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A Vision of the Past… (Game 45 – 46, White Howlers game 1 – 2)

As we prepared to head for Lily and the Birthday Massacre pack, Crafty suggested that we rest in the Sept for clarity. Eli and the pack decided to heed his advice and rest in the Sept. However, I could not. I was too pent up from the death of my family. I walked the bawn instead.

As the pack dreamed in the Sept, they were given a vision of the past. They saw the White Howlers before their fall. It was 25 BC, before the first assault of the Drowned King. They watched as the Riders of the Storm pack who followed Caern Rattler as their totem. They belonged to the Sept of the Spinning Waters.

The pack comprised of Warsong, a Galliard who was the alpha, the Theurge River Speaks, the Ahrouns Left Paw and Crusher-of-the-Wyrm, the Ragabash Iron Wall, and the prophetic Theurge Sees-the-Beyond, ran the bawn for their early days.

The Riders of the Storm pack were contacted by their Master of the Rite and asked us to retrieve a new pup. We needed to find Morg and bring the pup back here. We must speak with the Cornavii tribe. They have clashed with the Orcadi tribe who have sided with the Roman’s. Now the Orcadi tribe are basically farmer slaves.

The pack made its journey immediately. It was short and the Cornavii tribe was enamored with them. Madi was the leader of the tribe and wanted to know what they wanted. They told him they were looking for Morg. He fed them and told them to speak with Carr, mother of Morg. Her brother is Finn, a Garou.

As the pack ate, a boy came in and said there was a body nearby. Madi went to check it out. After he returned, the pack traveled with him to the body. Instead of one body, there were actually four bodies there including horses that had been mutilated. It was definitely a Garou killing. There was likely three or four Garou there at the time of the killing. It was not normal for the Garou to kill the horse. There were strange scents in the area, but the pack could not track them.

The pack took care of the bodies in accordance to their totem’s ban. Madi tells the pack that they were prophesized to be here. He will assist them if he can. There was an evil nearby that the pack would have to look into. Madi told them that the “warriors of the Lion come and seek but do find what they are looking for. Doom to those in their way. Everything is white as it once was.”

The pack shifted to Lupus and began to track the scent. Sees-the-Beyond picked up the strongest scent and lead the pack to four men at a campfire. However, a man had snuck up on the pack and announced his presence. He was Cassius Truth Thruster and the rest of the men were his pack. They were Siminol Shatterheart, Atticus Broken Throne, Justin Shield of Gaia, and Philo Smile Splitter.

They offered the pack a drink and told the pack that they were Silver Fangs. They were wronged by one of ours. They have the bodies nearby as a show of good faith that it was self-defense. Cassius took Warsong to the bodies. It was an adult male and a boy of roughly 11 years old. There was a pile of weapons nearby.

He tells them that they meant no disrespect but even though Sees-the-Beyond could not understand his language, she could tell that he was not being entirely true. He seems to be making it up as he goes along. The pack is named Claw of the Falcon pack and they are waited for their troops to arrive from Rome.

The pack disposes of the bodies properly. Warsong told Cassius that the deaths do not look as he described them. However, Cassius only counters that he is trying to avoid bloodshed between the tribes. He told them that the fight happened to the north. Cassius offered to let the pack stay the night and they agreed, however they alternated watch during the night.

The next morning, Cassius and his pack headed southwest towards the caerns and the Riders of the Storm made their way north. There they found large rocks near the shore and signs of a battle. As they went to investigate, the rocks seem to come alive and become mud golems. The pack defended themselves and used their speed to their advantage. A lengthy battle ensured, but the pack triumphed.

Searching the area, the pack found five scrolls with ritualistic symbols written on it. There is some Latin, but nothing concrete. Nearby there is a boat with empty crates. As the pack searched the area, they spotted an eagle circling nearby. Crusher-of-the-Wyrm charged to its direction and we followed.

Sees-the-Beyond follows Crusher-of-the-Wyrm over a hill to see a druid standing near columns of stones reminiscent of Stonehenge. Sees-the-Beyond took the lead and headed down to meet the druid. He was apprehensive but she managed to put him at ease. He is Isic the Druid.

After Sees-the-Beyond explained who they were and what they were doing, he asked her and the rest of the pack to come immediately. Following him, the pack is lead into the center of the columns. Here Isic chants and sprinkles powder on the fire pit in the center. Upon lighting the fire, a great bright light comes from it. The smoke from the fire forms a lion.

