of the pack, Alexander attempts to kill when two Garou intercept him. As the others spar off against a respective Garou each, Kevin up above drops a wagon onto the battlefield. He then throws a torch down, lighting the area a blaze.


As fire begins to rage across the hole, Alexander leaps over his attackers and drives his blade into the Alpha who had been carried away from the battle. The Garou carrying her mutters something in a language no one understands and causes Void Snakes, the creatures who made the hole and tunnel, to attack Alexander.

As each of the pack slay their enemies, Cateran, now healed by Bear, the pack’s totem, charges to Alexander’s aid. Killing the Void Snakes, the pack gets into the tunnel outside of the fire to heal. Bern cleanses Alexander’s Void Snake wounds, which are tainted. The pack now stared into the tunnels, curious about what lie ahead…

The Fall of the White Howlers… (Game 18)

As I was pulled from Delilah’s body, I found myself attached to the Drowned King. The rest of my pack was there along with the others who had participated in the Rite of Undying Pursuit. We fought endlessly, but I found I needed no food or drink. The Drowned King would occasionally kick us off him, but we inevitably returned.

When we were damaged too greatly by him, we were sent to the Deep Umbra to recover. There, we slept and dreamed. I didn’t realize as a spirit I could dream, but I did. I had dreams of my time with my son and of the past all at once. They were disorienting and comforting at the same time.

Once I recovered, I fought the Drowned King again, but this time the great Wyrm beast bucked and I was kicked off. I shuttled into a body not my own like before. I sat across from several men who looked disoriented and injured. We were on a beach, which considering the Drowned King’s affinity for water was not surprising.

As I looked around, I could see two bodies floating in the water face down. One of the men quickly went to their bodies and began checking their pockets for any food he could find. After grabbing what little food he could find, he introduced himself to John as Aidan Farwatcher. We knew he from the last vision of the past and we quickly acclimated ourselves to the situation and introduced ourselves to each other in order to determine who was who.

Scottish highlands

I could only assume after everyone introduced themselves and Bjorn and Eli did not that they were the two dead bodies on the shore. Thankfully, Aidan recognized the hilly land we were in as his home. He told us there is a shack nearby with a White Howler kinfolk we can go to where we can sort things out why we are here. Beyond the kinfolk’s home is a caern about 25 miles from here which should have some more answers to our condition but first we must get our bearings.

We initially were going as Lupus form, but after seeing a disoriented and completely zoned out man there who could not introduce himself, Aidan decided against it. Since it was only a mile away, Aidan helped the man along as we walked to the house.

The journey shouldn’t have taken more than twenty minutes, but the hills and carrying the dazed man slowed us down significantly. Still, we made it to the house and Aidan called out that he was a White Howler and in need of aid. From the house, a red-haired woman came out with a basket filled with bread.

She called out to Bone Whittler, which we initially did not know who among us it might be. Aidan came to realize it was the name of the body he was inhabiting. Aidan calls out for a specific person, but the woman just questions why he would ask for her grandfather. We now realize we have slipped forward in time. She then turns to Miguel and asks Alec why her husband is not with us. She then turns to me and ask Jamie what happened to her husband. I break the news that he did not make it and she faints in turn.

John catches her before she falls and Aidan tells us to take her inside. Her home is plain and simple, but inviting. Behind the house I see a pen with some sheep and a single cow. The woman eventually comes to and asks Aidan about her husband. She wonders why he doesn’t remember anything. Aidan makes up a story about a massive Wyrm beast attacking us and how it destroyed our memories. We ask if she could help fill us in on who we are in hopes of helping us along to remember.

I am Jamie Andraste, a Fianna Ahroun who hates the Silver Fangs with a passion and has a kinship with Larid, Hunts-His-Land, a White Howler who is a member of the Sky Shakers pack. I also have the strongest ties to the White Howlers. Alec, which is Miguel, grew up on a farm near here and married her sister Blair. She knows nothing about William, who is John, except that he has a sister. Aidan is Bone Whittler, a Theurge from the Sept of the Mile Deep Loch, who was to meet with the Sky Shakers for an important ritual.

She, herself, is Elizabeth, wife to Malcolm. She is with child and Malcolm promised we would protect her. Malcolm also created the weapons we carry. The man sitting dazed is Ronald McElray. The Bruce family wants him dead for a past transgression. He claims to be a ladies man, but most consider him nothing more than a thief and a liar. Finally, there was Lothar. He always fought for leadership with Malcolm and many thought he wasn’t quite right in the head. He had converted over to the Fianna and was being assisted in this by Tock, a fae, and Malcolm.

She offers us food and tells us she is going to find her husband. As Aidan digs in, I ask her if she is going to be alright. She just tells us she’s Scottish and she’ll be fine. I insist she should be accompanied since we made a pact with Malcolm. Aidan is obviously agitated by this and agrees to go with her.

On the beach, Malcolm manages to come to. He tries to resuscitate Lothar, but to no avail. Elizabeth arrives during this and is surprised at him not being dead. Malcolm claims to have lost his memory from drowning in the water, but Elizabeth tells him his pack is at the house and she can help him remember as Aidan helps him up.

As Malcolm returns, Ronald comes to, and we take the time to inform them of what we know and where we are. As we eat and gather our strength, a howl of war is heard. Heading outside to see who it is, we see an approaching pack of Garou. There are five of them: Maugh the Axe, Connor the Blade, Dannon Shakes-The-Sky, Grego the Hammer, and Karlson Sleeps-With-Death.