The lion speaks through Isic and tells the pack that he is White Lion, brother to Khan. In the past, he saved a Fianna pack known as the Lion’s Paw. Many years ago the White Howlers and Fianna worked together to complete great quests. The humans survived the Ice Age thanks to White Lion. Once the ice melted, the tribes split and went their separate ways. White Lion then told the pack that the Finn’s Bite pack needed the Riders of the Storm and they would have to head west to the Orcadi tribe and speak with Jetti.

With that, the smoke dissipated. River Speaks summoned a jaggling to send a message to their Sept about what they were undertaking at the moment. Warsong sent the pack out to find the proper materials to take one of the nearby boats.

After taking the boat as far west as the pack could go, they arrived at Orcadi. They met with Chief Keany. He told the pack that there was a pack nearby led by McFay of the Finnian tribe along with his packmates, Rends-the-Beast and Brosh Hunts-with-Skills. They worked with White Lion and may be the pack the Riders of the Storm need to speak with.

Heading outside of the village, the pack made their way to McFay. He told the Riders of the Storm that they would want to work with them to protect the Arcadia Gateway. In Arcadia, trolls were revolting against the people there. Wyrm creatures were also attempting to disrupt the gateway there.

As McFay was from the camp of the White Lion, once there cause was put into place, they must continue until it is complete. The Riders of the Storm agreed to join the camp. They were mystically marked with three claw marks in the place of their choice.

The pack would enter the Arcadia Gateway while McFay and his pack would defend the gateway from Wyrm creatures. The pack would have to find Lysander to learn more of what to do. Heading into the Umbra, the Riders of the Storm entered the stone doorway into the realm of the Fae.

They found themselves heading down a stone path. Turning around, there was no exit. They would have to complete the mission to return. The forest was rather pleasant and they could see a castle down the path. Getting close to the castle, they arrived at a town situated outside of the castle. It appeared tha the town was completely empty.

The pack slowly traveled through the village until they came across a small female. Sees-the-Beyond attempted to communicate with her. She nudged a rock to the Theurge who nudged it back. Nothing went on until Sees-the-Beyond mentioned Lysander. The small female wanted to know why we wanted him. She asked they were from Finn’s Bite. Warsong tells her no, but also informs her that the Riders of the Storm were sent to assist the problem.

She told the pack to follow her. Along the way, the pack asked her questions about the situation. Apparently, the trolls simply left the village and started attacking anyone who got near them. There are actually 25,000 people in the town, but they are in hiding either physically or through glamour until the troll revolt stops. She told the pack that her name was Nancy.

Heading into the castle and to the throne room, the pack was brought before King Lysander. They all bowed respectfully and the king offered them food. Warsong accepted and heard the king out about the problems with the trolls.

Lysander believed that the trolls were hiding in the Neutral Zone, a place between the Seelie and Unseelie kingdoms. He was going to have the pack meet with his Sword, or bodyguard. In the meantime, the pack asked about the trolls with questions ranging from height, danger, and whether or not they were allowed to kill them. The king said that most of the trolls were about 12 feet tall, some shorter and a few taller. They were all dangerous, but the pack was not to kill them unless they had no alternative.

Shanara the Sword arrives and escorts the pack with her. As the pack walked with her, she told them about the various types of trolls and the tactics that they use. She asked the pack whether they accepted any gifts and the pack answered that they accepted the king’s food. She told them that they were effectively his slaves until he felt they had repaid their debt to him. This was not known to the White Howlers who had little contact with the Fae.

Shanara had proposed a one-on-one duel with a chosen champion of the trolls to dispute the issue, but the king rejected this idea saying that her job was to protect him. Shanara led the pack to a gathering of various Fae. As the Fae and pack prepared for battle, Sees-the-Beyond painted a picture of the future with her fetish paintbrush.

As Sees-the-Beyond painted, the rest of the pack met with the colorful individuals of the gathering. Some included a dwarf named Casp who wondered why the Fianna weren’t assisting them, a pooka named Paul who wanted to trade for a magic egg, and another Fae named Cappel who didn’t think the group could win.

As Sees-the-Beyond finished her painting, it was twelve Garou dancing around a Lion’s pelt. Warsong made a stirring speech and rallied the troops by pointing out that this painting signified victory for them. With the Fae fired up, they waited for the trolls.

When the trolls did arrive, only ¾ of the predicted number came. Still, the fight was brutal and the Fae started strong, but began to lose ground quickly. As the pack charged in, each member, even Sees-the-Beyond who was the physically weakest, managed to slay a troll. Iron Wall managed to sneak behind the commander of the trolls and slay him from behind, showing the cunning tactics of the White Howlers. This forced the trolls to retreat, not expecting to encounter this kind of resistance.

As the trolls retreated, Warsong told Shanara to take the rest of the Fae back and consider the fight a victory. The pack then tracked the trolls back to their lair, a massive craggy hill. The pack debated what to do next, as they had Iron Wall sneak into the lair and learn what he could. As he did, he discovered a massive troll, at least a couple hundred feet high, resting deep within the cave. Near the troll was a small box with a ring inside. The ring was determined to be evil and not of this place. Most of the script on it was indecipherable, but there are some things that resembled the script the pack had seen on the Silver Fang gear

Heading outside, Iron Wall presented the ring to Warsong who then decided that someone would have to wear it and test its abilities. Crusher-of-the-Wyrm volunteered and put on the ring. No immediate effects took place so he wandered into the cave. When confronted by two trolls, he told them to put their fingers on their nose. When they complied, he had them take him to the master of the cave. There, he told the troll to give up his rebellion and return to where they belonged. The massive troll, without a word, turned around and walked away, taking most of the cavern with him mystically.

With the mission complete, the pack returned to the entrance to Arcadia. There, they met McFay. Six years had passed in that time. The pack showed him the ring and all agreed that the Silver Fangs must never get their hands on it. They destroyed and left the realm, heading back to their home. With that, the vision ended.

Family Reunions… (Game 32)

The next seven weeks went by like a blur. The Sept was extremely busy. Wrong Moon’s father finalized the purchase of the park and had a mansion built for him. I found myself worried about the added activity and damage to the forest, but the elders were ok with it and I let it go for the time being.

Along with all of the work being done on Wrong Moon’s mansion, Crafty decided that four more cabins would need to be built to house the growing Septs Garou. Mackie bonded with the Vulture Walkers at this time and was teaching Sheeba and Jason. His jokes and lessons were all the same as when he taught us, but they were still effective nonetheless.

Ryan worked hard with us during this time teaching any Rites he could. I spent a great deal of time with him and fully mastered my knowledge of Rituals. I felt more confident and hopefully had enough Rites to fill in the void left by Jonathon’s death. I know I’d never be as good with the spirits as he was, but I could always try my hardest.

The Irish Destroyers also worked on rituals with the elders. Killer of Dogs bugged them to let him help them, but never followed through oddly. During this time, the Vulture Walkers goaded Sheeba and Jason to join their pack.

Lion’s Vengeance did bawn patrol with the Vulture Walkers. Scourge of the Woods had been spending a lot more time in Lupus form, but he had taken an interest in Cindy Lawson who was rooming with Stanley Locke. Stanley, himself, was working at Costco and had become very close with Leein. The two were quickly becoming an item.

Born Twice was still struggling to get along with his brother Magnus. Things were getting a little better, but I don’t think Magnus realizes how Bjorn feels. I may have to talk to him about it. When not dealing with his brother, Bjorn summoned his ancestor from the Dark Ages, Talks-with-Herbs and learned a gift. He also learned another gift with the help of Ryan. He still spent his time with Gina who continued on working to graduate school. She also began hinting at wanting to become pregnant.

Killer of Dogs, apparently, was forced to pester everyone for a request to learn gifts. Hopefully, he doesn’t get hurt for his actions.

Stag’s Daughter spent time learning Rites and Gifts. She proposed an idea to tattoo Serenity to protect her from evil spirits, but Ryan shot the idea down. He did applaud her thinking however.

Lindsey continued working while pregnant. Everyone showered her with attention and seeing her stomach grow over time sparked my maternal desires. I wanted to get pregnant again and I now thought I could do so safely because of how strong the Sept was becoming.

Ariel and Cliff haven’t been around much as they would like. Both have been very busy with their jobs.

Rusty and Rivet got themselves into some trouble getting too close to the construction zone. They were reprimanded by Scourge and I don’t think they will be doing that again.