Maugh is overjoyed to Aidan and hugs him vigorously, much to Aidan’s discomfort. He thought Bone Whittler (Aidan) had been lost. As he begins to greet us, Grego makes a snide remark about the Fianna, which Maugh quickly tells him to be quiet as they are his brothers. It’s obvious that Grego and Karlson are not White Howlers, but Fenrir (Get of Fenris). The others are White Howlers.

Aidan cautiously asks about his (Aidan’s) fate. Maugh only tells him that Aidan Farwatcher left on a spirit quest 200 years ago and never returned. The reality of the situation is crushing for him, but he tries to bury this feeling to not alienate Maugh. Maugh tells him a Theurge from the Sept of the Mile Deep Loch has seen a vision of coming into contact with the Wyrm and prevailing. He asks us if we want to join him. Eli agrees, but I feel apprehensive. We were obviously knocked into this time for a reason much like traveling to distant past to see how the Drowned King was bound with the ancestor spirits in the Rite of Undying Pursuit.

Aidan asks about the Sky Shakers pack and Maugh tells them they went to the Spiral. At this point I went from apprehensive to outright fearful. It began to dawn on me what was happening here. Ronald (William) asks about it and Maugh only retorts that he’s a Fianna and he knows about the Rite of Passage all White Howlers do there.

Eli tells Maugh the truth about who we are and what happened to us. William describes the battle with the Drowned King and the Rite that was enacted that brought us here. Maugh is a little perplexed, but the Get outright dismiss us as drunks.

spiral entrance

In spite of the revelation, we still accompany them to the entrance of the Spiral. Contrary to what ideas I might have had about it and its appearance, it is simply a large hole in the ground. Aidan is visibly distressed at being at the entrance to the Spiral. He gets close to Eli and whispers that Bjorn has told him about a prophecy of the future. During this, Maugh and the others wonder why Aidan won’t enter.

Eli decides, at William’s suggestion, to Mindspeak with Aidan about what he was told and if it is what we think it is. Sure enough, Bjorn has told Aidan of the fall of the White Howlers. William decides to show the fate of the White Howlers to Maugh. He is visibly taken aback by this revelation. Maugh offers to set up camp and wait for the Sky Shakers to return to which Aidan agrees.

It’s obvious the Get are annoyed with this course of action. Knowing the Fall could happen here, Eli suggests that only our pack and the Get go in to prevent any White Howlers from being corrupted. We quietly ask if we should let the Get know, but Maugh tells us no due to it creating backlash against the Tribe.

Going with Eli’s suggestion, we decide to enter the Spiral. The Get insist to go first and we willingly let them. Eli tells Miguel and I to stay behind in case anything goes wrong we are to leave and warn everyone. As the Get charge in Crinos form, we shift and follow behind them. The pit is dark and the Get leap over something on the ground. John activates his fairy light and we see the body of a Garou, badly injured.

The Garou sounds out the Howl of Succor and we stop to tend to him. I heal him with Mother’s Touch, but while recovering from his wounds he begins the transformation into a Black Spiral Dancer. I quickly ask for him to be held down as I perform the Rite of Cleansing as a last resort in the hopes that it will stop the corruption.

Eli tells John to hold him down while the rest of the group goes forward to make sure the Get are fine. As I start the Rite, the corrupted Garou tells us he is Coruroc of the Sky Shaker pack. He is the White Howler who escaped the Spiral to tell the others before dying in our time. As I continue the Rite, he begins to speak. He looks at me and says: “you, Larid left a day ago. He went to find you. His secret is known.” I try to maintain my focus on the Rite as he speaks.

Ahead, Eli and the rest of the pack watch as the Get enter a vibrating dark light. He stops the group, unsure of what to do.

About halfway into the Rite, I can tell it is starting to work. Coruroc continues to speak: “He is wanting to finish the conception. He wants your seed to inherit the Earth.” The words are unnerving and I try to maintain my composure as I finish the ritual. Coruroc has been managed to be saved. Something that didn’t happen in our time. Still, it is obvious the experience of the Spiral and corruption has left more than a little crazed.

Eli returns with the rest of the group realizing that saving the Get is hopeless at this point. Coruroc wants to warn the Fianna and I agree to go with him. He tells us the Sky Shakers have gotten out. We return to Maugh and the other White Howlers telling them of the corruption of the Sky Shakers pack. We tell them they have become Black Spiral Dancers, inadvertently naming the Tribe.

Coruroc is pushing hard for warning the Fianna and evacuating any nearby kinfolk. He says the Spirals are going to the Sept to look for me. Aidan goes with Maugh and the others to warn the White Howlers and protect the White Howler kinfolk.

We realize Elizabeth is in danger and decide to head to her house, much to Coruroc’s disagreement. Arriving there, we find the house has been attacked. Entering it, a cooking pot has been knocked over and a fire is beginning to spread. It is obvious that the house will become engulfed shortly.

Heading towards the beach where we arrived, we see three Black Spirals holding Elizabeth hostage. They haven’t realized we are there and Eli decides we should attack. Leaping towards them, Eli manages to hurt one and knock the other away. We all shift to Crinos and begin to battle.

William quickly shifts to Hispo form and charges forward grabbing Elizabeth. As he does, he sees Coruroc in the distance running away from the battle as fast as he can. One of the Black Spirals grows silver claws and is immediately singled out. Eli and John take him down while Miguel and I tie up the other two. The fight is rough and potentially deadly, but we come out on top. I look down at the Black Spiral with silver claws. He has a J carved into his shoulder. It was Larid and I have helped this ancestor from falling to the Wyrm while Eli has prevent his line from being extinguished.

As the fight ends and we watch Coruroc run in the distance, we fell the now familiar pull of leaving our bodies. It was time to battle the Drowned King again.