Monica had been getting along great with Scott. It looks like they might be an item soon. I’m glad I suggested it because I know they had a lot in common and could understand each other better than anyone else.

Maria now had an apartment and legal status. She worked at a local Mexican restaurant. Tomas, however, isn’t seen outside of Moots.

Kristen has been attempting to get close to Wrong Moon. He’s resisting and it’s making her want him even more. I hope that he will stop being afraid of girls and give in to her. When not hitting on him, she works at the state hospital in the cafeteria.

Magnus has been happy to spend all of his time with me. He keeps talking about saving up for nice things, dates, etc., but I told him he doesn’t have to. I’m just happy he’s around.

The only real problem during this time was Nick. He doesn’t like the Fianna lifestyle and missed his old life with the Glass Walkers, minus being robbed by them. Worse still, after the Glass Walkers got done taking over his life, they left it in disarray and would have black marks for the rest of his life. My father got him a job, but even after that, we can all tell he’s not happy. We may have to let him go.

After the downtime, another Moot arrived on Halloween. Apparently, this Moot was special. It was the festival of Sam Hain. The Fianna used this time to have a grand feast and there was a lot of celebration. During this time, the gauntlet is very thin and communing with the ancestors is much easier.

The cracking of the bone took place as usual and the first order of business was Daniel Morris and James Sever joining the Sept. James was a given, but Daniel was a little in the air. The elders were completely fine with the idea. They found him honorable, but shy which was unbecoming of most Garou his rank. Lionheart was worried about if a Glass Walker joined the Sept that the Weaver presence would be increased. I interjected that the presence has already been increased with Wrong Moon’s mansion being built.

Ryan said he doesn’t like the Glass Walkers as a tribe, but as a Garou, he knew Daniel was solid. Still, there was some question of how he escaped the destruction of his Sept when most believed he should have died with it. There was a lot of debate about what to do next. Most agreed that they wanted to hear his story and how he made it out of the Sept alive. Some wanted him to work with Nick on improving his views on life. A few, like Mackie, didn’t want him to join at all. In the end, since the vote fell to us, we decided to hear his story and then decide what to do next moot.

The next order of business involved Wrong Moon. The deal with his father could be very dangerous. The elders wanted to ensure his name was on the deed in case someone managed to get to his father and cause all kinds of problems. Personally, I wasn’t happy that he bought the land at all, nor that he was building a mansion on the strip.

With the business taken care of for the moot, our usual fun began. We drank and spent time with the kinfolk while they played music of all varieties. Most of us spent our time with respective mates and friends. I took the time to have sex with Magnus in one of the rooms of the lodge, though I would have preferred something a little closer to nature.

After the party, we went for our run, killing a deer along the way. Eli got the first of the kill as usual and then we all dined. It was a good moot.

[The next morning from Miguel’s perspective…]

Miguel awoke early in the morning to someone running their hands through his hands. He could hear a voice speaking.

“Free me!”

It was Mabe. Miguel, without even opening his eyes, responded.

“Why should I?”

Ominously, Mabe retorted that now she would have to make him.

[Back to the group…]

After doing our regular exercises, Eli sent Agnis and I to the drop point to check for letters like usual. This time, there happened to be a letter there.

“Mister Fathom is in San Francisco. Last seen leaving Kincaid law firm. Mordecai not seen, but always nearby. Can’t lift the Rite on them so you’ll just have to do old-fashioned detective work.”

Returning to the Sept, we delivered the letter to Eli. Debate broke out on how to approach the situation and how we would even travel there. We weren’t sure if we should just go to Kenith directly. There was still some curiosity if he was the Mind Mage. Finally, we decided to just take a van and talk with him directly. On the way there, we searched out a good place for moon bridging later.

We called ahead to let Kenith know we were coming. After we arrived, I mentioned that it would be better for me to play with Ryan during this time, in case he said something that set me off. Eli agreed and we knocked on the door. Kenith answered the door, unusual for him. He already had a lunch packed for Ryan, but I told him we would just be in the backyard while Eli spoke with him.

[With the pack…]

As the pack sat down to talk with Kenith, Agnis attempted to sense Wyrm taint. She didn’t get any more than the usual that you would for being in the city. After accepting some drinks from Kenith, Bjorn laid it all out about Morgan and the potential danger to Ryan and Caitlyn. Even after Eli tried to sway the conversation with Morgan being a great danger to Caitlyn, he wouldn’t bend on lawyer/client confidentiality. He was curious why Caitlyn hadn’t said anything, but he decided on a Quid Pro Quo sort of arrangement.

He wanted to know if Caitlyn was seeing someone else. Bjorn responded honestly with yes and that it was his brother, but he wasn’t sure how serious the relationship was. He asked if Caitlyn loved her, but Bjorn wasn’t sure. He did know that his brother definitely loved him.

At this point, Kenith revealed that Morgan was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. He was buying up real estate in San Francisco. Right now he was trying to buy Navy Pier, the location of the Hive where Alyssa resides.

His next question was whether Magnus was the reason Caitlyn didn’t come around. This was a flat no from Bjorn who told him it was obligations. He then asked if his brother needed a job, but this question never got answered.

During this time, Bjorn determined that he was definitely a Mage. Kenith went on to tell the pack that Morgan had legal troubles and was rumored to be in human trafficking. Kenith did refuse to divulge anything regarding that, but the information they got was enough to find Morgan.

[To Caitlyn…]

I enjoyed spending the little time I got with Ryan. He was very smart, but curious. I felt like he didn’t get enough interaction from the rest of the world. Still, it was good to spend time with him.

After getting the scoop from the pack that Kenith was a mage and that the pack was heading into town to eat, Eli suggested I stay there for a while and get some quality time with Ryan and Kenith.

The time together was a little unnerving. Kenith wasn’t shy about asking hard questions. He asked why I never came around. I told him he seemed different to me now, more concerned about money and the flashier things in life than before. He laid it out that he was a father now and had to provide for Ryan. I could accept that. The rest of the dinner went fairly smooth although I still had to deal with hard questions. I felt like I should just take the renown and tell him what I am, especially since I knew what he was.

[Meanwhile, with the rest of the pack…]

Eli and the gang headed to the Stinking Rose to touch base with the Fae. They were given their usual table and fed like before. Royal Ascot came by and mentioned all of the free meals they had been getting. Eli felt uncomfortable by this conversation as he might have to use the bird to pay for the hospitality. Royal just laughed and said he just busting his balls before taking care of the check.

[Back together…]

Once we had gotten back together, we decided to case the hotel that Morgan was staying at. Eli sent Agnis and Miguel to find the scoop on how many were staying in the penthouse. During this time, I offered to enact the Rite of Heritage on Eli and determine who his parents are. I performed for the first time in my own special way, but the results were terrifying. Instead of it working, an extremely loud lion’s roar was heard, nearly strong enough to break the windows of the car. Realizing we would stand out because of this, we moved the van while we waited for Agnis and Miguel.

After they returned from casing the hotel, we learned there was only one person in the penthouse. Deciding we could no longer be in the shadows, we went up to meet him. Eli went in first while we waited in the hallway. A man named Danny passed us on the way in, but didn’t pay us any mind.

Eli approached cautiously, and Morgan confirmed his identity and Eli’s. With it appearing as though it was safe, Eli motioned for the rest of the pack to enter. Eli wanted to know how things got the way they are and why he was trying to kill him and his pack.

Morgan said that he took on the contract to kill all of us from Gretchen. However, Morgan found out about Eli being one of the targets and decided to not follow through with it. He later found out the targets included the entire bloodline of his family including his other son Mordecai and his daughter Randy. During this time, Gretchen hired the Dead Man’s Hand because Morgan wasn’t moving fast enough. Morgan, however, had developed so many contacts over the years that he was able to call them off with just a phone call.

When Eli asked how this all started, Morgan kind of rambled about how it all started back in New York with a falling out with his cousin Mal. Afterwards, he took up hunting Garou. His mother was Renee “Dreamseeker” Fathom of the Sept of the Three Waters and she died during childbirth, but Bjorn determined that part was a lie. During the course of his time hunting, he took up other unsavory activities like human trafficking and smuggling.

However, Morgan said he was out of the hunting business. He was in San Francisco strictly for land purchasing. When asked why, he told us he wanted to leave something for his family. He had been here for two months, which is how Gretchen managed to get a hold of him. He was willing to set up a meeting with Mordecai and clear everything up if we liked. We agreed and he gave us the location of the Golden Gate Bridge Park. Before leaving, he offered his card to Eli in case anything happened, he could call on Morgan to help take care of it.

We traveled to the park, unsure of what would happened next, but determined to resolve things. Mordecai could be seen with four others, his pack. He was strangely friendly. He asked us if we had seen it. At first, we didn’t know what he meant, then we remembered the messages that played on the news. It was a warning since neither he nor Morgan were willing to follow through with the contract.

After this, he showed us a medallion. It was Roman in make and very old. He told us he could help us find the Ahroun, the source of all the trouble in our area. The medallion had ties all the way back to the White Howlers. He talked about how they fought the Romans and went into the Spiral looking for more power to defeat them, which became their downfall.

He wanted Eli to join him. When asked what he meant by that, he cryptically said to set things right with the Garou Nation. His pack traveled around the globe to different Septs. He would speak with them about killing both Spirals and Gaians alike. When the Sept attacked, they would kill them. Eli politely turned down this offer, but Mordecai said it was an open invitation whenever he wanted.

Eli then asked about his mother. Mordecai didn’t remember much of her, only that she was gone a lot. She actually died two to three years after Eli was born. He had suspicions that their father killed her. After the conversation ended, Mordecai gave Eli a hug and we entered the Umbra.

In the Umbra, we debated what to do before finally activating the medallion. The medallion turned into a white elk. He asked us why we smelled like lion. We told him we were followers of lion. He said he would lead us to the one we seek and opened a moon bridge. As we traveled the moon bridge, he recalled the history of the Fianna and the White Howlers and how we are joined to them. As we arrived, he asked us not to take vengeance out on the Ahroun because too much violence has been done against ourselves.

Peeking out of the Umbra, we could see a shadowy figure standing over the body of two Lupus Garou. Emerging from the Umbra, he caught out gaze.

“Looks like someone found out they were being betrayed. Who tipped you off?”

He then suggested we return to our Sept with the bodies. We could see glyphs carved in the nearby trees, just like Jonathon’s death. We weren’t sure of what to do and then we heard the howls. We knew we were in a bad situation. We could see in the far distance Red Talon Hispos charging forward in full frenzy.

The Ahroun shifted to Crinos and prepared for an attack. Agnis and I shifted as well. She hit him with Drona, lightly dazing him. I followed up with a haymaker, surprisingly knocking him out in one shot. We grabbed his body and headed into the Umbra. This was not going to end well…

The Fall of the White Howlers… (Game 18)

As I was pulled from Delilah’s body, I found myself attached to the Drowned King. The rest of my pack was there along with the others who had participated in the Rite of Undying Pursuit. We fought endlessly, but I found I needed no food or drink. The Drowned King would occasionally kick us off him, but we inevitably returned.

When we were damaged too greatly by him, we were sent to the Deep Umbra to recover. There, we slept and dreamed. I didn’t realize as a spirit I could dream, but I did. I had dreams of my time with my son and of the past all at once. They were disorienting and comforting at the same time.

Once I recovered, I fought the Drowned King again, but this time the great Wyrm beast bucked and I was kicked off. I shuttled into a body not my own like before. I sat across from several men who looked disoriented and injured. We were on a beach, which considering the Drowned King’s affinity for water was not surprising.

As I looked around, I could see two bodies floating in the water face down. One of the men quickly went to their bodies and began checking their pockets for any food he could find. After grabbing what little food he could find, he introduced himself to John as Aidan Farwatcher. We knew he from the last vision of the past and we quickly acclimated ourselves to the situation and introduced ourselves to each other in order to determine who was who.

Scottish highlands

I could only assume after everyone introduced themselves and Bjorn and Eli did not that they were the two dead bodies on the shore. Thankfully, Aidan recognized the hilly land we were in as his home. He told us there is a shack nearby with a White Howler kinfolk we can go to where we can sort things out why we are here. Beyond the kinfolk’s home is a caern about 25 miles from here which should have some more answers to our condition but first we must get our bearings.

We initially were going as Lupus form, but after seeing a disoriented and completely zoned out man there who could not introduce himself, Aidan decided against it. Since it was only a mile away, Aidan helped the man along as we walked to the house.

The journey shouldn’t have taken more than twenty minutes, but the hills and carrying the dazed man slowed us down significantly. Still, we made it to the house and Aidan called out that he was a White Howler and in need of aid. From the house, a red-haired woman came out with a basket filled with bread.

She called out to Bone Whittler, which we initially did not know who among us it might be. Aidan came to realize it was the name of the body he was inhabiting. Aidan calls out for a specific person, but the woman just questions why he would ask for her grandfather. We now realize we have slipped forward in time. She then turns to Miguel and asks Alec why her husband is not with us. She then turns to me and ask Jamie what happened to her husband. I break the news that he did not make it and she faints in turn.

John catches her before she falls and Aidan tells us to take her inside. Her home is plain and simple, but inviting. Behind the house I see a pen with some sheep and a single cow. The woman eventually comes to and asks Aidan about her husband. She wonders why he doesn’t remember anything. Aidan makes up a story about a massive Wyrm beast attacking us and how it destroyed our memories. We ask if she could help fill us in on who we are in hopes of helping us along to remember.

I am Jamie Andraste, a Fianna Ahroun who hates the Silver Fangs with a passion and has a kinship with Larid, Hunts-His-Land, a White Howler who is a member of the Sky Shakers pack. I also have the strongest ties to the White Howlers. Alec, which is Miguel, grew up on a farm near here and married her sister Blair. She knows nothing about William, who is John, except that he has a sister. Aidan is Bone Whittler, a Theurge from the Sept of the Mile Deep Loch, who was to meet with the Sky Shakers for an important ritual.

She, herself, is Elizabeth, wife to Malcolm. She is with child and Malcolm promised we would protect her. Malcolm also created the weapons we carry. The man sitting dazed is Ronald McElray. The Bruce family wants him dead for a past transgression. He claims to be a ladies man, but most consider him nothing more than a thief and a liar. Finally, there was Lothar. He always fought for leadership with Malcolm and many thought he wasn’t quite right in the head. He had converted over to the Fianna and was being assisted in this by Tock, a fae, and Malcolm.

She offers us food and tells us she is going to find her husband. As Aidan digs in, I ask her if she is going to be alright. She just tells us she’s Scottish and she’ll be fine. I insist she should be accompanied since we made a pact with Malcolm. Aidan is obviously agitated by this and agrees to go with her.

On the beach, Malcolm manages to come to. He tries to resuscitate Lothar, but to no avail. Elizabeth arrives during this and is surprised at him not being dead. Malcolm claims to have lost his memory from drowning in the water, but Elizabeth tells him his pack is at the house and she can help him remember as Aidan helps him up.

As Malcolm returns, Ronald comes to, and we take the time to inform them of what we know and where we are. As we eat and gather our strength, a howl of war is heard. Heading outside to see who it is, we see an approaching pack of Garou. There are five of them: Maugh the Axe, Connor the Blade, Dannon Shakes-The-Sky, Grego the Hammer, and Karlson Sleeps-With-Death.

Maugh is overjoyed to Aidan and hugs him vigorously, much to Aidan’s discomfort. He thought Bone Whittler (Aidan) had been lost. As he begins to greet us, Grego makes a snide remark about the Fianna, which Maugh quickly tells him to be quiet as they are his brothers. It’s obvious that Grego and Karlson are not White Howlers, but Fenrir (Get of Fenris). The others are White Howlers.

Aidan cautiously asks about his (Aidan’s) fate. Maugh only tells him that Aidan Farwatcher left on a spirit quest 200 years ago and never returned. The reality of the situation is crushing for him, but he tries to bury this feeling to not alienate Maugh. Maugh tells him a Theurge from the Sept of the Mile Deep Loch has seen a vision of coming into contact with the Wyrm and prevailing. He asks us if we want to join him. Eli agrees, but I feel apprehensive. We were obviously knocked into this time for a reason much like traveling to distant past to see how the Drowned King was bound with the ancestor spirits in the Rite of Undying Pursuit.

Aidan asks about the Sky Shakers pack and Maugh tells them they went to the Spiral. At this point I went from apprehensive to outright fearful. It began to dawn on me what was happening here. Ronald (William) asks about it and Maugh only retorts that he’s a Fianna and he knows about the Rite of Passage all White Howlers do there.

Eli tells Maugh the truth about who we are and what happened to us. William describes the battle with the Drowned King and the Rite that was enacted that brought us here. Maugh is a little perplexed, but the Get outright dismiss us as drunks.

spiral entrance

In spite of the revelation, we still accompany them to the entrance of the Spiral. Contrary to what ideas I might have had about it and its appearance, it is simply a large hole in the ground. Aidan is visibly distressed at being at the entrance to the Spiral. He gets close to Eli and whispers that Bjorn has told him about a prophecy of the future. During this, Maugh and the others wonder why Aidan won’t enter.

Eli decides, at William’s suggestion, to Mindspeak with Aidan about what he was told and if it is what we think it is. Sure enough, Bjorn has told Aidan of the fall of the White Howlers. William decides to show the fate of the White Howlers to Maugh. He is visibly taken aback by this revelation. Maugh offers to set up camp and wait for the Sky Shakers to return to which Aidan agrees.

It’s obvious the Get are annoyed with this course of action. Knowing the Fall could happen here, Eli suggests that only our pack and the Get go in to prevent any White Howlers from being corrupted. We quietly ask if we should let the Get know, but Maugh tells us no due to it creating backlash against the Tribe.

Going with Eli’s suggestion, we decide to enter the Spiral. The Get insist to go first and we willingly let them. Eli tells Miguel and I to stay behind in case anything goes wrong we are to leave and warn everyone. As the Get charge in Crinos form, we shift and follow behind them. The pit is dark and the Get leap over something on the ground. John activates his fairy light and we see the body of a Garou, badly injured.

The Garou sounds out the Howl of Succor and we stop to tend to him. I heal him with Mother’s Touch, but while recovering from his wounds he begins the transformation into a Black Spiral Dancer. I quickly ask for him to be held down as I perform the Rite of Cleansing as a last resort in the hopes that it will stop the corruption.

Eli tells John to hold him down while the rest of the group goes forward to make sure the Get are fine. As I start the Rite, the corrupted Garou tells us he is Coruroc of the Sky Shaker pack. He is the White Howler who escaped the Spiral to tell the others before dying in our time. As I continue the Rite, he begins to speak. He looks at me and says: “you, Larid left a day ago. He went to find you. His secret is known.” I try to maintain my focus on the Rite as he speaks.

Ahead, Eli and the rest of the pack watch as the Get enter a vibrating dark light. He stops the group, unsure of what to do.

About halfway into the Rite, I can tell it is starting to work. Coruroc continues to speak: “He is wanting to finish the conception. He wants your seed to inherit the Earth.” The words are unnerving and I try to maintain my composure as I finish the ritual. Coruroc has been managed to be saved. Something that didn’t happen in our time. Still, it is obvious the experience of the Spiral and corruption has left more than a little crazed.

Eli returns with the rest of the group realizing that saving the Get is hopeless at this point. Coruroc wants to warn the Fianna and I agree to go with him. He tells us the Sky Shakers have gotten out. We return to Maugh and the other White Howlers telling them of the corruption of the Sky Shakers pack. We tell them they have become Black Spiral Dancers, inadvertently naming the Tribe.

Coruroc is pushing hard for warning the Fianna and evacuating any nearby kinfolk. He says the Spirals are going to the Sept to look for me. Aidan goes with Maugh and the others to warn the White Howlers and protect the White Howler kinfolk.

We realize Elizabeth is in danger and decide to head to her house, much to Coruroc’s disagreement. Arriving there, we find the house has been attacked. Entering it, a cooking pot has been knocked over and a fire is beginning to spread. It is obvious that the house will become engulfed shortly.

Heading towards the beach where we arrived, we see three Black Spirals holding Elizabeth hostage. They haven’t realized we are there and Eli decides we should attack. Leaping towards them, Eli manages to hurt one and knock the other away. We all shift to Crinos and begin to battle.

William quickly shifts to Hispo form and charges forward grabbing Elizabeth. As he does, he sees Coruroc in the distance running away from the battle as fast as he can. One of the Black Spirals grows silver claws and is immediately singled out. Eli and John take him down while Miguel and I tie up the other two. The fight is rough and potentially deadly, but we come out on top. I look down at the Black Spiral with silver claws. He has a J carved into his shoulder. It was Larid and I have helped this ancestor from falling to the Wyrm while Eli has prevent his line from being extinguished.

As the fight ends and we watch Coruroc run in the distance, we fell the now familiar pull of leaving our bodies. It was time to battle the Drowned King again.